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by Ron Kurtus (updated 20 February 2022)

The following are resources and references on Machines:


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Simple Machines

The Elements of Machines - Inventor's Toolbox

Tools and simple machines -

Simple Machine - Wikipedia

Machine - Wikipedia

Create Simple Machines - Chicago Museum of Science and Industry

The Inclined Plane - Carolina Curriculum (PDF)

Energy, Machines and Motion eBook - Carolina Curriculum for Science and Math


The Efficiency of Machines - Carolina Curriculum (PDF)

Mechanical Efficiency - Wikipedia

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Electromechanics - Wikipedia

Mechanical Machines - Wikipedia

Engineering Mechanism - Wikipedia

Essentials of Mechanical Systems - Machine Design

Types of machines

Mechanically powered flashlight - Wikipedia

Electrical machine - Wikipedia

Electric machine - Wikipedia

How Cars Work - Links and videos on the functions of automobiles

E-Bike Guide for Beginners -

Projects and experiments

Machine Science - Kits for engineering projects

Simple Machines Science Projects - Home Science Tools

Compound Machines Science Projects Using Pulleys -

The Lever - Experiments

The Pulley - Experiments

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Top-rated books on Simple Machines

Top-rated books on Machines



Use these resources to get further information on the various Machine topics. If you have some good resources, let me know about them.

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