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eMarketing is Electronic Marketing

by Ron Kurtus (13 April 2010)

Marketing is a subset of Business and is concerned with creating products the customers will buy and promoting those products. eMarketing is a subset of Marketing. It primarily concerns promoting products and reaching potential customers through electronic means, such as email, e-newsletters, online advertising and a website presence.

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Marketing by email and e-newsletters

Instead of sending out advertisements in the mail, you can send email telling about your product or service and location to people on your customer or prospect list. You can also announce special sales and such.

Pros and cons

The big advantage of marketing with email is that it is much less expensive than sending printed documents through the mail. The disadvantage is that too many businesses can use this medium and people may filter your email as spam or junk mail.


A twist on sending email advertisements or announcements is to send out an email newsletter with useful information for the readers. e-Newsletters only go to those requesting to be on your mailing list, and there is an option to be removed from the list.

It has been seen to be a very effective way to keep in touch with your customers.

Online advertising

You can purchase ad space on various websites that have viewers that may be interested on the type of products you sell. Online advertising space can also be purchased from various search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Pay flat fee

Paying for online advertising can be done as a flat fee or monthly charge with established websites. However, you really don't have a good feel for the effectiveness of such ads.

Pay for views or clicks

The payment methods that also can give good statistics are to pay for the number of people that see your ad or to pay for each person who clicks on your ads to visit your website. However, such advertising can be more expensive than you expected.

Web presence

Your website should be used to advertise your business and provide customers information about the products or services you have available. You can also allow customers to make purchases from your site.

Let people know your web address

You should list your web address (URL) on your letterhead, business card and other documents. Obviously, you should include information on your website about your location and how to contact you.

Search engines

However, most people reach your site through search engines such as Google. In order for people to find your site among the millions of others, you need to have your website optimized for search engines. This will allow people who are looking for specific items or information to find you.


eMarketing is a subset of Marketing. It primarily concerns promoting products and reaching potential customers through electronic means, such as email, online advertising and a website presence.

Use technology to reach people


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