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Foundation of Health and Well-Being

by Eleanor Kurtus, PhD (revised 10 August 2015)

Are you bursting with energy? Are you feeling alive with each step you take? Are you filled with vitality?

If your answers to these questions are "no", then maybe it’s time to explore your nutritional status, evaluate your eating habits and incorporate evidence-based eating into your life. No matter where you are starting from, or what your present condition is, changing to a high nutrient diet will improve your nutritional status and promote your well-being.

Questions you may have include:

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Food is the raw material

Food is the raw material from which our body is built and maintained. Think about it.  The strength and quality of a structure is dependent on the materials that were used to construct it. Shoddy materials and shoddy workmanship result in shoddy structures that do not hold up to time. The same is true of the human body. High nutrient food is the best construction material to assist your body in lasting a lifetime.

Compared to a house

When a house is built, it must last for years through the daily small abuses of sunshine, rain and human use. It must also be strong enough to withstand high winds, snowstorms and heavy rains from the outside. In the interior there may be times of extra wear and tear such as children running through the house or furniture being moved.

Just like a house, the body provides structure to our internal organs. It also provides all of the necessary life functions that allow us to stay alive. What type of wear and tear is your body subjected to?  Does your body shine through its daily activities of living and hold up to crises such as bombardment by viruses or bacteria? Or are you living in a house made of straw?

Junk in = junk out

Junk food is empty food that is deficient in nutrients and fiber; the nutritional components have been stripped away during processing. Almost everyone knows that junk food is not nutritious, but few people understand the ramifications of eating a diet high in these junk foods. A diet high in junk food results in serious disease. To learn more see [link to Is your lifestyle killing you].

The human body is resilient and can survive on a suboptimal diet. However, over time as crucial nutrients are missing, wellness is compromised, the body’s internal balance is disturbed, and chronic disease develops.

Health is the normal condition of the body and is maintained over the years by nutritional excellence. To perform at our best, to approach life with energy, and to remain vital until old age, requires the proper raw materials that the body was designed to expect. If we cultivate nurturing, daily habits of living and nourishing our body properly, the body will thrive and stay healthy for a lifetime. 


The foods we eat are the raw materials that go into building our body. To function at a high level, the body needs foods that provide the proper nutrients.

Do you “feel like a million”? or
Do you “feel like a million years old”?

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Foundation of Health and Well-Being

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