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Summary of Dietary Guidelines

by Eleanor Kurtus, PhD (revised 10 August 2015)

Two sets of guidelines are summarized here. The first is for Rapid Weight Loss and the second is the Life Plan, for those people who are at their ideal weight.

Questions you may have include:

This lesson will answer those questions. Health Disclaimer

Note: This plan is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice from a physician. If you are on medication or if there are any symptoms that may require diagnosis consult a physician.

Most people who follow this plan quickly lose weight and may need to adjust medications that they are taking. If can be dangerous not to adjust your medication.  Please seek medical care and treatment from your health care professional.

Rapid Weight Loss – 6 week plan

The Eat to Live guidelines for rapid weight loss consists of the following amounts and types of food.  The guideline is to only eat the amount of food that is comfortable for you. Do not overeat or stuff yourself. There is no need to count calories.

Unlimited Amount:

Limited Amount:

Off limits:

The Life Plan

A rule of thumb for a long term eating plan that maximized longevity and slimness is the 90 Percent Rule.

90 Percent Rule:

90% of the diet should consist of unrefined, nutrient-dense plant food,
 leaving 10% allocated to processed food and animal products.

  1. On the Life Plan follow the guidelines for vegetables, beans and fruits listed under Unlimited Amount in the 6 week plan above. Eat ample amounts of green vegetables, colorful vegetables, beans, and fruits.
  2. Eat the items listed under Limited Amount in the 6 week plan above, but you may eat more than the amounts shown. Individuals who exercise or who are naturally thin can eat larger amounts than individuals who exercise less and tend to gain weight.
  3. If you choose to eat dairy and animal products do so sparingly keeping your total animal-product consumption to twelve ounces or less per week. Dairy and animal products count as part of the 10% allocated to processed food and animal products.
  4. Use oil sparingly. Oil counts as part of the 10% allocated to processed food.
  5. Using the 90 Percent rule, you may eat almost any other kind of food as long as all other calories for the day are from nutrient-dense vegetation.
  6. There is no need to count calories, but only eat when you are truly hungry.


Pick the plan which is appropriate for you.

Eat for health

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