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Deciding to Start Publishing Business

by Ron Kurtus (revised 4 July 2012)

You have a great idea of a book that you want published and purchased by readers. You have considered the various routes for getting your book published, and self-publishing seems to be the best and most feasible.

Since you plan to have other of your books published and have always wanted to be in business for yourself, you decide to orgranize your efforts and start a self-publishing or independent publishing business.

Questions you may have include:

This lesson will answer those questions.

Have great idea for a book

Usually, getting a great idea for a book starts with the dream of becoming a published author.

You may have one or more great ideas for books to write. You also probably love to see your name in print. Perhaps you dream of having a best-selling and even making a lot of money from the sales of your books.

In any case, this motivation to be a published author is what drives you to start writing and in seeking to get your work published.

Consider how to get published

Once you have a great idea for a book, a partial manuscript or even a completed manuscript, you can consider how to get your book published.

Approach major publishing houses

You may start by testing the waters and seeing if there is interest in your book idea from major publishing houses. That requires writing query letters and a book proposal. Often you need to get a literary agent to represent you.

If the responses are not encouraging, or if you are writing a type of book that realistically wouldn't interest a publisher because it has a too narrow of a market, you can consider other publishing routes.

Consider self-publishing

You may realize that a form of self-publishing may be a better route to take. The choices are to use a publishing service that handles all the tasks for a fee or to do most of the work yourself.

If you only plan on this one book or feel that doing most of the work yourself, you may opt for a publishing service, such as offered by or's CreateSpace.

The other choice is to do most of the work yourself.

Decide to start business

If you have had the dream of running your own business, you may decide to formally start up your own self-publishing or independent publishing business.

If no desire to run business

If you have no desire or interest in running your own business, you should probably use a publishing service to publish your book.

Steps needed to start publishing business

In deciding to start your own publishing business, you then move forward to organize your business and start the publishing process.

Do market research on your book. How do you plan to sell it? Who would buy it?


There are specific factors that lead up to your decision to start a self-publishing business. Knowing them will aid you in following the right path.

The first part is your motivation to be a published author. Then you must consider the possible routes for getting your book published, as well as their advantages and disadvantages. Finally, you must be also motivated to be an entrepreneur and want to have your own business.

You get places by taking a risk

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