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Understanding Religion

by Ron Kurtus (updated 17 March 2023)

The history and philosophies of various religions are important in understanding the subject.

Most people believe that humans possess a spirit or soul and that there exists a God or Supreme Force. Many believe there are moral rules that people should follow in their lives and that there is some sort of life after death. Some believe their religion can affect their fate and can assist in physical and mental healing. They practice their beliefs through their various religions.

Clarifying your views and religious beliefs can give you greater peace of mind and focus on your direction in life. One way to do this is to look at some fundamental religious questions and to compare possible answers with your own beliefs. It is also useful to see what other religions have to say on various issues.

The objective of these free online lessons is to help you on your spiritual path. It is also useful for those studying religion. Note that no specific religion is given preference over other beliefs in these academic lessons.

Religion Contents


What is Religion About?

Big Bang Theory and Religion

On the soul

Speculation about the existence and nature of the soul

Do Humans Have a Spirit or Soul?

Body and Soul Connection

Does an Animal Have a Soul?

Life after death

Speculation about life after death concepts

What Happens After You Die?

Do Near Death Experiences Happen?

About God

Speculation on the nature of God

How Many Gods Are There?

Could God be Described as a Large Number?


Overview of major religions of the world.

Sectarian Violence

Committing Suicide for Religion


Historical Basis of Buddhism

Four Noble Truths of Buddhism

Eightfold Path in Buddhism


The Apostles' Creed - a Christian Belief System

Five Principles of Unity Church

Do Christian Gays Go to Heaven?


(coming soon)


Five Pillars of Islam


(coming soon)


Prayer of Jabez

Interpretation of the Lord's Prayer (coming soon)


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