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Body and Soul Connection

by Ron Kurtus (updated 22 December 2022)

One religious question concerns the body and soul connection: Does your body get a soul or the soul get a body?

A common Western religious belief is that at some time between conception and birth, the human body receives a soul. A different perspective is that there already exists a sprit or soul that receives a body sometimes between conception and birth.

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Body receives a soul

Most Western religions believe that the body receives a soul either at conception, at birth, or at some time in between. It is implied that the soul did not exist before and is somehow created for the body.

When body gets soul

The time when the body receives a soul is a major factor in the debate on abortion. Catholics believe that a person gets a soul at conception, thus any form of abortion is the murder of a human being. Some Protestants believe that a body gets a soul at birth and that abortion is not killing a human being, rather part of the mother.

Soul receives a body

Another viewpoint is that there exists a soul which is given a body at some time from conception to birth. This concept is readily accepted in religions that believe in reincarnation.

Inhabit other creatures

One implication of this viewpoint is that the soul or spirit not only can receive a human body, but may inhabit an animal, plant or even inanimate forms of matter. Some American Indian tribes, African natives and Aborigines in Australia believe that mountains, rivers and even weather have a spiritual form.

One problem with that is the fact that life seems to be something very special. For a spirit to simply inhabit a body seems like it could inhabit a machine. Perhaps the spirit is what gives life-forms their life.

The concept that inanimate objects can have a spiritual form implies that perhaps there is a global spirit the inhabits everything. But then that wouldn't make us very unique.

Human experience

This viewpoint is not inclusive of Eastern and native religions. Some Christians also accept the concept that people are spirits having a human experience.

Impossible to prove

The viewpoint and religious beliefs are based on upbringing and belief. It is impossible to argue or prove one over the other.

Fundamentalists and strict followers of the documented Word—in any religion—will most likely not accept the other viewpoint. More liberal religious believers may accept that the other viewpoint is possible and could fit within their religious framework.


Many Western religions believe the human body receives a soul and that a religious feeling is the body and mind having a spiritual experience. A more Eastern perspective is that a sprit or soul receives a body and that the person is a spirit having a human experience.

As with most things religious, it is difficult or impossible to prove either perspective.

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