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Ron Kurtus' Religion Credentials

As with many people, Ron Kurtus is concerned about spiritual and religious issues.

Through extensive reading about various religions and spiritual philosophies, talking with religious experts, and using the logic of scientific thought, Ron is able to give the background on various religions and discuss a number of questions concerning religious and spiritual issues.

Spiritual leaders often have a narrowly focussed view that their own religion is the only true religion. But also, many scientists view religion as superstition that cannot be proved by controlled experiments. Kurtus tries to have an open mind and be fair to any possibility. He feels that since most religious issues cannot be proved but depend on faith, that you need to have an open mind about answers to questions.

Kurtus majored in both Mathematics and Physics at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and did his graduate work in Physics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and in Mathematics at the University of Missouri.

Besides working for a number of scientific companies, he also taught at the University of Missouri, Milwaukee Area Technical College and Waukesha County Technical College.

Kurtus has written two books: Gravity and Gravitation: Derivations, Equations and Applications and Tricks for Good Grades: Strategies to Succeed in School.

Material he has written has also been cited in 151 published books, including Physics textbooks and a book published by NASA.


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