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Applying the 5 Powers in Your Sales Demonstration

by Ron Kurtus

If you would like to increase your probability of success in making a sale, you need to enhance your sales demonstration. The demonstration phase in selling is when you show the prospect your product or service and provide its features and benefits. One method to improve your ability to close the sale is to apply the 5 Powers of a Champion™ to the sales demonstration.

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5 Powers

We have found that there are five important factors in achieving a goal. They form a basis for the School for Champions:

Enhance factors

A good salesperson should seek to implement those factors during the demonstration. This will help the prospect make a decision to buy.


The 5 Powers are also used in preparation for making a sale. It is worthwhile to read Applying the 5 Powers in Your Sales Preparation before reading this lesson.

Integrating into demo

During your demonstration, you want to integrate the 5 Powers. Much has to do with your attitude and how you deal with the prospect.


Physical and mental health are important to all people, so you want to make sure the prospect is comfortable in these areas.

Physical health

The physical health and safety is seldom an issue, but in some types of sales it may be a factor.

Mental health

People do not like to be criticized, insulted, demeaned or such. That is not good for their mental or emotional well being. Making negative comments or actions to the prospect very seldom results in a sale.

Positive remarks to the prospect results in a positive attitude toward the sale.


If you show knowledge about the product or service you are selling, as well as skill in the sales process, the prospect will have confidence in you and in your advice on what will suit him or her the best.


People want their money's worth in what they buy. You need to show the value of what you are selling to them. This not only includes the monetary value, but also personal rewards they may get from owning the product or using the service. This gives them motivation to buy.

Another very important part of providing value is the personal relationship you establish with the prospect. People prefer to buy from people they like.


Excellence is the area customer satisfaction and quality of your service. You need to make sure the prospect gets the product or service wanted, but also you want to provide extra service that is appreciated.


Honesty is an important part of sales. You want the prospect and your customers to trust you and respect you.


There are many benefits from using the 5 Powers of a Champion in your sales demonstration:


During the demonstration phase of making a sale, applying the 5 Powers of a Champion of Health, Knowledge, Value, Excellence and Character will increase your ability to close the sale. The prospect will be in a better buying mood, have confidence in you as a salesman, be motivated to buy, appreciate what you do, and trust in you.

Motivate prospect to buy

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