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Applying the 5 Powers in Your Sales Preparation

by Ron Kurtus (updated 23 December 2022)

Before you meet with prospective customers, you need to prepare yourself for the sales process. The 5 Powers of a Champion™ consist of fundamental factors for success in achieving a goal. These factors are the important part of your preparation and will increase your ability to make a sale.

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5 Powers

We have found that there are five important factors in achieving a goal. They form a basis for the School for Champions.

A good salesperson should seek to enhance those factors for him- or herself in preparation for a sale, as well as to use them during the demonstration to help the prospect make a decision.

(Also see Applying the 5 Powers in Your Sales Demonstration after reading this lesson.)


Before you meet with your prospects, you want to prepare yourself with the 5 Powers. Much has to do with your attitude and how you will deal with the prospect.


Your physical, mental and spiritual health is important to provide yourself with the energy to be effective in sales.

Physical health

Taking care of your health with good food and exercise, as well as avoiding the intake of toxic materials will help your energy level.

Mental health

Negative self talk, abusive criticism from family or supervisors, and other factors can affect your mental or emotional health and well-being. A person with a lot of hang-ups is not very effective in selling.

Avoid toxic people and make sure you get the praise you need--even if only from yourself--to keep your mental state healthy.

Spiritual health

Be thankful for your blessings, whatever your religion. Spiritual health gives you an added boost.


Seek knowledge about the product or service you are selling, as well as the sales process. Build up your selling skills through practice and analyzing what went right and what went wrong.

Acknowledge your successes in sales to increase your confidence. You can build your confidence by acknowledging little successes and building to larger ones.


To be truly motivated, the job must give you rewards. Not only do you want to make some good money, but you also would like satisfaction from your work.

Celebrate your successes. Praise is great, but some supervisors or managers don't give it. At the very least, give it to yourself.


Doing your best and acknowledging your achievements builds your esteem. A person who is proud of the work he or she does communicates that pride to customers and prospects.


Sales isn't an easy profession. You need to have courage and determination to go out there and keep trying. Good character is important. It is like the saying, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going."


There are great benefits from applying the 5 Powers of a Champion to prepare for sales:


You need to prepare yourself for the sales process. The 5 Powers of a Champion, consisting of health, knowledge, value, excellence and character can guide you in your preparation and will increase your ability to make a sale.

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