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Audience for Sales Lessons

by Ron Kurtus (updated 23 December 2022)

The audience for these sales lessons consists of anyone involved in selling a product or service needs to know the strategies to succeed in sales. This includes professional salesmen and saleswomen, sales managers, and people interested in personal sales.

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Sales people

Men and women who work in sales want to learn basic methods for effective selling. They also want to know how to advance in their careers and overcome difficulties and obstacles in the sales profession.

Sales techniques are pretty straightforward. But experience is important in being able to respond to different situations. There are also areas in sales where specialized skills are needed.


Sales managers need to be well-informed in the techniques of sales. They also need to know management and motivation techniques. The sales lessons in this section will help manager gain a solid perspective on the best ways that their people can sell their product or services.

Occasional sellers

Many people try to sell things on occasion. People sell their houses or cars. Some sell items on eBay, while others have garage sales. They need to know the basic sales techniques in order to succeed in their efforts.


Professional sales people, sales managers, and ordinary people need to study the methods in sales and to learn the techniques used to make a sale. That knowledge will help them succeed in their efforts.

Making a sale gives you a good feeling

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