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by Ron Kurtus

A total of 40 comments and questions have been sent in. They are listed according to date.

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Using Mathematics Relationship between math and science Zambia
Fundamental Units of Measurement What is mechnical designing? USA
Fundamental Units of Measurement Which is a fundamental unit? India
Using Mathematics Relatinship between math and science India
Become a Champion in Physical Science What is a redox reaction? South Africa
Fundamental Units of Measurement Why there are seven basic units? Pakistan
Jobs Using Physical Science Want to be an engineer RSA
Physical Science Overview I need help with the calculations South Africa
Using Calculator Solving problem using calculator UAE
Using Calculator Does not perform factorial of negative number USA

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Relationship between math and science

Topic: Using Mathematics


February 13, 2019

What is the relationship between maths and science with example?

lesa - Zambia



You can learn about the various sciences with no mathematics at all. However, if you want to measure effects and make predictions, you need to use mathematics to make the calculations.

For example, you know that a ball will fall to the ground due to the force of gravity. That is science and physics. But if you want to know how long it takes to hit the ground from a certain height, you need to use the formula and make the calculations with the math.

I hope that helps your understanding. Best wishes for success in your studies.

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What is mechnical designing?

Topic: Fundamental Units of Measurement


July 2, 2015

Mechanical designing

nadir - USA



Mechanical designing is one part of Mechanical Engineering, which is one of the largest, broadest, and oldest engineering disciplines.

Mechanical engineers design and manufacture machines and devices of all types. They also create the processes and systems used in technology and industry.

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Which is a fundamental unit?

Topic: Fundamental Units of Measurement


May 31, 2015

Which of the following is a fundamental quantity. 1. Weight 2. Quantity of substance 3. Density 4. Area

Suchitra - India



A fundamental unit is one that is not a combination of other units.

Weight is mass time gravity. Density is mass divided by area, Area is length times width.

The amount of quantity of a substance in chemistry is a mole and is considered a fundamental unit.

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Relatinship between math and science

Topic: Using Mathematics


January 9, 2015

How Are Math and Science RelatION

sunil - India



You can study the facts of science with little or no math. However, in many areas of science--like Physics, Astronomy, and Chemistry--equations are used to make calculations. In such cases, you need some knowledge or Algebra and Arithmetic to work with the equations and make the calculations.

Advanced science subjects may require knowledge of advanced math, such as Calculus.

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What is a redox reaction?

Topic: Become a Champion in Physical Science


October 6, 2013

as i am a young i want your help can you explain for about redox reaction and how does it works? .i realy want to excell on physical science and i realy need ur help.

mthobisi - South Africa



Redox reaction stands for a reduction-oxidation reaction. It is part of Chemistry.

It is a chemical reaction in which atoms have their oxidation state changed. It involves the transfer of electrons between different types of atoms or molecules.

One example is the oxidation of carbon to yield carbon dioxide (CO2). Another is the reduction of carbon by hydrogen to yield methane (CH4).

I hope this helps. Best wishes for success in Physical Science.

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Why there are seven basic units?

Topic: Fundamental Units of Measurement


September 16, 2013

why there are seven basic units???

ahsan - Pakistan



A committee of scientists decided on the seven units that are basic.

Time, length, and mass certainly are fundamental or basic units, since such measurements as velocity, force, and energy can be derived from them. Electrical current is said to be basic, resulting in a magnetic field.

However, I do not think temperature should be included, since it is a result of energy and thus is not basic.

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Want to be an engineer

Topic: Jobs Using Physical Science


January 19, 2013

I'm doing science and I want to know that is physical science difficult. I have no idea of what's happening. I want to be an Engineer one day can I make it without dropping out during the years?

Nkanyiso - RSA



First of all, you should decide on what type of engineer you would like to be. Some examples are chemical engineer, electrical engineer, and mechanical engineer. Each has their own requirements.

Physical Science gives an overview of Astronomy, Chemistry, Physics, and Geology. Your engineering course may require further study in those areas, as well as mathematics courses.

Look at college catalogs for the course required for the type of engineering you are interested in.

Don't even think about the possibility to drop out. If courses you take are too difficult, you can make adjustments to take courses that suit your skill and talent.

Best wishes on a successful career. I know you can do it.

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I need help with the calculations

Topic: Physical Science Overview


August 29, 2012

I need help with the calculations. I'm writting in two months time, thank you in advance

sibahle - South Africa



What sort of information do you need concerning calculations? In what area of Physical Science are you having problems?

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Solving problem using calculator

Topic: Using Calculator


April 20, 2012


I have a math examination coming up so I need answers quickly. I typed in an expression on my calculator, and I got the wrong answer to the question. When I checked my working, everything was correct. I then used my friend's calculator to type in exactly the same expression and I got the correct answer to the question, so there must be something I have to change in my scientific calculator. The expression was: ?21^2+15^2-2(21)(15)cos(98). The whole expression is under the square root sign incase it is unclear. The answer I should get when I type it into my calculator is 27.45. I got this answer using my friend's calculator, but when I used mine to type exactly the same thing,I got 333.(some decimal numbers).
Any help will be much appreciated. Can you please make the reply very easy to understand and clear because I not a genius with calculators.
Thank you very much,

Lukman - UAE



Some scientific calculators allow you to enter terms in order. However, many aren't good at calculating complex expressions. Using the scientific calculator that comes with Windows, I started from the back of the expression. 98+cos= -0.139. Then multiply that times 15*21*2, resulting in -87.68... Change the sign to +87.68... and put that into the memory M+.

Clear C and calculate 15^2 = 225. + MR = to add it to what is in the memory 312.68, and put that into the memory MS.

Clear C and calculate 21^2, then + MR = 763.58

Now for some reason there is no square root in the Window scientific calculator, so you switch over to the Standard version (View Standard). Recall memory MR and SQRT = 27.45.

Now, it is very easy to make a mistake using only a calculator. I think it is really better to calculate the individual items write them on a paper.

Also, I assume the ? at the front of the expression was meant to be the square root sign.

I hope that helps.

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Does not perform factorial of negative number

Topic: Using Calculator


March 14, 2012

Good Morning.

I was trying to calculate -5.25! and the calculator returned me a message error.

So, what about Hadamard´s Gamma function ?

Otherwise you could use the L-Factorial function.

Best regards,

Edgar - USA



Thanks for the "heads-up" on the calculator.

Although the calculator is supposed to be scientific, it only covers the basic scientific functions. It will only do a positive integer factorial (n!).

Also, I noticed that the application is somewhat out-of-date. I'll try to get an updated version or remove it from the site.

If you are using Windows, it has a scientific calculator that will calculate -5.25! accurately.

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