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Laser Battle Game

by Ron Kurtus (updated 6 January 2022)

One possible application of lasers is that it could be used as a weapon in war. It is unfortunate that scientific discoveries are often used as tools of destruction, but that is simply a fact of life.

Laser weapons

You have probably seen such movies as "Star Wars" and TV shows such as the "Star Trek" series where they used laser weapons in battle. You've also probably played video or computer games that use such weapons.

Instead of simply having some mindless entertainment, let's play a laser battle game and then use the experience to learn something about science.

Play online game

The following online game is a battle between your spaceship and missiles sent by an enemy ship, trying to destroy you. Your objective is to use your laser weapon to shoot down as many incoming missiles as you can and to avoid getting hit and destroyed.

After you have played for a little while, come back to this page and take the quiz.

Game instructions

Note that your browser must be capable of playing a Java applet. A sound card is needed to hear the special effects. It may take several seconds for the applet to download to your computer.

Use your mouse to navigate and to shoot your laser. You can press "s" to stop the irritating siren, if you wish.

Play Game

Play the game for a little while and then return to this page and take the quiz.


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