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by Ron Kurtus

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Static Electric Materials Attracting dust USA
Static Electricity Shocks Static charges and slugs UK
Basics Combining leather and polyester. The Netherlands
Detection of Static Electricity Electric charges and protons USA
Static Electric Materials Rubbing polycarbonate and polypropylene USA
General Electrostatic induction and rice India
Basics Where do charges go? Zimbabwe
Basics of Static Electricity Using static electricity to charge phone Egypt
Uses for Static Electricity References on electrostatic painting Egypt
Static Electric Materials New Triboelectric idea USA

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Attracting dust

Topic: Static Electric Materials


July 23, 2020

I would like to know if it is possible, and if so how, to electrostatically charge string so that it will attract chalk dust. The string can be be nylon or any other material about 1.5 mm thick.
Thank you




Although a nylon string can be electrostatically charged by stroking it with something like a polyester cloth, the big problem with attracting chalk dust is the small surface area of the string. Just handing the string near a chalk board will only attract a small amount of the dust. Yuo might need some other configuration to do the job.

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Static charges and slugs

Topic: Static Electricity Shocks


January 14, 2019

Hello. I want to find a combination of materials that will hold a static charge for as long as possible to repel slugs and snails from a planter.
I have bought a copper braid copper adhesive strip for the purpose, but I want to find out that if I was to line the inside circumference of the planter with 15mm copper pipe and induced a very low current,(not enough to kill them, but enough to see them off)how long would either the static charge last as environmental conditions would influence this as well as a battery charge. Any help would be appreciated, thanks

mark - UK



One of the methods to get rid of with static electricity is explained in: How do I Get Rid of Slugs and Snails in my Garden? listed under "Give them a shock".

The method states that since slugs leave a slime trail, by using copper tape the slugs will get small electric shocks from the static electricity caused by the copper-slime combination.

The electric charge would only hold while the slug is moving along the copper tape.

I hope that helps. Best wishes in getting rid of those pests.

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Combining leather and polyester.

Topic: Basics


January 21, 2018

i have a question about static energy. if you combine leather and polyester does static electricity arise?

Greetings from the Netherlands!

floyd - The Netherlands



See Materials that Cause Static Electricity to see a list of materials. Leather results in more (+) charges while polyester results in more (-) charges, making them a good combination for static electricity.

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Electric charges and protons

Topic: Detection of Static Electricity


November 6, 2017

I was taking a Science quiz and I googled the question and your website came up. I read it and I got the question wrong. It said "electrical charges" it is actually Protons. Just in case if you want to update that. Thanks, just thought you need to know. :)

Mika - USA



Thanks for the feedback. A proton is not an electrical charge. Instead, it is a subatomic particle that HAS a positive (+) electric charge. Likewise, an electron is a particle that has a negative (-) charged particle.

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Rubbing polycarbonate and polypropylene

Topic: Static Electric Materials


September 14, 2017

Will Poly-carbonate and polypropylene create static when rubbed together?

Jason - USA



It is possible that some static electrical charges could be produced, however the effect would be minimal.

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Electrostatic induction and rice

Topic: General


September 5, 2017

Hello sir...

Electrostatic induction or electrostatic generator that can stick with plain dry rice or not ???

daksha - India



An example of rice being affected by static electricity can be explained in Rice grains sticking to a polythene bag.

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Where do charges go?

Topic: Basics


July 21, 2017

where does the charges go when an object losses its static charges.

snobbo - Zimbabwe



Objects usually lose static charges on their surfaces by coming near an object with opposite charges. For example, if an object has negative (-) charges on its surface, and an object with an excess of positive (+) charges comes close, the negative electrons will jump to join with the positive charged ions to neutralize the charge.

Remember that a stable atom has a positive nucleus and negative charged electrons in orbit around the outside.

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Using static electricity to charge phone

Topic: Basics of Static Electricity


February 24, 2017

if i somehow generated this static electricity, how would i use it for turning on something ?
and how much electricity needed to make a phone charger work for example ?

nada - Egypt



Static electricity is static and does not move like DC or AC electricity.

Most phone chargers use alternating current (AC) electricity to charge the batteries. However, there are some new chargers that use the wireless electricity signals to charge the batteries.

Static electricity can be used to generate sparks. That might be able to turn something on. But also, the sparks can cause damage to electrical devices.

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References on electrostatic painting

Topic: Uses for Static Electricity


February 20, 2017

I am Working on A project On High Voltage Engineering and i need any Reference talking about Electrostatic Painting
Best Regards

Mahmoud - Egypt



Some websites explaining the basics of electrostatic painting are:

Electrostatic coating

Electrostatic Spray Painting Basics Explained

How Does Electrostatic Spraying Work?

I hope that helps. Best wishes for success in your project.

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New Triboelectric idea

Topic: Static Electric Materials


February 20, 2017

Good Day to you sir,I have taken an interest on your webpage because I also work on Triboelectric generation techniques of my own that are considered totally outside of the box thinking. If you would be interested, I would very much like a moment of your time. THANK YOU

Benjamin - USA



It is good that you are coming up with some new applications.

I'm not sure if I could help you, but I'd be glad to take a look at your idea.

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