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Feedback Comments on Static Electricity

by Ron Kurtus

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Uses for Static Electricity Will static electricity attract fibers in home? USA
Reducing Static Electricity Shocks Problems with flyaway hair USA
Uses for Static Electricity Methods of discharging electroscope Zambia
Static Cling Can't get rid of static cling USA
Static Electric Materials Home oxygen safety USA
Electrostatic Induction Static electricity from tyres on road Pakistan
Electrical Attraction of a Comb Static electricity from a comb USA
Physics - Detection of Static Electricity Electron donor and electron acceptor Nigeria
Static Electricity Sparks Frequency of sparks jumping gap USA
General Science fair project with static electricity USA

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Will static electricity attract fibers in home?

Topic: Uses for Static Electricity


February 7, 2016


We had an unfortunate occurrence happen in our mobile home. A couple of heat registers came loose from the main trunk line causing underbelly insulation fibers to be sucked up and throughout our home. These fibers are everywhere. One member of our family has been to the Doctor three times and the Emergency Room once. Fibers are embedded into her feet, hands and eye. Doctors do not have a solution or remedy. We do have a cleaning crew scheduled to clean our home in a couple of days. They will use an industrial vacuum cleaner with a three stage HEPA filter to suck the insulation fibers out. My question is this: Could static electricity potentially attract all the fibers to clean our home? You can feel them cling to your body as you are walking through the home. How or what would we use to generate enough static electricity to be effective?

Thank you!

Jim - USA



Sorry to hear about your problem. High power vacuuming should get out most of the fibers. But there probably will still be some stubborn ones in crevices and such.

Static electricity would attract many of the fibers. The problem is getting a device that would create the static electricity and then move around to attract the fibers.

Note that your bedding, clothes, and other fabrics probably need to be cleaned to get rid of any fibers embedded in them.

Best wishes for cleaning up this nasty problem.

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Problems with flyaway hair

Topic: Reducing Static Electricity Shocks


January 27, 2016

The most problem I have is with my hair. It just flys and I can't get it to lay down. My hair is thin anyway and this makes it really difficult to handle.

Tresa - USA



See Controlling Flyaway Hair for some ideas. I hope that helps.

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Methods of discharging electroscope

Topic: Uses for Static Electricity


January 27, 2016

What are the methods of discharging electroscope.

Douglas - Zambia



You want to draw off the excess changes in the electroscope by touching the metal bulb or disk. You can draw off the charges by touching with your finger or with a metal rod. See Detection of Static Electricity for more information.

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Can't get rid of static cling

Topic: Static Cling


January 19, 2016

I washed and dried (laundromat: big mistake too hot) some synthetic tops that I love. They cling to themselves completely now and if I put them on, to my body. Did I completely destroy them? I've tried the hangers, washing them and not drying them, dryer sheets to no avail. Any more thoughts on how I might save them? Thanks.

Gale - USA



I've never heard that you couldn't get rid of static cling in synthetic clothes. I can't imagine what could have happened to the material.

One web page that might help is How to Cure a Bad Case of Static Cling. It might give you some other ideas to try.

Best wishes on solving the problem. Let me know how things turn out.

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Home oxygen safety

Topic: Static Electric Materials


January 12, 2016

My husband is on oxygen and I am hoping that you can tell me what items in the home create static electricity so that I can remove and/or not use them. I am so afraid of starting a fire and am not well versed on this subject. Also, the room that I will be setting up for him soon has carpeting. Is there something (a liner or such) that I could place over the carpet to keep the static away? When you respond, would you please write something indicative of this subject in the email subject so that it does not become last in the junk mail? Thank you SO MUCH for your time!

Casaundra - USA



Home oxygen should be kept away from inflammable materials. A static spark nearby could cause problems. However, if you haven't had problems in your house from static sparks--like after walking on the carpet--there isn't that much of a risk.

The following websites give pointers on care that should be taken when using home oxygen: Oxygen safety and Important Safety Tips for Your Home Oxygen System.

Best wishes for a safe home and the good health of your husband.

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Static electricity from tyres on road

Topic: Electrostatic Induction


November 26, 2015

when rubber tyres rubbed on road what type of charge will be on tyres.

- Pakistan



The rubber tyres would gain negative (-) electric charges, while the asphalt road would gain positive (+) charges. However, about 20 years ago, the tyre companies added material to greatly reduce the charge buildup.

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Static electricity from a comb

Topic: Electrical Attraction of a Comb


November 25, 2015

will ametal comb after I comb my hair lift paper why




A plastic comb will work much better than a metal comb in building up a static electric charge to lift the paper. However, a metal comb may be able to hold charges to lift the paper. See Causes of Static Electricity and other lessons.

A good experiment is to compare the two types of combs to see which works the best.

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Electron donor and electron acceptor

Topic: Physics - Detection of Static Electricity


November 9, 2015

how do i know which of the following is the electron donor and electron acceptor
1. fountain pen with coat sleeve
2. glass with silk
3. nylon comb through dry hair
4. ebonite rod with fur

chris - Nigeria



See Effect of Materials on Static Electricity and compare material combinations to see which are electron donors and which are acceptors.

For example, on the list, glass tends to give up electrons and gains positive charges, while silk also gives up some electrons, but not as many as glass. Thus, glass would be the donor.

Ebonite attracts electrons while gives up electrons.

I hope this helps your understanding.

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Frequency of sparks jumping gap

Topic: Static Electricity Sparks


November 9, 2015

As far as an 'adjustable spark gap' of a brass type with ball ends connected to an electrostatic generator: Does the Spark going across the gap reflect back and forth before going to ground? It looks to me it does. Is the energy across the gap acting like a 'Doppler Effect'? From some of my experiments it seems the spark gap I use at a certain (f freq) gap actually is stronger then if there were no gap and connected straight.
If you could comment on this to me it would be of much help.
Maybe I am delving into the unknown but if this is true to some extent
that would be great for my research. I have no way to measure if a spark gap at a certain freq has more power before its final ground journey. Thanks

Maure - USA



A spark jumping across a gap is caused by an excess of electrons jumping to an area with less charges. But what can happen is that when the electrons jump the gap and cause a spark, too many jump and cause the other side to have an excess. Since the air is hot and ionized, this excess will jump back in the reverse direction. It could happen several times. This is often seen in lightning strikes.

I'm not sure how to measure the frequency of the sparks going back and forth, but I'm sure there is a method to do that.

I hope that helps. Best wishes in your experiments.

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Science fair project with static electricity

Topic: General


October 29, 2015

I am doing a science fair project of separating salt and pepper using static electricity, and was wondering if you could tell me a little bit more about static electricity

Kayla - USA



See Overview of Static Electricity Experiments and Basics of Static Electricity for information.

Best wishes with your project.

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