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by Ron Kurtus

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Wave Motion How is going to the beach scientific? USA
Units of Frequencies and Wavelengths Error concerning high frequencies Sri Lanka
Doppler Effect Doppler Effect derivation India
Wave Motion Sound when car goes around the corner Romania
Speed of Light Ether and the MichelsonMorley experiment India
Wave Motion What is polarisation? Nigeria
Wave Motion Can I have every subtopic outlined? New Guinea
Wave Motion Mechanics of water waves Nepal
Waves and Obstacles Changes of frequency and wavelength India
Wave Motion Concerning wave motion and Doppler effect Nigeria

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How is going to the beach scientific?

Topic: Wave Motion


August 30, 2015

Hello my teacher assigned me to do an essay on how going to the beach is scientific it's due tommorow is there any way u can describe every detail
Thank you love

Andrea - USA



Going to the beach allows you to observe the way the waves come and and break on the beach. It also shows how the water can move the sand around. Another scientific area concerns the various life-forms in the water and on the beach.

The big thing is that you can be curious and make observations, which is what science is about.

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Error concerning high frequencies

Topic: Units of Frequencies and Wavelengths


March 1, 2015

Dear Ron Kurtus

I love your style of writing and easy to follow. I think you might have made a slip when you typed and missed the error. In the physics> Wave Motion > Units of Frequencies and Wavelengths

You have said in the second paragraph, last sentence:

"For example, at extremely high frequencies, you can have very long wavelengths and vice versa."

Since speed of wave is constant, and v = f?, frequencies and wave lengths are inversely proportional, so high frequencies should produce shorter wave lengths. I am sure it was a slip which did not catch your attention.

Thank you


Shanmugalingam - Sri Lanka



Thank you for pointing out that careless error. I meant to say that high frequency waves have short wavelengths.

I corrected the page and appreciated your comments.

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Doppler Effect derivation

Topic: Doppler Effect


August 18, 2014

you did not show the derivation for the third case.can you tell me what it is

GIRISH - India



See Derivation of Doppler Effect Velocity Equations for more information.

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Sound when car goes around the corner

Topic: Wave Motion


May 11, 2014

Hi! I have a question... Does centrifugal force affect sound waves? The exact situation would be in a moving car. If I'm sitting in the back and I want to talk to the driver, does the sound of my voice travel harder because of the force that makes objects and bodies press into the chair? I think it's called centrifugal force, but I'm not sure.. I know that wind does affect it. But the air in the car is static. Please help!

Levente - Romania



When you are talking in a car moving in a straight line at a constant velocity, the air inside the car is moving at the same speed as the car, such that is seems to be stationary with respect to the people in the car.

However, when the car accelerates, the air moves and acts as if you were talking in the wind. The same thing happens when the car goes around a corner, although the air is moving sideways. This will result in a slight change of frequency of the sound, caused by the Doppler Effect.

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Ether and the MichelsonMorley experiment

Topic: Speed of Light


May 11, 2013

sir,my question is not about magnetic field it is about ether concept .when the velocity of light is finding out did the ether wind effect the velocity.if not ,
then we can conclude that ether was not their then why michelson -morley experiment done.

rajib - India



The idea that space consists of a material called "ether" is appealing and helps to explain how light and magnetic fields travel.

One problem with the ether theory is that the substance would be fixed, such that the Earth would be moving through the ether, at a speed with respect to ether.

In the MichelsonMorley experiment, it was shown that the speed of light was the same in the direction of the motion of the Earth and a direction perpendicular to that motion. Thus the conclusion was that ether did not exist and some other mechanism was in play.

However, they did not take into consideration the motion of the Sun, our galaxy, and other motions that would affect the results.

There never has been a satisfactory explanation of what space is and how forces can act at a distance.

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What is polarisation?

Topic: Wave Motion


September 9, 2011

How can a wave be polarised?what does wave polarisation mean?

Samson - Nigeria



While a water wave goes up and down while it travels, light waves vibrate in all directions perpendicular around a ray. If the light goes through a polarizing filter, only the waves vibrating in a certain direction pass through the filter. This is called polarized light.

See Light and Polarization for a good explanation.

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Can I have every subtopic outlined?

Topic: Wave Motion


June 8, 2011

Can I have every subtopic outlined and briefly explained to be mailed please?

Benjamin - New Guinea



I'm sorry, but we do not email lessons. Feel free use our lessons to supplement your classwork.

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Mechanics of water waves

Topic: Wave Motion


May 28, 2011

sir, my question is on the mechanics of wave motion, i would like a complete description on the fact that how a wave travels in water when a stone is thrown and how is that a combination of both longitudinal and transverse wave? and obviously is a medium necessary for wave motion? because as far as i know light waves can even travel in vacuum. i hope to hear a positive response from you .

pratap - Nepal



Water waves are caused by a circular motion of the water. On the surface, it looks like a transverse moving sine wave, but the circular motion gives it a longitudinal element. For a good description, see Water Waves.

Light waves are also transverse waves of a combination of electrical and magnetic waveforms. Electromagnetic waves do not require matter and travel through empty space.

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Changes of frequency and wavelength

Topic: Waves and Obstacles


March 29, 2011

What changes occur to the frequency and wave length of a wave when it undergoes a)refraction b)diffraction c)interference ?

Bhaskar - India



Refraction is the change in velocity and wavelength according to the index of refraction.

Diffraction and interference are the combining and cancelling of difference frequencies or wavelengths to form patterns. Only the amplitude changes.

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Concerning wave motion and Doppler effect

Topic: Wave Motion


March 16, 2011

please send something for me concerning wave equation, motion and Doppler effect.

- Nigeria




Doppler Effect for Waveforms

Doppler Effect Equations for Sound

Doppler Effect Equations for Light

Also look at the side listing of other topics.

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