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by Ron Kurtus (updated 23 November 2022)

Home security consists of protection from someone doing damage or setting fire to the house and from someone breaking into the house to steal things. Security against such attacks primarily consists of discouraging damage or robbery and rapid response to an attack.

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Reasons for attack

Knowing the motivations of the criminally-minded person who may attack your home is important in preparing your defenses for such an attack.

Reasons a person would damage the exterior of a home are usually revenge or thrills. Reasons a person would break into a home to steal are usually for money, but sometimes for thrills.

Damaging the home

Someone may damage the outside of a home or its property. Examples include breaking a window or driving a car on the lawn. An extreme case is setting fire to the house.

Often minor damage is done as vandalism, for the sake of thrills. Sometimes damage is done or fires are set because the person wants revenge on the home owner.

Robbing the home

The reason a person would break into a house and steal things is usually for financial gain. Hi-fi equipment, TV sets, jewelry and other valuables may be then sold to a "fence" who will then re-sell the property.

Sometimes kids will rob a house for the thrill or it.

Discouraging criminal

There must be several strategies from discouraging someone from attack your home.


It is difficult to discourage or prevent someone from vandalizing or doing damage to a home. The best prevention is to have people coming and going and to have lights on at night.

Still, that is probably not enough to stop a determined criminal or someone seeking revenge.


Discouraging a person from breaking into a house and stealing things means you must make it as difficult as possible, as well as to make the person aware that the chances of getting caught are high.

Lock the doors

Obviously, doors and windows should be locked and not easily broken. Activity around the house during the day will discourage a robber. Lights on at night can prevent someone from trying to break in.

There have been cases where people were in their back yard in the summertime, and someone came into the house through the unlocked front door and robbed the house.

Evidence of dog

Evidence of a large dog can discourage robbers from bothering with a house. A visible alarm system can also discourage robbers. Just the sign itself is enough to turn someone away.

Tough to stop a pro

Of course, the professional or determined robber could beat such defenses, provided the reward was sufficient. The greater your obvious wealth, the more elaborate the defense mechanisms must be.

Rapid response

An alarm system is supposed to alert the police to make a rapid response to stop a robbery and even catch the crook. Sometimes alert neighbors can also act as an alarm system.

Security system

Many homes—especially in wealthier neighborhoods—have security systems that will detect intruders and notify a guard agency or the police. Good systems will result in a rapid response that can stop the crooks in their tracks.

Windows and doors can be monitored to set off an alarm if improperly opened or broken. Motion detectors and intrusion alarms can be set in the house, in case someone gets by the first line of defense. Some of these systems are battery powered, in case the robber would cut the electrical power.

Very large homes may have closed circuit video systems and security guards to monitor the grounds.

Fire alarms

 Some security systems also will notify the fire department if there is a fire on the premises.


It is difficult to discourage or stop a person from doing damage to a home, Locks and visible security systems are some things that can discourage robbers. A good security system that provides rapid police response is a good way to prevent criminals from finishing their crime.

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