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Need for Security

by Ron Kurtus (updated 23 November 2022)

There are individuals who want to injure other people, steal or damage property, or harm organizations or governments. Their motivations vary from seeking personal gain to political reasons.

Security is needed to provide protection to people, property or organizations.

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There are individuals and members of groups that want to harm other people, steal property or do other damage.

Personal harm

The type of harm that some people may want to impose on others may be physical or emotional injury or even damage to the person's reputation.


Examples include such people as an estranged husband who wants revenge on his ex-wife, a crazed worker who wants to kill people at his workplace, a terrorist who wants to kill innocent people, or an assassin who wants to kill some important person.


Someone may wish to harm a person emotionally by threatening loved ones, creating an atmosphere of terror or other means.


Someone may wish to damage your reputation through spreading false rumors and such. There are also strangers who may steal your identity and harm your financial reputation.


There are people who want to break into a home, company or other building in order to steal or damage property. There are also some who simply want to damage property externally. This could also include people who would break into a web site to do some mischief.

Companies, large corporations and nations can come under attack to damage or destroy the organization. The attacks can be aimed at the leadership, organization property, information, people, or reputation.


The reason people may want to attack another person or some property may be personal revenge, political or religious reasons, as an effort to get money, or simply for kicks or thrills.

Revenge or anger

Some people will harm others, steal or damage property out of anger at another person or an organization. In many cases it is part of an effort to get revenge for some offense another person or organization did.

Political or religious reasons

People who are driven by strong political or religious beliefs may often harm others or destroy property as part of a fight or war against those having opposing or different views.


Some people will steal property because they want certain items or money. Arsons may start fires, because they are paid to do so or to collect insurance money on their own property.

Some companies will attempt to damage or sabotage the goods of another to gain a competitive advantage and make more money.


Vandals often damage or steal just for the thrill of doing so. There are even some sick people who will injury or even kill another person for kicks.

Avoid getting caught

Sometimes a person damaging or stealing property will harm or kill a witness to avoid being identified or getting caught. 

Security needed

To protect your person and property against possible attacks, you must take appropriate security measures. This includes analyzing the likelihood of an attack and being aware of threatening situations or people.

You must be aware of the threats to your personal safety, as well as to your property. Knowing possible enemies or the existence of threatening people is part of your security measures.


Individuals or groups who want to injure other people, steal or damage property, or harm organizations or governments do so for a variety of reasons. It is good to know why people attack others and who your possible threats will come from in order to establish security for person and property protection.

Be secure

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