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Understanding Your Senses

by Ron Kurtus (updated 17 March 2023)

Your senses are the important gateway for receiving information about the world around you and what is being communicated to you. By processing the information you receive through your senses, you gain knowledge, allowing you to respond by talking, writing or using some other means of communication.

This material follows the Kurtusian theory concerning other senses than the five commonly listed in textbooks. I believe that becoming aware of your senses and using them in best way possible is important in being able to achieve goals, excel in activities and prove your worth and value. In other words, your senses are part of what makes you a champion in your chosen endeavors.

The purpose of these free online lessons is to give you a start at improving your awareness of your senses, as well as to show you how to possibly optimize their use.

Senses Contents

Basics of senses

Sensing the World Around You

The Limits of Your Senses

When You Are Deprived of Senses

Improving Your Senses

Devices to Extend Your Senses

Standard 5 senses

Lessons on the standard 5 senses


Hearing or Sensing Sound

Sensing Pitch

Sensing Loudness

Sensing Direction and Distance


Sensing Light Images

Sensing Colors (coming soon)

Sensing Brightness (coming soon)

Navigating in a Room when Blind

Navigation for a Blind Dog


Sensing Smells


Sensing Tastes (coming soon)


Sensing Pressure (coming soon)

Sensing Temperature (coming soon)


Synesthesia - Hearing Colors

Senses Involved in Flavor

Added senses

Senses that go beyond the standard 5 include:


Sensing Time

Sensing in Slow Motion

6th Sense

Your 6th Sense and Beyond

Scientific Possibility of 6th Sense

Checking Your 6th Sense

6th Sense Experiments

Electrical fields

Sensing Another's Aura

Magnetic fields

(coming soon)

Gravity field

(coming soon)

Other possible senses

Sensing Spirits

Sensing Fear or Danger


Senses Resources



Public Speaking

Physical Science

Survey results

See results of survey questions


Top-rated books on Human Senses


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