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Hearing Pitch Different ranges of sound USA
6th Sense What causes seeing into the future? USA
General Confused about vision India
Sensing World I was confused USA
Hearing Why don't we realize the inner parts of the ear? USA
General How do I know if my third eye is open? USA
6th Sense 7-year old can see into the future Canada
6th Sense Thinks of things in great depth USA
General Can a person mess with your 6th sense? USA
Extend Senses How is Braille used to extend vision? Jamiaca

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Different ranges of sound

Topic: Hearing Pitch


March 1, 2019

Which two animals can hear almost a completely different ranges of sound?
a)Humans and dogs
b)mice and frogs
c)dogs and cats
d)mice and cats

Shaikh - USA



You should be able to find out from the chart in Hearing Pitch or Sound Frequencies.

The hearing range of frogs and mice seems to be the most different.

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What causes seeing into the future?

Topic: 6th Sense


February 23, 2019

When I was little I was able to see people in the future die. Mostly people I know. About 5 yrs ago I saw my grandmother in my sleep within 1 yr later she passed away. I still have these. I have seen them involve family and friends. I just would like to know what's causing this.

Brian - USA



Apparently, everyone has the ability to sense future events, although this sense is very weak. Some people seem to have this sense stronger than others. They may see possible future events in their dreams or even by just getting a "feeling" about it.

It can be disturbing.

One example of someone having such a dream happened with Abraham Lincoln. Days before he was assassinated, he had a dream that he had been killed. He told his wife about it.

It also seems that younger people have this sense more than older ones. I used to see some future events when I was younger but don't seem to do so much anymore.

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Confused about vision

Topic: General


December 26, 2018

I am confused about vision sense? Our vision is limited this means... The things we cannot see have something in it...like in air ...air is transparent this we know but actually it is? I am getting confused please explain me properly ...what us actual....

Rohit - India



Some materials such as air and glass readily transmit light waves. See Optical Devices for some information on that subject.

Also, I updated the page: Sight or Sensing Light Images.

Hopefully, that will help your understanding. Also, check the resources toward the end of the page.

Best wishes for success in your studies.

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I was confused

Topic: Sensing World


October 27, 2018

I was very confused and found it not intresting.

matt - USA



What the lesson is supposed to point out is that there are more senses than the commonly stated five senses. I'm sorry it was confusing to you.

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Why don't we realize the inner parts of the ear?

Topic: Hearing


January 1, 2018

If our ears have so many parts inside ,three bones, cochlear etc . then why we don't realize them when we hear any sound? What is the mystery behind this?

Koushik - USA



These parts do not have any extra sensors to indicate their use when you hear. It is similar to not realizing the various parts of the eye when you see things.

You realize the output for which the ear, eye, or other sensor is intended.

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How do I know if my third eye is open?

Topic: General


November 29, 2017

How do I know if my third eye is open?

Magz - USA



The third eye is a concept of an invisible eye which provides perception beyond ordinary sight. It can also be called the mind's eye.

If you are able to have internal perception of things, you may have an active third eye. Some people, can still see colors with their natural two eyes closed. This may be a case of their third eye being "open".

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7-year old can see into the future

Topic: 6th Sense


October 19, 2017

My son is 7 and claims that he can see into the future. I believe him because I personally have had dreams that have come true. How can I help him tap Into this talent in a world that does not believe in such things?
I would love to help him advance in this but don't even know how to talk about it with him.
Thanks muchly

Cynthia - Canada



Many people seem to be able to occasionally see future events (called "precognition"). Sometimes it happens in a dream, while other times the person juts gets a "feeling" that something will be happening.

However, it seems that the more you try to see future events, the less it happens. The ability usually happens when the person is relaxed and not trying. That is why is is so hard to measure the effect.

You can tell your son that seeing into the future is perfectly normal, although many people seldom experience it. One way to perhaps improve this ability is for him to recall how he felt when he saw into the future and then try to duplicate that feeling. However, I think it is better to let things go naturally and let him enjoy the occasion when he does see the future.

I hope that helps. Best wishes for a happy and productive son.

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Thinks of things in great depth

Topic: 6th Sense


September 8, 2017

Okay, so I feel like Im very different in a normal way though that it isn't normal....if that made any sense.

Its hard to describe so ill do my best but i always thought i just over think things way too much, like i mean I've always gone way into depth with things like to the point where it use to hold me back from things. For instance ill describe to my friends what I'm thinking of so well and use the best explanation possible they are mind blown and they always say to me "I would have never even thought about that but its so true".

Usually once I explain what Im thinking and why someone or an object did this, I always ask "have you ever thought about it like that" and they all say "No, this not normal to think that in depth, but what you said was so true i don't understand how you even thought like that".

So basically i say things that are so true and describe it so right. But according to my friends nobody would ever take the time to think that into depth with something so stupid or so simple or even complex.

Its weird cause I'm terrible with my words but when it comes to this i don't understand cause I'm terrible at describing things like how i feel about someone or telling someone my feelings. But its weird because i can't describe why i have this and why i guess its not normal They think i have a "magical power" or a "sixth sense" but i don't know if this is normal. or maybe it was just how i was raised but like i tell myself everyday how normal i am compared to people cause i can describe what people are thinking but in the same breath not in the way if someone came up to me and ask what am i thinking right now, i would have no idea what they are thinking that moment.

Its just weird cause i can get along and adapt to literally anyones personality even if they are crazy cause i know I’m normal and they won’t effect me cause i see everyones view points on things even if its not right but i can cope with them and get along because I'm so normal....? like i don't think when i tell my parents that I'm so normal like they don’t understand I'm not the average person i guess so many people are crazy and their thoughts aren't right and there is no reason for this but life.

I just don't understand how i can see things from other perspectives and know what everyone is thinking even if they haven't thought about the topic or subject really. I mean i guess thats the best way i can describe whats going on in my head over email but why do I feel this way?

jillian - USA



It sounds like you have a very analytic mind. There are jobs in business and science where such capabilities are in demand. However, a person needs to know when to stop and to draw conclusions. In some areas, it is known as "paralysis by analysis" where the person tries to dissect issues to the point of not taking action.

Probably, in most situations, you can't think of the right words to use, but in special cases where you are extremely interested, you can describe things well.

You might try writing down your thoughts and observations. That could be an effective exercise.

Also, look into job descriptions where companies are seeking people with analytical minds. You could be aiming at a good future career.

Best wishes on using your skills effectively.

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Can a person mess with your 6th sense?

Topic: General


June 10, 2017

Can A person mess with your six Sense if so how would you act

Michael - USA



Our definition of the sixth sense is precognition or being able to sense future events. It is different than being able to read or affect minds.

It is difficult or even impossible for others to mess with your senses, except by some trickery. You can usually tell if you are being tricked.

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How is Braille used to extend vision?

Topic: Extend Senses


January 2, 2017

How does Braille extend the sense organ?

Meg - Jamiaca



Braille is primarily used by those who are blind or have every poor vision as a way to read written material. It could be considered a "device" that extends the ability to read. However, it does not extend vision or the ability to see.

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