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Each day readers send in questions and feedback concerning the various lessons in the School for Champions website. A total of 16033 letters have been answered. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subjects.

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Confusion on thermal energy Physics Thermal Energy USA
Static charges and slugs Physics Static Electricity UK
Electroscope Static Electricity USA
Thermo-Sentinel cookware handles Health USA
Suggested resource Web Design Norway
Puzzle question Algebra India
Suggested resource Finances USA
Confused about vision Senses India
Why does magnetism act at a distance? Magnetism USA
Chemistry project Chemistry Canada
Adding two since waves Waves Ethiopia
Forgot my password Finances UK
Acceleration of object projected upward Gravity Pakistan
Suggested resource Nutrition USA
Force from pliers Machines India

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Confusion on thermal energy


January 15, 2019


My question is the following:

It has to do with the idea of thermal energy being a sum of both the kinetic and potential energy of a material. Because I am teaching 8th grade Science at the time, I am trying to keep this as simple as possible. However, a student asked if two samples of air (one at approx. 0 Celsius, and the other at approx 27 Celsius) have different amounts of potential energy? After reading more about it, my thought would be no, they would have the same potential energy, just different amounts.

Rebecca - USA (28916)


The definitions of thermal kinetic energy and potential energy can be confusing. I updated the whole section to try to clarify issues and make it easier to understand.

What is called Internal Energy is the sum of the Thermal Kinetic Energy and Thermal Potential Energy.

See the updated versions of Thermal Energy is Kinetic Energy and Thermal Potential Energy.

The potential energy of two sample of air at different temperatures would be approximately the same. However, since the atoms or molecules travel faster at the higher temperature, the kinetic or thermal energy would be greater for the higher temperature.

I hope that helps. Best wishes for success in your class.

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Static charges and slugs


January 14, 2019


Hello. I want to find a combination of materials that will hold a static charge for as long as possible to repel slugs and snails from a planter.
I have bought a copper braid copper adhesive strip for the purpose, but I want to find out that if I was to line the inside circumference of the planter with 15mm copper pipe and induced a very low current,(not enough to kill them, but enough to see them off)how long would either the static charge last as environmental conditions would influence this as well as a battery charge. Any help would be appreciated, thanks

mark - UK (28913)


One of the methods to get rid of with static electricity is explained in: How do I Get Rid of Slugs and Snails in my Garden? listed under "Give them a shock".

The method states that since slugs leave a slime trail, by using copper tape the slugs will get small electric shocks from the static electricity caused by the copper-slime combination.

The electric charge would only hold while the slug is moving along the copper tape.

I hope that helps. Best wishes in getting rid of those pests.

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Static Electricity

January 10, 2019


How can you tell that the electroscope is working

potatogurl - USA (28910)


The leaves on the electroscope should separate when a static electricity source is near. Using a plastic comb or rubbed balloon are often simple sources.

The leaves in the electroscope should be thin and lightweight.

However, if the electroscope leaves are too heavy, too stiff, or are made of a material that does not respond the static, they may not separate.
You can then experiment with different materials.

I hope that helps. Best wishes for success in your studies.

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Thermo-Sentinel cookware handles


January 9, 2019


Would you have any information on where I can purchase replacement handles for Thermo Sentinel stainless steel cookware bought in the 70’s
Thanks for your time.

Flo - USA (28909)


It looks like your cookware has lasted a long time. That is great,

I think Thermo-Sentinel was bought out by Vita Craft cookware. You can try their website at Vita Craft or call 1-800-359-3444.

Another possibility is to check your local hardware store or handyman for generic handles.

Best wishes for solving your problem.

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Suggested resource

Web Design

January 5, 2019


Hi Ron,
I just happened to come across your list of Web design resources, and I wanted to suggest an addition.
I’ve written a detailed guide on how to create a website that might fit that list very well
You can see it here:
What differentiates it from other guides is the in-depth explanation of each step, combined with the opportunity of the “normal” quick guide.
Let me know what you think

Knut - Norway (28905)


Thanks for the resource . I added a link to your site at Web Design Resources.

You've got a good looking website with helpful information. Best wishes for success in your work.

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Puzzle question


January 1, 2019


which is that eight digit grid whose three cosecutive numbers is even number and whose sum is nineteen
Note:-there is digit 6 at eighth place when we move from right to left and also digit 6 at seventh place when we move from left to right

Bashir ahmad - India (28902)


That problem seems like quite a puzzle. I am sorry but I do not have the solution to this problem.

Best wishes in finding a solution.

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Suggested resource


December 27, 2018


Hello Ron,

I hope your Thursday is going well. My name is Ted and I'm reaching out on behalf of a company that works to help increase the presence of Syracuse University's Whitman Business School's online programs.

Today, I came across the Personal Finance Resources page located on the School for Champions website below:

I found the page to be a highly notable compilation of financial literacy resources and wanted to quickly reach out to see if you're open to providing your students with an additional credit resource to refer to?

If so, Syracuse University has recently published an article titled "The Cost of a Bad Credit Score". The article provides information on what a credit score is, how it's calculated, and why it's important. This information is also presented in a helpful infographic at the bottom of the article. I thought this would be a valuable resource to your students as starting off one's credit on the right foot is an important step to financial literacy.

Would you be open to this additional personal finance resource on the web page?

Thank you for your consideration.

Ted - USA (28897)


Thanks for the suggested resource. I added a link to the article from the Personal Finance Resources page.

Best wishes for success in your work.

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Confused about vision


December 26, 2018


I am confused about vision sense? Our vision is limited this means... The things we cannot see have something in in air ...air is transparent this we know but actually it is? I am getting confused please explain me properly ...what us actual....

Rohit - India (28895)


Some materials such as air and glass readily transmit light waves. See Optical Devices for some information on that subject.

Also, I updated the page: Sight or Sensing Light Images.

Hopefully, that will help your understanding. Also, check the resources toward the end of the page.

Best wishes for success in your studies.

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Why does magnetism act at a distance?


December 26, 2018


Why does magnetism act at a distance??
Is it possible to be organic and just be active???

Emily - USA (28896)


It is a strange phenomenon. Our lessons: Mysterious Force at a Distance can give an explanation about magnetism, gravitation, and other forces that act at a distance.

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Chemistry project


December 21, 2018


Hi Ron,

I and a friend are doing a project on how baking is similar to chemistry, and we found a lot of great information on your website. Can you recommend us any other resources or websites to help us in our project? Thank you so much!

Daillin and - Canada (28890)


Take a look at our Chemistry Resources for a listing of places to get more information.

Best wishes for success in your project. Let me know how things turn out.

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Adding two since waves


December 18, 2018


Add two sine waves at frequency f+?fandf-?f

hizkeal - Ethiopia (28885)


See Adding Sine Waves Identical Amplitudes for an explanation. It may be complex information. I hope that helps you.

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Forgot my password


December 17, 2018


I cannot enter my acoount because my passwords are wrong and my mobile number is wrong : the last digit of the numer should be 7 not 8

manfred - UK (28880)


Here's how to reset your password by email:

1. Go to
2. Click Log In at the top of the page.
3. Click Having trouble logging in? (*do NOT close out of this window or you'll need to restart the password reset process.)
4. Type the email address you use for PayPal and click Next.
5. Select "Receive an email" so we can confirm this is your account, and click Next. Then wait to get your email.
6. Enter the 6-digit security code we sent to your email (you may need to check or junk or spam folder) and click Continue.
7. Select another way of confirming it's you, and click Next.
After going through this last security check, create a new password (type it twice) and click Update.

See I forgot my password for my PayPal account.

I hope that helps. Best wishes on getting back into PayPal.

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Acceleration of object projected upward


December 14, 2018


F = 158N (acting upward)
m =15kg
mg =147N (acting downward)
acceleartion = a=?

annayasid - Pakistan (28879)


The total acceleration of the object is the result of the upward force (F = mA) and the downward acceleration from gravity (g = 9.2 m/s^2).

A = F/m = 158/15 = 10.53 m/s^2

So, the total upward acceleration of the object is a = (A - g) = 10.53 - 9.2 = 1.33 m/s^2.

See: Gravity Equations for Objects Projected Upward.

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Suggested resource


December 11, 2018


Hello Ron,

My name is Christina, I am the content editor at

I noticed you are linking to a handful of nutritional sites and blogs, but you aren’t linking out to

Have you seen it yet? It provides a ton of nutritional value to anyone who is looking to live a healthier life.

Hope you’re having a lovely day! Keep up the good work, I really enjoy School For Champions!

Christina - USA (28874)


Thanks for the resource. I added it to our Nutrition Resource page.

Best wished for success in your work.

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Force from pliers


December 11, 2018


When an effort of 50N is applied on a pair of Pliers, it can overcome a load of 250 N. It is given the distance between fulcrum and load is 6cm. Find the length of the Pliers.

Chinmay - India (28875)


Increasing Force with a Lever gives the equation FO/FI = dI/dO.

In your problem, FI = 50 N, FO = 250 N, and dO = 6 cm. Thus dI = (6 * 250)/50 = 30 cm.

The total length of the pliers is 30 + 6 = 36 cm.

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