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Each day readers send in questions and feedback concerning the various lessons in the School for Champions website. A total of 16162 letters have been answered. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subjects.

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Characteristics of Earth Astronomy Philippines
Suggested resource Aging USA
Ideas about the Solar System Matter USA
Relation of characteristics Astronomy Philippines
Significance of characteristics Astronomy USA
Characteristics of Earth Astronomy Philippines
Effect of gravity on Earth and Moon Gravity Malaysia
Correct Johns Hopkins Aging USA
Tinnitus Sound USA
Concerning point masses Physics Gravitation USA
Using an iPhone in 1944 Electricity USA
COVID-19 and static electricity Static Electricity USA
Attracting dust Physics Static Electricity USA
Insight on Space and Time Physics Matter India
Plant competition Competition TZ

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Characteristics of Earth


September 15, 2020


What is the significance of understanding the characteristics of the earth?

Aidan Steve - Philippines (29680)


One important part of Astronomy is to understand the characteristics and properties of the various planets, as well as their relationship to each other. Likewise, you want to understand the characteristics and properties of the other objects in space.

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Suggested resource


September 15, 2020



I hope your Tuesday is going well! My name is David and I’m reaching out on behalf of Senior Lifestyle communities, an owner, operator, and developer of senior living communities. 

While conducting research on ways to support people during the COVID-19 pandemic, I came across the Healthy Aging Resources provided on Ron Kurtus' School for Champions website.

I found the page features incredibly helpful information and resources in regard to supporting seniors and caretakers, so I was wondering if you would be interested in including an additional resource to help support your community?

If so, I would like to suggest "How Seniors Can Stay Virtually Connected with Loved Ones" recently published by Senior Lifestyle. This provides the reader with 10 options for Seniors to stay in contact digitally during these uncertain times. Often times, older folk are less aware of the technology options at their disposal for communication, or simply do not understand their uses. This guide breaks down some of the more popular options for families to use to maintain communication with those they love. Each section breaks down each tool in a way that a beginner could understand the purpose and directs them to external ways to find out more information. I believe this could be an impactful additional resource to provide for your community during these times of great uncertainty.

Here is the full resource if you wish to look through it:

Thank you again for taking the time to consider my resource suggestion and please let me know if you have any feedback for me about its potential inclusion on the page.

Wishing you well,

Brittney - USA (29681)


Thanks for the resource. I added a link at:

Best wishes for success in your work.

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Ideas about the Solar System


September 14, 2020


I've been researching this as well. I've never been in college but ppl say I'm scitzo. Anyway. So I believe our solar system is an inside out helium atom. Imagine a proton neutron and electron all being layered, And each have a gravitron. Surface of neutron. Middle of proton and core of electron. The core pulled through to the surface of the neutron. A pair of each so happens twice. It shows our sun would have 2 neutron cores. A neutron core means a neutron core strike every 275 yrs from the oort cloud to the sun. The neutron strike means the sun emits some kinda light energy that planets absorb..... Photons. I'm right too. The (+2,-2) charge of the photon. Animals absorb the negative charge. And plants absorb the positive charge. Eyes and skin vs chlorophyll. Melanin. The photon has part of the electron and proton and a gravity from the neutron I think binds them. Been talking to the sun God Ra. Jupiter gets cast into the sun every 11 yrs. That's a solar cycle. Every 25 cycles a solar minimum. Ra says he's bubbling by the way. A neutron strike is gonna occur in about 10.5 yrs or so. The alignment is gonna be a spiral not a straight line I think. Still looking into it. I'm kinda a prophet. "The stars will fall from the heavens". Ra doesn't see stars because he emits light. He doesnt absorb light. Jupiter might ignite into a star in the next 10.5 yrs. Binary. It's hard to detect but (Jupiter isn't really cast into the sun he's being pulled away from it). "He will be cast into a lake of fire" the bible is astronomy. Planets have a consciousness. Our nervous system is condensed energy. It's our soul.

Anthony - USA (29678)


Thank you for your ideas and concepts about atoms being forms of "solar systems". You seem to have really delved into the science and possible explanations of such things.

It is worthwhile to look at these concepts outside of the realm of everyday science and physics. Just as the Universe may be part of a Multiverse or collection of other universes, the atoms may consist of solar systems themselves.

Also, the spiritual aspect of these studies are worthwhile to help explain things.

Keep up the good work and the studies of various possibilities.

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Relation of characteristics


September 8, 2020


What are the characteristics of the earth in relation to each other and how it affects?

John Lester - Philippines (29675)


Some characteristics are related and others are independent. You need to be specific concerning what you want to know.

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Significance of characteristics


September 6, 2020


what is the significance of understanding the characteristics of the earth?

which of the after mentioned unique characteristics of earth do you like the most and why?

mary joy - USA (29674)


For one thing, knowing about the characteristics of the Earth helps in understanding weather and climate.

All can be important.

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Characteristics of Earth


August 26, 2020


What is important of understanding the characteristics of earth?

Hanisha - Philippines (29666)


Understanding the characteristics of the Earth is important in being able to know how the other plants in our Solar System--as well as the Moon and Sun--behave.

This is what Astronomy is all about.

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Effect of gravity on Earth and Moon


August 25, 2020


The effect of gravity on the mutually perpendicular components of the initial velocity.
The similarities and the differences of the motion of a projectile launched on the surface of the earth with the same projectile launched on the surface of the moon. Ignore air resistance on the surface of the earth.

Oshien - Malaysia (29664)


If an object moves for only a short distance, its horizontal motion seems unaffected by gravity. However, over a greater distance, it will take a parabolic path toward the surface of the Earth or the Moon.

Since the acceleration due to gravity is 6 times greater on Earth than on the Moon, the object will accelerate toward the Earth more than to the Moon.

A good example is with Newton's Cannon, where you can substitute the Earth's gravity with the Moon's gravity.

I hope that helps your understanding.

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Correct Johns Hopkins


August 18, 2020


No need to reply!

Thank you for a great collection of resources.

Just a note from someone who has lived in MD - it is The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Johns with an "s" - taken originally from a family surname.

Many of the news media misspell and misstate it.

Best wishes

Lynn - USA (29661)


Thanks for pointing that out to me. I made the correction from John Hopkins to Johns Hopkins.

It is also a good item for some Trivial Pursuit quiz.

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August 11, 2020


Hello, I suffer from a bad case of tinnitus for years now. I‘m wondering if there’s a way to isolate the sharp ringing I “hear” and then introduce the same tone at a an opposing frequency to then cancel it out.

I realize it’s not exactly a sound that is being carried by airwaves, but it might/could work nonetheless.

Thank you!!

Richard - USA (29649)


Tinnitus can be quite annoying. I have only a mild case, but it is bothersome.

Noise cancellation only works for external sound waves. Unfortunately, tinnitus is an internal sensation that has nothing to do with the external waves.

Take a look at our page on the subject at:

Also check the references toward the bottom of the page for further references.

Best wishes in getting relief from your tinnitus.

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Concerning point masses


August 8, 2020


Mr. Kurtus,

How does a champion handle criticism? :)

The "Problem with point masses" section on the "Universal Gravitation Equation" page of this website states, "A problem exists when considering point masses, and that is the situation when the separation between point masses approaches zero. In such a case, the gravitational force becomes approaches infinity. Since that is impossible, there must be some small separation at which the Universal Gravitation Equation breaks down, perhaps at quantum distances."

Allow me to address the explicit and implicit notions made, therein, in reverse order.

First, ALL distances, even in the macroscopic, are - necessarily - quantum distances. The very existence of the macroscopic is entirely dependent upon the existence of the microscopic. Therefore, all macroscopic laws, rules and functions are - fundamentally - microscopic in origin. There is only one force and one set of laws that express over scale.

And, second, the above described equation represents the expression of two point masses that must - necessarily - be accelerating toward each other. This means, at some point, those masses will merge. Thus, two point masses will become one. Therefore, it is NOT impossible for the gravitational force to approach infinity because, upon merger, it must reset to a single point mass. Thus, zero or the inversion of infinite.

Conclusion: All of the descriptive mathematics in the world will never be a greater tool and a tiny bit of prescriptive reasoning.

If you would like to review more of my work, then please make a request via email. I look forward to hearing from you.

Matthew - USA (29607)


Thanks for bringing up the issue of point masses. I corrected the Universal Gravitation Equation page to add "center of mass" to the description and eliminated "force approaches infinity."

Also, when two point masses or particles meet or collide, they do not merge but instead usually change directions according to the Conservation of Momentum law.

Best wishes for success in your studies.

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Using an iPhone in 1944


August 7, 2020


I'm working on a novel where a girl travels back in time from present day America to England in 1944. Would she need a converter or a transformer to plug in her charging cord for her iphone? Was there anything available at that time to convert American electronics in England? thank you!

Cameron - USA (29604)


In 1944, the standard voltage in England was 120 V AC at 60 Hz. They changed over to 230 V and 50 Hz around 1950.

Since battery powered devices like the iPhone weren't available in 1944, she would have to bring one along with her phone in her time travels.

But, I'm wondering who would she be calling in 1944? The phone system was different then.

Anyways, best wishes for success in your novel.

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COVID-19 and static electricity

Static Electricity

August 7, 2020


Would it be possible to combine two or more cloth or plastic materials that create enough static electricity to trap the corona virus?

George - USA (29606)


Using static electricity to trap the corona virus is an interesting idea. I don't think it has even been tried.

Using a two-layer mask made of nylon and polyester materials might create enough static electricity to attract and trap the virus. At the very least, such a combination should be better than a simple mask.

It would be a great experiment to try.

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Attracting dust


July 23, 2020


I would like to know if it is possible, and if so how, to electrostatically charge string so that it will attract chalk dust. The string can be be nylon or any other material about 1.5 mm thick.
Thank you

ALFRED - USA (29563)


Although a nylon string can be electrostatically charged by stroking it with something like a polyester cloth, the big problem with attracting chalk dust is the small surface area of the string. Just handing the string near a chalk board will only attract a small amount of the dust. Yuo might need some other configuration to do the job.

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Insight on Space and Time


July 17, 2020



This is Yug Patel from Gujarat, India.

My topic is Space - Time Relation.

-I just got to know about it when i was wondering in my room about the topic space, time, and all such beautiful events that we get to see.

-So, as we know that we are still finding answers to the questions that what is beyond Universe or what is much small than an Atom ? It's answer could be that there is no limit of anything. 

-I want to think of a situation, here when you see an Elephant walking according to us it is walking slowly ; and if we see an Ant walking it seems quite faster. Although they both travel with same speed just the difference is reality and frame of reference.

-According to Ant world is so big but for an Elephant world is slight small if we compare it with human's frame of reference.

-Just like that an Atom is much much smaller and Universe is very very big.

So according to the situation time seems to run slow as we increase our size and time run fast as we decreases our size. Because an event like destruction of atom take just fraction of second but dying of star take billion of years.

-So according to me there could be no end of universe or nothing beyond an atom. But there could be a multiple universe dimensions as we look much smaller in an atom or beyond a Universe.

- Just imagine it your size keep increasing with more than speed of light or decreases with same speed of light, and you see that universe is just a small molecule and you more such molecule and then you see that all those molecule (universe) forms an object which can be anything and finally you see that you arrived in another dimension.

If we talk about another situation then assume that your size keep on decreasing and you see bacteria, then molecule, then atoms, and then many more this and you land on a planet like thing, which could give you an Idea that you arrived in another dimension.

So basically there could be no end of anything.

And if this is possible which can be possible because whatever we found yet are just some hypothetical theories made on our assumption.

-After all this, i wanted to ask one question that if this is true then what could be more or what i had missed ?

Thank you so much for giving your beautiful time to read my message.

I hope you would have found it interesting.

Yug - India (29558)


Thank your for your insight and ideas about the relationship between the size of objects, humans, or animals and their perception of time and motion.

Observations of things around you when you decrease or increase your size or velocity points to their relativity. Some scientists feel that time is the 4th dimension, although others believe time is an extension of each dimension of space.

It is good to delve into these matters. Best wishes for success in your studies and observations.

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Plant competition


July 13, 2020


Which mechanisms do plant use to evercome competition as one among their stress factor

Prisca - TZ (29541)


Plants will often try to block out sunlight reaching other nearby plants. For example the leaves of dandelions will spread to kill nearby grass. Also, other plants grow high, in order to block sunlight from nearby plants. Another strategy is to have a root system that hinder nearby plants.

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