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Each day readers send in questions and feedback concerning the various lessons in the School for Champions website. A total of 15996 letters have been answered. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subjects.

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Presentation on topic Security Nigeria
What causes an electrical spark? Static Electricity South Africa
Comments after experiment Motion Lesotho
Experiment measured density Gravitation Nigeria
Changing voltage for record player Electricity UK
Top spin in golf with driver Physics Force USA
Is Camelot cookware dishwasher safe? Health USA
Cancelling loud noises from neighbor Sound USA
Finding pure nitrogen Chemistry USA
Reasons to study biographies Biographies Kenya
Suggested resource Education India
Suggested resource School for Champions USA
Suggested resource Aging USA
Suggested resource Health USA
Recommended Saw Palmetto brand Aging Ghana

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Presentation on topic


September 15, 2018


If Your Presentation Topic Is Security What Are You Going To Do?

Muhammad - Nigeria (28701)


If you are making a presentation on the topic of security, it is best to pick a specific area of security, such as home security, computer security, etc.

Then state the problems people may have with that type of threat to their security, and show ways for people to protect themselves.

I hope this helps in your presentation.

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What causes an electrical spark?

Static Electricity

September 13, 2018


What courses the body to have electric spark?

zinhle - South Africa (28699)


Positive and negative electrical charges attract each other but are held back by the resistance in the atmosphere. When the pressure gets high enough to overcome the resistance, electrons jump toward the positive (+) area.

These electrons heat the air to an extremely high temperature, causing the spark. The noise occurs when the expanded air suddenly cools and collapses. This happens very rapidly.

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Comments after experiment


September 13, 2018


how do we comments after the experiment of simple pendulum

motselisi - Lesotho (28700)


You can note the rate of motion and perhaps document if the rate changes with different bob weights.

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Experiment measured density


September 11, 2018


Lord Henry Cavendish novel experiment was to determine the DENSITY of the EARTH, how come or what twist skewed DENSITY to GRAVITY?

My opinion is that the law of gravitational attraction was and still remains a beautiful mathematical abstraction but lacks an empirical adaptability. Matter does not attract except magnetic materials.

ONOIDE - Nigeria (28698)


The formulation of Newtonian gravity in terms of a gravitational constant did not become standard until long after Cavendish's time. Cavendish expressed his result in terms of the density of the Earth. Later authors reformulated his results in modern terms, including the gravitational constant G.

Yes, matter does attract other objects of matter. How else could you explain the attraction of Moon's gravitational forces on the ocean to create tides?

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Changing voltage for record player


September 8, 2018



I have a quick question regarding conversion from US to UK for a Vinyl record player.

I recently bought a US record player designed to operate on 120 V 60Hz AC only.

I've tried asking a couple of people on electrician forums but i'm totally confused and don't completely understand this stuff.

I'm not sure if I need a transformer or what etc?

Do you have any advice? I would really appreciate it.


Tamara - UK (28694)


You can purchase an inexpensive transformer to convert 240 to 120 V AC. But the other problem is that the turntable may run slower at 50 Hz.

Some transformers also can convert 60 Hz to 50 Hz. Otherwise you'd need to add an extra converter.

Best wishes in getting your turntable to work correctly.

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Top spin in golf with driver


September 6, 2018


How can you impart top spin with a driver so that it can roll farther?

Ted - USA (28692)


You probably want a top spin so that the ball will roll further. You can do that by either topping the ball when you hit it or by changing your stance such that you hit the ball on the upswing.

However, most golf experts say that you will get greater distance with a driver by hitting the ball flush.

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Is Camelot cookware dishwasher safe?


September 1, 2018


Can you please tell me if Camelot temp-tone cookware is dishwasher safe. Just remembered that I bought it over 40 years ago and never used it.

Jacquline - USA (28685)


Since the cookware is stainless steel, it should be dishwasher safe. Camelot is now owned by Regal Ware so you can get information from them.

You also can see questins about Camelot from the FixYa site.

40 years! You had better start using the cookware.

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Cancelling loud noises from neighbor


August 26, 2018


Hi, I have a neighbor with some sort of device (water pump or air conditioner, not sure) that is on most hours of the day. I can't contact this neigbor since they live in a gated community behind my house. The frequency is 237 hz and very loud, seems to vibrate my walls sometimes. I get that noise cancellation is 180 degrees out of phase, so what frequency would I use to try to cancel this noise?
Thank you

kelsey - USA (28680)


I am sure that the constant noise is irritating to you. Although you can get noise cancellation headsets, trying to stop noise that causes your walls to vibrate is difficult if not impossible.

My suggestion is that you try to contact the home owner association of the gated community. Also, I'm sure that there are local regulations against such noise. Check with City Hall or local authorities.

Best wishes on solving your noise problem.

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Finding pure nitrogen


August 25, 2018


Dear sir/madam
My question is there any way to find that there is other material or products are in pure nitrogen.

Ben - USA (28679)


In any method of obtaining "pure" nitrogen, there are always some impurities. A primary method to find out if there are impurities and what they are is by heating the gas and using a spectrometer to see the composition of the material. Each element has a distinct spectral signature.

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Reasons to study biographies


August 20, 2018


hi i am student interested in studying biographies what are some of the theories i ca use to study a biography.

Dominic - Kenya (28671)


There are various reasons to study the biographies of famous people.

One reason is to get a good perspective of the history of the time that the person lived.

Another reason is to learn how the person succeeded. You can get lessons learned from the positive things the person did, as well as the mistakes he or she made.

Also, some well-written biographies are simply interesting to read.

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Suggested resource


August 17, 2018


We have a website called ZeduA (A to Z about 'edu'cation). It has information about 1.6 million schools present in India, Parents can search, compare and select the best schools for the kids.

We also have articles related to education, parenting tips, blogs on school projects and many more.

Can you add this under education resource? Link to our site is

Thank you

Julie - India (28670)


Thanks for the resource. I added a link to your page from Education Resources - Parents.

Best wishes for success in your work.

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Suggested resource

School for Champions

August 9, 2018


Good Afternoon Ron,

I hope your Thursday is going well. My name is Barry, and I'm reaching out on behalf of Guardian Protection Services, a home security and alarm company, which provides an extensive array of security and monitoring services to more than a quarter-million residential and commercial customers. 

I came across the Healthy Aging Resources page on the School for Champions website, located here:

I was really impressed by the resources you have assembled here so far. As the page includes notable home safety resources for seniors, I was wondering if you would be open to including an additional resource regarding fall prevention?

If so, I'd like to suggest adding Guardian Protection Services's "Helping Prevent Falls in the Home" resource. This article provides a checklist to complete which helps you reduce the risk of falls in the home, another checklist regarding health-related fall prevention, and information regarding what to do after a fall. I believe this will be a valuable addition to the web page, because it is relevant to the other senior safety resources provided.

Below is the URL to the "Helping Prevent Falls in the Home" resource, if you'd like to share this with your community:

Would you be open to including this additional resource on the web page?

Thank you for your consideration. Please let me know if you have any questions or need additional information. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,

Barry - USA (28662)


Thanks for the suggested resource. I added a link to the page from Healthy Aging Resources.

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Suggested resource


August 9, 2018


Hi there!

Just came across your site. Great stuff. What do you think of adding the following article for your helpful resources on fall prevention?

A little different angle than some of the other links already posted. Anyways. I hope it helps. Thanks for all your work.


marc - USA (28664)


Thanks for the resource. I added the link to the Aging Resources page.

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Suggested resource


August 7, 2018


My team and I recently created a guide for families/households concerned with making their homes wheelchair accessible, and I thought it would be a helpful addition for your site's visitors if they find themselves in a similar situation.

When I'm not working with homes, I like to help people out with home-related questions, and I found a lot of guides covering this subject were either too thin or incomplete. I wanted to make something comprehensive that addresses every part of the house, inside and out, to show people that wheelchair accessibility is an achievable goal when approached systematically.

Thank you for your time, and please let me know if there's anything I can do on my end to help you out with this.

All the best,

Greg - USA (28660)


Sorry for the delay. I added a link to you page from Health Resources - Special needs - Disabilities.

Best wishes for success in your work.

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Recommended Saw Palmetto brand


August 4, 2018


Can you recommend any brand. I have taken several and is not working for me.

George - Ghana (28657)


Most brands of Saw Palmetto are very similar. You could compare prices to select the best one for you.

Saw Palmetto can give some relief from prostate problems, but it is not always effective for some people. It is usually used along with medications such as Tamsulosin (Flomax).

It is good to ask your doctor for suggestions to help your prostate problem.

Best wishes for helping your symptoms and for good health.

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