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Each day readers send in questions and feedback concerning the various lessons in the School for Champions website. A total of 16195 letters have been answered. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subjects.

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Thanks for the resources Finances USA
Leader of PLO History USA
Transfer of kinetic energy Physics India
Coefficient of Friction Physics KSA
History of the spread of parchment History Russia
Convention of signs Gravity Pakistan
Suggested resource Health USA
Offer SfC United States
Electron flow Electricity USA
House has flanking noises Sound Ireland
Heating space Physics USA
Characteristics of the Earth Astronomy USA
Suggested resource Grades USA
Near death experience Religion USA
Permission to use image SfC USA

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Thanks for the resources


January 6, 2021


Good morning Ron,

As a Mom I wanted to thank the School for Champions for putting together your Personal Finance Resources page! My daughter Sarah is a Girl Scout and she's currently working on her 'Money Manager' Badge as part of the financial literacy series for her troop.

Unfortunately due to COVID-19, Sarah's troop has decided to continue postponing all in person meetings, just to be safe. We're hoping to resume our regular schedule sometime in the next few months. Fingers crossed...the girls really miss each other!

That being said, Sarah's troop leader still encouraged the parents to work with our girls at home to ensure we don't fall too far behind! The badge requires the girls to learn about income, saving, spending and budgeting. I love this badge because it's practical, every day lessons that the girls might not learn about in school!

Your page led us to some great websites to check out, so Sarah and I wanted to make sure we thanked you :)

If it's not too much trouble, could add another link to your page? Sarah found this financial literacy guide last night which I was very impressed with! This is it...

Banking and Financial Literacy for Kids and Teens

Can you add a link to it on here?

Let me know - I'd love to show Sarah and her troop leader if you include it! It's always nice to get some recognition for a job well done and I know Sarah would get a kick out of it!

The Troop has a Zoom call Friday evening if you get a free moment to include it by then. But if not, whenever you get a chance to add it is great! I would appreciate it so much :)

Wishing you health and happiness in 2021,
Mrs. Kelly Miller

Kelly - USA (29796)


I'm glad the material was useful to your daughter, Sarah. I added her suggested link (along with her name) at:

Best wishes for success in her studies.

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Leader of PLO


January 6, 2021


In 1969, who became Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization and played a huge role in Israel-Palestine peace movements until his death Nov. 11, 2004?

Alexis - USA (29797)


Yasser Arafat was appointed leader of the PLO on 4 February 1969.

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Transfer of kinetic energy


January 4, 2021


Heat is “transfer of kinetic energy”.

1) Is the above statement is correct?

2) If yes, then please explain how the transfer of Kinetic energy taking place during radiation process?

Hritick - India (29795)


Heat is the transfer of thermal energy. Kinetic energy concerns the movement or atoms or molecules. Although you can transfer kinetic energy when objects collide, it does not necessarily heat the second object. Thermal energy can be transferred by conduction or radiation.


I hope that helps your understanding.

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Coefficient of Friction


December 28, 2020


Angle of Friction for soil = 40 Degrees
What is coefficient of friction between soil & concrete?

Mohammad - KSA (29790)


Much depends on the type of soil and what it is made of. Also, how wet is the soil? Friction will vary with wetness.

Since it varies so much I don't know of any studies that give data on the subject.

The only real way to determine the coefficient of friction would be to set up a small experiment or test case.

Best wishes for success in finding an answer.

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History of the spread of parchment


December 13, 2020


the spread of parchment.

Annotationsasy - Russia (29772)


You can see information about the history of parchment at:

I hope that helps.

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Convention of signs


December 13, 2020


Respected sir,
I want mathematical proof
about the convention of signs

Akram Ullah - Pakistan (29773)


The convention for signs in gravity equations is a general agreement of what makes sense. Since the force of gravity is downward, it would only seem logical to define downward as a positive direction in gravity equations.

There really is no mathematical proof, since the direction is really an agreement.

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Suggested resource


December 11, 2020


Good Morning,

I hope your Monday is going well. My name is Alicia, and I am reaching out on behalf of Public Health Degrees, a website the provides current and prospective public health students information on career opportunities, professional resources, and education options. 

While conducting research on COVID-19 best practices, I came across your "Health Resources by Ron Kurtus" page provided on the School for Champions website, located here:

I was wondering if you'd be open to including an additional reference on the page regarding masks?

If so, I'd like to suggest an article titled, "Official Information on Masks in the Coronavirus Pandemic - All in One Place," published by Public Health Degrees. This page compares masks made of various materials and how effective they are at blocking particles through a series of infographics. It also outlines how to wear and wash a mask, as well as provides information on policies as they relate to the Americans with Disabilities Act.  

I believe this resource would be a valuable addition to the page as it provides a comprehensive breakdown of the importance of wearing a mask and how to properly do so. 

Below is the URL to the COVID-19 Mask Guide, if you'd like to review and share it:

Would you be interested in including this resource on your web page?

Thank you for your time. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or would like more information. I hope to hear from you soon!

Happy Holidays

Kind Regards,
Alicia Kohler

Alicia - USA (29768)


Thanks for the resource. I added a link at:

Best wishes for success in your work.

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December 7, 2020



I'm reaching out for one last time, just in case you didn't receive my previous messages. If you're not interested, please let me know and I won't bother you in the future.

I’m looking for website owners with blogs who are willing to partner with us. We'd like to offer payments in exchange for articles published on We can either send you well-written content that’s ready to post, or you can write it yourself.

We already work with thousands of other sites, both businesses and individual blog owners.

Would you be interested?

Dennis Perpetua
Blogger Outreach Manager

Dennis - United States (29758)


Sorry for not getting back to you, but I'm up to my ears in stuff.

Thanks for your offer, but it won't fit at this time.

Best wishes for success in your work.

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Electron flow


December 4, 2020


Does the electron flow remain same for a DC produced using Battery and DC produced by conversion of AC current ?

Veerendra - USA (29752)


The flow of electrons should be constant from a DC battery. However, the flow from an AC-DC converter goes in bursts, as the current changes directions. This "choppy" waveform averages out, causing no problems.

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House has flanking noises


November 23, 2020


What happens if your house were to pass the sound test. objective test meets minimal standards but semi detached houses has evidence of flanking noise because of structural defects e.g defective party wall and lacking of pointing in the walls

Is subjective evidence of any use in a acoustics when the sound test meets with the minimum regulations? Tests conducted indicate that the sound insulation of the party wall is greater than the minimum required but is compromised by the flanking transmission paths and defective party wall.

Sounds originating in the adjacent dwelling can be heard. the party wall is a nine inch block on the flat with no cavity and the outer leaf wall have no insulation and has unrestricted passage of air (therefore sound) through the cavity. Both outer leaf walls have no insulation. Also there are no fire barriers in the attic at top of wall from fascia board to fascia board.

I would greatly appreciate any information you may have or research done in this area

martina - Ireland (29741)


It really depends on your local requirements and standards. Often they don't include problems with semi-detached houses and structural defects.

The best route to take is to determine responsibility in your neighborhood and perhaps hire a contractor estimate the costs to rectify the problems.

Best wishes for success in solving this annoying problem.

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Heating space


November 20, 2020


Does the heat that is lost into space from earth heats up the space/universe?

If so what cools down the universe if planets and stars keep heating it up?

Marco - USA (29737)


Radiation from the Earth (primarily Infrared radiation) can go into space, where it can heat up other bodies of matter--including free atoms in space--just like radiation from the Sun heats up the Earth.

In theory, all the planets and stars in space can reach an equilibrium temperature, although that probably will never happen.

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Characteristics of the Earth


November 20, 2020


The main characteristics of the planet earth

Evans - USA (29738)


The main physical characteristics of Earth are that it is spherical in shape, it has a diameter of 12,756 km (7,926 miles), and is made up of iron, oxygen, silicon, and other elements.

See: Characteristics of the Earth for more information.

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Suggested resource


November 10, 2020


Every student needs the right study skills to succeed in school. So why does it seem that so many students lack the basic skills needed to study effectively? Even with dozens of "comprehensive" guides, I frequently find myself responding to common challenges from our students. In response to the most common bits of advice we end up sharing, we compiled this basics guide:

How to Study: A Guide for College and Adult Learners provides 7 of the most critical tips for studying, along with practical applications for each piece of advice. This guide differs from others in its brevity. We've found that most students simply need reminders of what they already know, so that's what we've created -- a simple guide to help students get back on track and remember the skills and resources available to them.

I think that there are many more students that can benefit from a basics guide like this. Please let me know if you can help make this information more accessible to your online community by sharing the link above on your Good Grades Resources web page

Thank you,

Myla Valencia
Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Myla - USA (29724)


Thanks for the resource. I added a link at: Grades Resources.

Best wishes for success in your work.

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Near death experience


November 9, 2020


I would like to comment on whether there is a human soul. I am a bone cancer survivor and while fighting for my life I believe I temporarily died and left my physical body and was able to observe my body lying on the bed below me. I was able to observe all the objects in the room from the ceiling. When I tried to observe my being I was transparent and did not appear to have a visible physical quality even though I had the ability to see and observe my environment. After a couple of minutes I returned back to my body and was staring up at the ceiling. My experience taught me that my physical body is my interface to the physical world I live in and that every human has a soul.

Marty - USA (29723)


It sounds like you had a Near-Death Experience which certainly could indicate you have a soul.

See: Do Near-Death Experiences Happen? for information on the subject.

At the very least, I am glad that you are a survivor. Best wishes for a long and successful life.

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Permission to use image


November 6, 2020


Hello SfC,

My name is Josie Stewart, and I'm one of the moderators of Astronomy Stack Exchange, a Creative Commons knowledge base which provides Q&A on astronomy topics provided by our community of volunteers. My username there is called2voyage.

In one of the user submissions on our site, we have found an image that was used previously on your site on this page:

It is the second image, the one captioned "Areas swept in a given time are equal". Do you hold the copyright on this image? If so, we wish to make sure you are given proper attribution and that your reuse guidelines are respected. If we don't hear back from you in a couple of weeks, we will assume it is yours and follow the guidelines on your copyright page.


Josie Stewart

Josie - USA (29722)


Yes, I hold the copyright on that image. You have permission to use the images in the "Kepler's Laws of Orbital Motion" web page provided you cite the source.

Best wishes for success in your work.

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