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Characteristics of Earth The Earth Philippines
Relation of characteristics The Earth Philippines
Significance of characteristics The Earth USA
Characteristics of Earth The Earth Philippines
Characteristics of the Moon Moon India
Astronomy jobs General South Africa
Suggested resource Resources USA
Math needed for astrophysics studies General Pakistan
I don't understand Astronomy at all General Canada
Correcting number of Jupiter's moons Moon USA
Wants scholarship in Physics General USA
Can a graviton escape from a black hole? Black Holes India
Galaxy versus Galactic motion The Earth USA
Why are orbits elliptical? General Topics Nigeria
Astronomy comments General Bangladesh

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The Earth

Characteristics of Earth

September 15, 2020


What is the significance of understanding the characteristics of the earth?

Aidan Steve - Philippines (29680)


One important part of Astronomy is to understand the characteristics and properties of the various planets, as well as their relationship to each other. Likewise, you want to understand the characteristics and properties of the other objects in space.

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The Earth

Relation of characteristics

September 8, 2020


What are the characteristics of the earth in relation to each other and how it affects?

John Lester - Philippines (29675)


Some characteristics are related and others are independent. You need to be specific concerning what you want to know.

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The Earth

Significance of characteristics

September 6, 2020


what is the significance of understanding the characteristics of the earth?

which of the after mentioned unique characteristics of earth do you like the most and why?

mary joy - USA (29674)


For one thing, knowing about the characteristics of the Earth helps in understanding weather and climate.

All can be important.

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The Earth

Characteristics of Earth

August 26, 2020


What is important of understanding the characteristics of earth?

Hanisha - Philippines (29666)


Understanding the characteristics of the Earth is important in being able to know how the other plants in our Solar System--as well as the Moon and Sun--behave.

This is what Astronomy is all about.

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Characteristics of the Moon

December 15, 2019


Phisical characteristics on the Moon

Sarat - India (29294)


Characteristics of the Moon include its distance from the Earth (384,400 km), diameter (3479 km), mass (7.35*10^22 kg), density (3340 kg/m^3), and temperature (107°C during the day and ?153°C at night).

See Characteristics of our Moon for more information.

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Astronomy jobs

October 27, 2018


In astronomy how long does it take to get that job and how many years in college

Lindiwe - South Africa (28768)


You can get some good information from the Astronomical Society of Southern Africa - Astronomy as a Career.

Also see Astronomer Job Descriptions.

Sometimes student internships are available. That is a good was to start.

Best wishes for success in your astronomy career.

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Suggested resource

August 3, 2018


Hey !

I was poking around your site, reading all your great content, and I saw you had a resources page here:

Believe it or not, I actually have a article on this exact subject which I think may be beneficial to your readers

as it provides lots of useful information and tips. Check it out: A Guide on Stargazing Looking Through Binoculars

What do you think about adding me to your list?

Talk soon!

Jim - USA (28655)


Thanks for suggestion. I added links to your page from Astronomy Resources and Observations in Astronomy.

Best wishes for success in your work.

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Math needed for astrophysics studies

November 28, 2017


hello dear sir,
I want to ask how much mathematics should i learn to understand astrophysics.

jawad - Pakistan (28336)


You need Calculus and Differential Equations. Both require a strong background in Algebra and Trigonometry.

Best wishes on becoming an Astrophysicist.

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I don't understand Astronomy at all

February 14, 2017


I don't understand Astronomy at all. I don't enjoy studying about a whole new world that I've never visited. Is their an easy way to understand Triangulation, Radio telescopes?

Jawerriya - Canada (27880)


It can be interesting to look into the night sky and see all the numerous stars in the sky, as well as their movement throughout the year. Some people like to learn the constellations and arrangement of the stars.

However, Astronomy can delve deeper to find out what the planets and stars are made of. It is a scientific study that some people are interested in and others are not.

Triangulation is a method to determine distance using trigonometry. In Astronomy, it is useful to approximate distance of far-off objects.

A radio telescope uses radio waves instead of light ways to detect distant objects in space. In some situations, it works better than visible light.

Although teachers can often learning many facts without making the subject interesting, it is good to find things about the subject you like.

Best wishes for success in your studies.

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Correcting number of Jupiter's moons

January 24, 2017


On your article about the Earth's Moon, you said the Earth has one Moon and Jupiter has 9 moons. This is incorrect, NASA has recently discovered that Jupiter has 67 moons! I believe the number is up to 67 now. Up until a few years ago, they knew it had at least 63 moons. Galileo discovered 4 of them in the early 1600s. I can only see 5 of them with my modern day, powerful telescope.

David - USA (27823)


Thanks for the information. I corrected the Characteristics of our Moon page as well as added material on Jupiter and Jupiter's 67 Moons.

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Wants scholarship in Physics

December 19, 2016


how I get free scholarship by physics?

Minale - USA (27575)


Most high schools have lists of scholarships available. Your physics or astronomy teacher should also be able to provide help in getting a scholarship.

Some websites to check include:
SPS Scholarships
Scholarships for Physics Majors

Various colleges also have information on getting a scholarships.

Best wishes for your success in getting an education.

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Black Holes

Can a graviton escape from a black hole?

May 19, 2016


Does graviton escape from the black holes? If no then why other celestial objects feels their gravity, if yes then how can graviton escape from the place from where even light cant escape?

Vinamra - India (27017)


A graviton is a hypothetical particle that is responsible for gravitational forces, as part of the quantum theory of gravitation. Since it is supposed to be the source of gravitational forces through an exchange between masses, it really would not be moving freely like in escaping from a Black Hole.

Other celestial object do feel the gravitational forces from a Black Hole, as witnessed by objects being drawn into the hole. But its forces are reduced as the square of the distance from the Black Hole.

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The Earth

Galaxy versus Galactic motion

May 1, 2016


What is the difference between Galaxy and Galactic motion?

- USA (26973)


A galaxy is a system of stars and other materials that are bound together by gravitational forces. The Milky Way is an example of a galaxy.

Galaxies tend to rotate very slowly about some center area. They also move in space as compared to other galaxies.

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General Topics

Why are orbits elliptical?

February 27, 2016


How does the obit the elliptic

Akin - Nigeria (26814)


The orbit of a planet around the Sun should be a circle, however there are gravitational forces from the other planets that distort the orbit into an elliptical shape.

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Astronomy comments

December 24, 2015




What is the Earth’s gravitational force?

Scientists Newton formula is Wrong

The sun is flat!

Moon is not Earth’s satellite


NOTE: The arguments have been deleted because they are too extensive to be published.

ROBIUL ISLAM - Bangladesh (26644)


No, the Sun does not move around the Earth. that has been proven many times.

The Earth’s gravitational force is approximately 9.8 m/s^2 times the mass of the object.

Newton's Third Law is correct. A force requires an opposite force.

The Sun is not flat. Your sources are inaccurate.

The Moon is Earth’s satellite. This is by definition.

It is true that our Sun is not a planet. It is a sun.

The starts do not move around the Sun. Your sources of information are incorrect.

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