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Wants to study business program General Business Topics South Africa
Recent developments in management accounting General Cameroon
Resource for business financing General USA
Who is eligible for this course? General Business Topics Zambia
Which business lessons are free? General Business Topics USA
How is business ethics important? Character Tunisia
What is the best business strategy? General Tunisia
How is competiton used in business? General Business Topics Tunisia
Running a small public company General Ghana
Do you provide certificates? General Business Topics USA
Purchasing link advertising Improvement Steps USA
Wants to study Business Definitions Somalia
I want to study online General Business Topics Sri Lanka
Planning an engineering company General Business Topics UK
Business innovation with a mobile phone General Business Topics UK

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General Business Topics

Wants to study business program

June 15, 2013


Please i want to study one of your business program and would like to find out the process of how i can start and how to write the exams to gain certificate after successful study the course and pass the exams.

Please get back to me asap.
Thanks a lot

Jeffrey - South Africa (23777)


We do not have a complete Business program but simply offer supplementary lessons on various business topics, including TQM and starting your own business. Feel free to go through them to increase your knowledge.

You can also go through free business lessons from the University of Pennsylvania. However, they do not give exams of certifications.

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Recent developments in management accounting

May 28, 2013


what are the three recent developments in management accounting to today business environment?

Omisakin - Cameroon (23729)


Management accounting developments include:

-- Looking toward the future instead of using old techniques
-- Based on abstract financial models instead of case studies
-- Designed and intended for use by managers within the organization, instead of being intended for use by shareholders, creditors, and public regulators
-- Confidential and used by management, as opposed to public
-- Uses management information systems, instead of referring to financial accounting standards

I hope that helps.

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Resource for business financing

April 19, 2013


Subject: about the resource

I was doing some research, and noticed that you list along with a few other great sites on:

Honestly, thank you for mentioning them. I really can't say enough positive things about what they do.

It may be worthwhile to mention either above or below them. In my experience, many entrepreneurs are looking at financing options, while most sites offering information are just looking to turn them into clients.
This way you can point visitors somewhere without having to trust a commercial site.

Thank you again, and keep up the great work.

Take care.

Jeffrey Redd
Project Outreach Director

Jeffrey - USA (23630)


Thanks for the resource. I added a link from Business Resources and Entrepreneur Resources.

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General Business Topics

Who is eligible for this course?

April 9, 2013


1. Who is eligible for this course?
2. Do you offer Diploma course?
3. Is there time limit on starting and finishing this course/
4. Kindly advise payment methods

Clifford - Zambia (23600)


The School for Champions provides free online lessons to help you understand subjects, as well as to supplement material learned in school. There is no diploma or requirements. Simply, go through lessons that you feel will be useful in your studies.

Best wishes for success in your studies.

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General Business Topics

Which business lessons are free?

March 27, 2013


Read about the online "free" business class. I'm interested in learning about starting and running my own business. I started an Etsy shop in January and was advised to take some classes on busniness. Tell me more about your free business classes and also the ones you pay for.

Rhonda Jones,
from RhondaRenay on Etsy,

- USA (23565)


Check our lessons on Starting Your Own Business: Entrepreneurship for some basics and resources on starting your business.

Our lessons are free and meant to supplement other studies you are taking.

Best wishes in getting your business on Etsy going successfully.

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How is business ethics important?

March 5, 2013


I want to know how hard work done in business ethics, and how business ethics serve business?

Nabila - Tunisia (23519)


Business ethics concerns being honest and fair with customers and even workers. It is part of having good character. See: Character in Business as well as Character Important for Success of Business for information of the important of ethics and character.

Hard work is a positive character trait that can bring results. An ethical business will often get more customers than one that is not eithical or honest.

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What is the best business strategy?

February 16, 2013


I want to know information about the countries which are used the predatory competition, and what is the best model competition(performance competition, head to head competition, and predatory competition), which we can use in our business in order to operate business.

thank you,

Nabila - Tunisia (23205)


In some countries, the government controls business and acts to prevent small businesses from succeeding.

If you are not in such a situation, the best business strategy is to concentrate on satisfying your customers with good products and services. However, you need to be aware of who your competition is and what advantages and disadvantages they have. Ideally, you do not want a head-to-head competition where you are both selling similar products. Neither company will do as well in such a situation.

What you want is to carve out a niche or product that is enough different than others, such that you are then known for a superior product in that area. For example, if you are selling power tools, it is best to be know for a certain type and features. This is better than going head-to-head with a number of products similar to your competition.

In the case of some large company or even criminal group trying to squeeze you out of business, it is a difficult problem that you hope will not happen.

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General Business Topics

How is competiton used in business?

February 13, 2013


I want to understand how companies practice these models of competition as performance competition, head to head competition and predatory competition in order to gain the upper hand and succeed?

Thak you for your time,
Yours Nabila

nabila - Tunisia (23200)


In a performance competition, a company may only have partial information on its competitors. A good example is an online business, where there may be many similar businesses but little is known about them. In such a case, the company must concentrate on doing the best job they can in quality, pricing, and marketing with out worrying about the competition.

Two or three companies selling similar products are in head-to-head competition. The automobile industry is a good example. Information about what the competition is doing is essential in getting the upper hand.

A predatory business competition is when one--usually much larger--company attacks and tries to push the smaller competition out of business.

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Running a small public company

October 27, 2012


Three members of a small public company, thinking that their small shareholding were not worth keeping, sold them to a director, and the transfers were duly registered. Five months letter the secretary realized that the membership of the company has been reduced to five.
A) What has been contravened and what are the possible consequences?
B) Is any relief available?
C) Suggest two ways of avoiding the consequences above.
D) Will the situation be the same if it were a private company? Explain

David - Ghana (23004)


According to the local laws, there must be a certain number of members in a public company. Realizing the mistake, the director would have to sell back (or even give) the shares such that there are a minimum number of members.

If the mistake is promptly corrected, it is unlikely any action would be made against the company.

At the very least, the director of the public company should be well-versed in the laws concerning running his business.

The laws for a private company may be different, and again the leadership must know the laws.

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General Business Topics

Do you provide certificates?

October 10, 2012


Do you provide certificates after completion of the on-line course? If so, is their a cost associated with it?

crystal - USA (22977)


Our free lessons are meant to supplement other studies you may be doing to try to help in understanding.

There is no completion or certificates.

Best wishes with your business studies.

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Improvement Steps

Purchasing link advertising

July 24, 2012



I have a client who is interested in purchasing a link advertisement on your website, school-for-champions.

Please let me know if you accept link advertising.

Thanks in advance.

Anthony - USA (22795)


Yes. Send me the details.

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Wants to study Business

July 11, 2012


my question is request for you
when l saw these lessons l liked to study bussinis my online or distance learning please l was finishing my high school before years stil l doesn.t began my degree becouse there are my reasons which forced that please let me that thank you

saed - Somalia (22774)


Our lessons on Business, Career and Entrepreneurship can help you in your school or online classes on those subjects.

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General Business Topics

I want to study online

July 9, 2012


i willing to study on line

rizwan - Sri Lanka (22768)


Feel fee to use our lessons to supplement your other studies. We have no formal program for online instruction.

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General Business Topics

Planning an engineering company

April 9, 2012


what aspects would an engineering company would consider when planning their business ?

mathew - UK (22573)


Some aspects include:

* Define the service or product you plan to offer.
* Define who your potential customers. Who would be interested in what you have to offer, and what is the demand for it?
* What is the technical background and expertise of the people involved in the company?
* Do you have existing or potential clients ready to hire you now? If not, how much money do you need to get started?

Also see our section on Entrepreneurship.

I hope these ideas help.

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General Business Topics

Business innovation with a mobile phone

April 1, 2012


Describe how innovation can be used as competitive commercial activity by a mobile phone ?

shan - UK (22549)


Innovation is coming up with a new product or service that would be of value to users or customers.

There are many apps or applications that have been created for mobile phones that help salesmen and business people to get an edge on their competition. Some even think of unexpected ways to use a mobile phone to gain an advantage.

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