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by Ron Kurtus

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Communication in ads General France
Communication model Models Tanzania
Feeling stressed and doesn't want to talk General Kenya
Is slang like a verbal virus? General Uganda
Why is effective communication important? General New Guinea
Why is communication important for success? General India
Confused how communication is critical General India
Are these lessons free? General USA
Would like the quiz to be easier Communication Among Animals UK
Interested in free communication online lessons General UK
How can I improve my communication skills? Basics INDIA
Co-worker always flutters her eyes when talking Reading Eyes USA
Others having fun but I'm just sitting around General Australia
Is eye direction different for left-handed people? Reading Eyes USA
Would children do better than Chimpanzees or Dogs? Dogs vs Chimps USA

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Communication in ads

April 25, 2016



My name is Robin and I'm French student in KEDGE BS in Marseille.

I'm really interested in communication and I would like to work in communication when I will be graduated.

I would like to have your opinion about two questions that I ask myself.

What are the components to succeed in communication and ads campaigns ?

How do consumer perceive ads and company communication ?

I would like to have a professional opinion that's why I contact you.

Hope to hear from you soon and I wish you a good day.

PS : Sorry If I have a bad english.

Thank you.


Robin - France (26964)


Ideally, an ad campaign is aimed at a specific audience, where you know their interests. Unfortunately, too many ad campaigns have no focus.

It is good to use the AIDA formula in ads. That is: get Attention, create Interest, encourage Desire for the product, and then have a call to Action.

Some ads can be appealing to the consumer, especially if they give useful information, or at the least are entertaining. However, I see so many ads and commercials on television where I am not sure what they are selling. That is annoying and wastes my time.

think of the ads and commercials you have seen and consider your opinion of their effectiveness.

I hope these ideas help. Best wishes for success in your studies.

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Communication model

November 28, 2015


"no communication model is self-sufficient' may you discuss this!

Enock - Tanzania (26573)


A communication model is an effort to explain the components and factors in human communication. In some situations, the communication may require components not stated in the given model. Also, both the sender and receiver of the communication need to be clear about what they would like to discuss.

You may need to use a specific model for a specific case.

I hope this helps. Best wishes for success in your studies.

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Feeling stressed and doesn't want to talk

April 6, 2015


what should i do when stressed and doesn't feel like talking?

what is the best thing to do to prevent quarreling?

Rosemary - Kenya (25890)


Many people get stressed out for one reason or another. It is good to take a break from what you are doing and just try to relax. Sometimes taking several deep breaths will help reduce the stress.

However, if you are stressed and someone expects you to talk, you can just politely say that you would prefer not to talk at this time. Usually other people want to talk, so you could simply ask a question and let the other person do the talking.

Quarreling usually starts with a disagreement about something. You can express your views once, but if you see it will start to become an argument, it is best to deflect the discussion to something else. For example, if someone wants to argue about politics, you might deflect the conversation to talking about your sports team.

But it is difficult to avoid losing your temper in a quarrel. Ask yourself, "Is this really worth getting angry about?" Often you can lose a friend over a silly quarrel.

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Is slang like a verbal virus?

October 19, 2014


Are slangs also considered as verbal viruses?

Eudu - Uganda (25459)


The expression "verbal virus" is actually a slang expression. Verbal virus really means a meaningless filler word--such as "um" or "ah"--that a person will habitually use.

Slang is an informal expression that a group of people may often use.

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Why is effective communication important?

March 15, 2014


why effective communication is the key to personal and career success?

Linny - New Guinea (24788)


In your personal life, being able to express yourself, as well as to listen to others, is important in establishing good relationships. This includes verbal communication, writing, and even texting.

Likewise in your career, you want to be able to understand what is required, as well as to communicate to your supervisors about the work you are doing. This makes a good impression and helps your career.

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Why is communication important for success?

April 22, 2013


Why is effective communication important for success in life?

Paras - India (23637)


Communication that is ineffective means that the other person will not understand what you are trying to say or may be confused by your words.

For example, a supervisor who does not effectively communicate directions can end up in the wrong things being done.

Likewise, if you seek a promotion at work but are ineffective in expressing your goal, the job may go to someone else.

You need clear and effective communication to more forward in life.

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Confused how communication is critical

April 18, 2012


GoodGood day i am confused in this question (communication is critical in the presentation and acceptance oc total quality management).

Thapelo - India (22595)


If you have a proposal about how to improve a company through the use of TQM, you need to be able to clearly explain it to your management. Also, if you are implementing TQM in the company, you need to clearly communicate the benefits and actions take to the workers.

People need to understand the subject and the concepts stated. Otherwise they will simply ignore you.

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Are these lessons free?

October 22, 2009


The class Succeed with Effective Communication, that you are offering. Is this class really free of charge?? I wanted to know how it was offered free
Thank you,

Natasha - USA (18558)


All the lessons in the School for Champions are free. They are to help supplement your learning. We will be adding more lessons to the Communication section soon.

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Communication Among Animals

Would like the quiz to be easier

September 16, 2009


We love your quiz but found it slightly challenging, is there anyway you could possibly make it any easier please? Love Harriet and Rhea (age 14)

- UK (18321)


I'm glad you enjoyed the quiz and am sorry it was challenging to you. But being challenged is the best way to grow and improve. However, will look into making the questions a little easier. In the meantime, enjoy the material, and thanks for your suggestion.

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Interested in free communication online lessons

August 27, 2008



My name is Susan. I am interested in joining your free communication online lessons but I have no idea on how to join.

Your reply will be highly appreciated.

Thank you so much.

- UK (16413)


There is no registration necessary. You can use our lessons to get started in Public Speaking. But it is good to get actual practice, like in Toastmasters. See to find a club in your area.

We will be adding new material to our section on Communication soon.

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How can I improve my communication skills?

January 22, 2007


how i can improve communication skills
how i can become effective speaker
tell me

dharmendra - INDIA (12940)


First part of communication is being able to listen effectively. Not only must you be able to understand what the person is saying, but you also need to read the person's emotions and find out his interests. In this way, when you do say things, you will know what to say that will make the person interested in you.

A problem in communications is that many people start talking before they know if the other person is interested. They are very anxious to tell about themselves. I am sure you have friends that will immediately start talking about themselves, whether or not you are interested.

One good way to become a more effective speaker is to get involved with Toastmasters. To find a club in your area, check:

If you are able to attend a meeting, you will find it very worthwhile.

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Reading Eyes

Co-worker always flutters her eyes when talking

September 17, 2006


I have a co-worker who when talking to her will always flutters her eyes first, then completly close her eyes (this is when she is talking to you, as opoosed to being talked to). What does this mean?

kathie - USA (11938)


People who do that are often very nervous or anxious when talking to other people. She may be trying too hard to impress others or worried that she isn't saying the right thing.

It could also be a habit or a cultural thing. In some cultures, people look down or away when talking to others.

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Others having fun but I'm just sitting around

August 28, 2006


I have no confidence what so ever and I am only able to talk to one of my friends. I tried building up my confidence and I try talking but I get no where and of course that puts me down even more, so much that I'm becoming depressed.

The more I'm with my friends and don't know what to say it makes it sooooooo much worse. I'm known as the person who doesn't talk, my friends are out there having lots of fun and im sitting there watching them because I don't know what to do or say and when my friend tries to include me I always ruin every chance I get.

Any advice you could give me would help so much because at the moment I'm doing everything possible to avoid my friends at recess and lunch which is terrible, they're my friends and I can't even talk to them about everyday things.

- Australia (11787)


The problem isn't so much of lack of confidence as it is in being able to converse effectively with other people. Plus, the more you try, the worst it seems to get.

Take a step back to regroup.

First of all, consider your friends. What do you know about them? What are the things they like? What type of music do they like? What do they like to do for fun? You have to observe other people to know what interests them. Then causally ask a question about something they are interested in. The more you know about their interest, the easier it is to talk about it with them.

Your goal is not to lead the conversation, but to try to get the other person talking about his or her interest. Like if a friend is interested in soccer, you might study up on it and then ask him, "What did you think about the game yesterday?" This is an opener for a conversation.

The more things you are knowledgeable about, the more people you can talk to. Again, your goal is not to show off what you know, but to get the other person talking about his or her interest. You will be surprised to see how well this works.

Also, when you're not worried about saying something clever, you relax more and can then join in on the fun.

I hope these ideas help you to be able to join in.

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Reading Eyes

Is eye direction different for left-handed people?

March 14, 2006


What about someone left handed when it comes to which way the eyes move? Clarifing... if person looks to MY left what does it mean, MY right? Is it different for left handed people?

AB - USA (10444)


A person will usually look to his or her left when trying to remember things. Some do it to the right, but it doesn't seem to be related to whether they are left or right-handed.

Observing eye movement when you talk to various people will make you more aware of what they are thinking. Note that good movie and TV actors will have appropriate eye movement when they are thinking. Even some cartoon characters do it.

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Dogs vs Chimps

Would children do better than Chimpanzees or Dogs?

January 23, 2006


HI I would just like to comment that as a science fair project I have done an experiment titled "Do dogs respond to Human Gestures?"
I am doing it again this year and I came across your website. Also I noticed that I did the experiment almost exactly the way you did, but I had no chimpanzees to work with just to dogs. But instead I tested it by putting the dog through gestured trials and throught non-gestured trials. proving that they respond to human gesture.

I have read another article that had children as a variable to this experiment. Do you think children would do better than Chimpanzees or Dogs?

Miller - USA (9766)


I believe that dogs have an intelligence level of between a 2 and 4-year old human. You could try a simple experiment with some young children to see if they would look in the direction that you pointed. I'm not sure at what age kids start to learn to respond to gestures, but I'm sure it is pretty young.

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