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by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 22 comments and questions on Flash issues. They are listed according to date.

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Question General USA
Is every image in a Flash layer called a scene? Concepts India
Wants to make 3D Flash animations 3D Pakistan
What to know about Flash ActionScript Features India
Software for making Flash files Simple Animations India
Wants to animate cartoons in Flash Scan Drawings USA
The best ! ! Firestarter USA
Fear I am too old to learn multimedia Director USA
Wants to edit Flash file Planning USA
Flash to FCP Resources USA
New to Flash and want to do 3D 3D india
Problems in learning Flash General Brazil
Movie keeps playing Concepts RSA
Do movies play on every computer? Swish USA
Wants free lessons Simple Animations USA

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November 7, 2019


Learning builder options/settings. Recapture administrative role.

Jason - USA (29258)


I'm not sure what you are trying to do.

Unfortunately, Adobe Flash is not supported in many browsers. Thus, alternative applications are being used to create animations.

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Is every image in a Flash layer called a scene?

September 16, 2014


Every image in the layer is called scene
Is this statement true or false according to macromedia flash

- India (25359)


The answer is false.

A Flash movie is a collection of Scenes. Just as in a TV show or real movie, each scene may have a different background or camera angle. Within a Scene, there may be several layers of images.

Note that it is no longer Macromedia Flash. It is now Adobe Flash.

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Wants to make 3D Flash animations

August 19, 2010


Dear Sir

I am graphic designer & want use the 3ds max ball model on website.
when can orbit.i can use software adobe flash professional & and adobe catalyst.if this software not sported this please tell me which software use for this. can u help me if u help me. Iam very thanfull u.

Thanks & Best Regard

Umer Raza

Umer - Pakistan (20258)


At one time 3D Max was an inexpensive application, but since it was purchased by Autodesk, the price has gone up dramatically and is really too expensive for most people.

Adobe Flash does have some 3D features, and you can develop good effects if you are clever. See:

An inexpensive application is at:

Also see:

I hope that helps.

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What to know about Flash ActionScript

October 12, 2009


sir i don know hoe to write write action scripts ,its syntax n symatics ... so plz guide me....

ranjith - India (18483)


Places to learn about Flash ActionScript are at:

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Simple Animations

Software for making Flash files

August 30, 2009



HARENDRA - India (18228)


The main program for making Flash files is Adobe Flash, which unfortunately, is fairly expensive. There are a number of alternative programs that you may be able to get that have free trials and are inexpensive:

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Scan Drawings

Wants to animate cartoons in Flash

August 7, 2009


OK. i get every thing this tutorial has taught me and i got a 100% on the quiz but the thing is i want to know, once u did all the steps in this page but then how to animate the drawing. like how do you move someones arm or there leg or something i want to make a cartoon show. and i want it to be like the show i am watching right now and that is avatar the last airbrnder. so anyway can u send a link of another tutorial about what i am talking about or just give me some lessons email by email by just typing to me what to do.

Anyway thank you for your time

- USA (18126)


Scanning in drawings to use in Flash puts them in a BITMAP format, that is not good for animation. In the example I used, the man and the wall do not move because their drawings were scanned in. The method mainly works for backgrounds.

To make a cartoon character or avatar for animation, you need to use Flash's vector based tools. It takes some practice to draw with them. Some sites to check for tutorials are:

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The best ! !

August 27, 2007


Hello, nice site look this:
The best!!!
End ^) See you

Fogumat - USA (14268)


Thanks for the feedback.

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Fear I am too old to learn multimedia

November 27, 2006


Hello, my name is Rev. Essex Hubbard, and I am a 51 year old Graphic Artist who fears that it is too late for me to become proficient at multimedia. But because I love working on my computer, and the possibilities of creating interactive art is so vast, I can't turn away from the task. I truly appreciate your providing an answer to my question concerning the difference between Flash and Director. It was a blessing to find this resource. I felt compelled to write you and thank you personally. God bless, and keep up the good work!

Rev. E. Hubbard

Essex - USA (12486)


You are never too old to become proficient in a subject. There are some great tools for a graphic artist to use, such as Adobe Photoshop. Flash is good for drawing simple graphics, but you can readily import more complex ones, including photographs and videos. Of course it is tops for interactive art.

Director is one the way out, since Flash has increased in capabilities. They are both made by Adobe (formerly Macromedia).

Most online advertising and animations is now down in Flash.

Best wishes in pursuing your interactive art.

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Wants to edit Flash file

October 29, 2005



I just download the macromedia 2004, I have an existing webpage that has flash and I want it to make some changes, there is two text in it and I want it to changed it, I have been trying to edit but I don't know how.

There is anyway to edit this text?


armando - USA (8736)


You have to have the FLA Flash file to make any changes. You can open the file in Flash and then change your text and then publish it as an SWF file for use on your site.

If the file was a Flash button made in Dreamweaver, you can click on the button in Dreamweaver and click edit in the properties area.

Sometimes you can do that with another Flash file where you don't have the FLA file.

I hope that helps.

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Flash to FCP

August 21, 2005


Flash to fcp?

any info on taking a flash anima. and fcp

do i have to convert my flash moive to a quick time movie?


james - USA (7837)


There is a forum Q&A on that topic at:

Also see: for a FCP special interest group.

I hope that helps.

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New to Flash and want to do 3D

April 15, 2005


i am very new to Falsh environment.....and i like to do some projects using 3D...what is the procedure to implement the 3D effects and animations.....if your answer is very long please send me the corresponding website to me..
Thank you...

Vasanth - india (6662)


3D is difficult to do. You can simulate it with Flash, but usually other software like Swift 3D is used. You can try the software listed on our page at as a starter.

Also try to see some 3D tutorials.

Best wishes in your efforts.

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Problems in learning Flash

October 31, 2004


I am in Brazil. I've been trying to learn programming using Flash. My main problem is to stablish differences between tools and resources. The main reason is I can't find definition of concepts. Another reason is Macromedia is modifying the layout that turn most existing literature obsolete. I couldn't find the difference between Movie Clip and Animated Graph

Ernesto - Brazil (4855)


One good source for Flash information and tutorials is at

You can also try for information.

Certainly, do not give up on They have much archived information.
Also check to find user groups in Brazil. They are a good source for information.

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Movie keeps playing

September 1, 2004


Hi, whenever i create a document in flash whaether it be a presentaion or movie, i add my content & buttons. When I test the movie it plays all the scenes without letting me actually choose a button, although you can press the button when designing the application & they work. There is no help that i can find on this in flash. I can do the other things like moving graphics & effects & that sort, but i can't fix this play problem.

Philip - RSA (4149)


There are a few things to do, depending on your configuration.

One thing is to add "stop();" as an Action in a Keyfame in your movie. Click on a layer, and go to the Action panel to type in stop().

You might have to experiment on where to add stop().

You can also unclick Loop in your Publish Settings, but that probably won't affect your test.

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Do movies play on every computer?

July 31, 2004


i want my flash or swish movie to open up in front can i do this?
does the flash or a swish movie plays on every computer?

- USA (3893)


You need to have the free Flash player installed on your computer for the movies to play. You can download that from

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Simple Animations

Wants free lessons

July 15, 2004


if you can tell me where to find more lessons especially free let me know ,till I can find a good job I can only rely on free bees thanks

Massell - USA (3758)


Try and

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