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by Ron Kurtus

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Very Helpful Resources USA
Suggested resource Resources USA
Wants to pass a tough class Avoid Failing USA
Hope you get an "A" Purpose of Homework USA
Son is struggling with numbers in school Reasons Students Get Poor Grades South Africa
Permission for research Reasons Students Get Poor Grades Philippines
How to study General Nigeria
Wants an overview of health for essay Health Nigeria
Work hard but getting poor grades General USA
Motivations for good grades Reasons to Seek Good Grades USA
How can I do well in my exams? General Ghana
University entry test practice Practice for Tests Pakistan
Wants to get an "A" in nine final exams General USA
Wants to pass the fifth grade General USA
Doing research on student failures Reasons Students Get Poor Grades Namibia

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Very Helpful

February 11, 2021


very nice article and it was very helpful

Darpan - USA (29845)


I am glad the material was helpful or useful to you.

Best wishes for more success.

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Suggested resource

November 10, 2020


Every student needs the right study skills to succeed in school. So why does it seem that so many students lack the basic skills needed to study effectively? Even with dozens of "comprehensive" guides, I frequently find myself responding to common challenges from our students. In response to the most common bits of advice we end up sharing, we compiled this basics guide:

How to Study: A Guide for College and Adult Learners provides 7 of the most critical tips for studying, along with practical applications for each piece of advice. This guide differs from others in its brevity. We've found that most students simply need reminders of what they already know, so that's what we've created -- a simple guide to help students get back on track and remember the skills and resources available to them.

I think that there are many more students that can benefit from a basics guide like this. Please let me know if you can help make this information more accessible to your online community by sharing the link above on your Good Grades Resources web page

Thank you,

Myla Valencia
Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Myla - USA (29724)


Thanks for the resource. I added a link at: Grades Resources.

Best wishes for success in your work.

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Avoid Failing

Wants to pass a tough class

October 21, 2019


I need help! I am 68-years-old and for some unknown reason decide to go back to the university and a Post-Master’s degree in Geriatrics and one of the courses is Advance Practice Pharmacotherapeutics. I am struggling - there is so much material and very difficult. I need an 80 yo pass the course and at te moment I have a 75.2 average. How can I better study and retain the material? Please help!

Marlene - USA (29229)


Congratulations on going back to school and seeking an advanced degree, especially in something like Advance Practice Pharmacotherapeutics. It can be tough for young students as well as those who are older like yourself.

It is good that you are looking around for some help in getting through the class.

Certainly, you need to take notes in class and to organize your work and time. Setting aside a certain amount of time to study with no interruptions can help.

Also not that teachers of give hints about what is important and will be in the tests.

If you can, try to get some pointers from your professor about things you are having trouble understanding. Perhaps seek a mentor or some assistance.

Showing that you really want to do well in the class can help.

Best wishes for success in learning the material and in getting a passing grade in this class.

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Purpose of Homework

Hope you get an "A"

October 4, 2019


WOw, I hope this throws my teacher off. I'm using this as an essay subject.

Najai - USA (29208)


I hope you get an "A" in your essay.

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Reasons Students Get Poor Grades

Son is struggling with numbers in school

May 3, 2019


my son is doing grade 2 he is eighty years old he is olways strugling to pass at school am worried about it he is not good in counting numbers

Phelelani - South Africa (29024)


It is good that you are helping and giving him encouragement.

You might let him try out Counting Games for Kids on your computer. The practice can be fun for him and get him more interested in the subject. There are other similar websites to help young students practice.

I hope this helps. Best wishes for your son's success in school.

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Reasons Students Get Poor Grades

Permission for research

November 10, 2018


Good morning;

I will ask permission to the author for my research as my RRL

Who is the author of this?

I hope this message, will be reply

faisal - Philippines (28784)


You have permission to cite this material provided you include a link to the page.

The author is Ron Kurtus.

Best wishes for success in your research project.

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How to study

September 11, 2017


how to study

Patrick - Nigeria (28227)


Your teacher will usually give you instructions of what to study. How to study means you read the material and try to understand it. Also, it is a good idea to take notes during class to use as a reference when you study, as well as when you take a test.

See Taking Notes in Class, as well as other lessons in the Good Grades section.

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Wants an overview of health for essay

February 22, 2017


Write on the overview of health

Dorathy - Nigeria (27901)


See What is Physical Health? to get some ideas for your essay.

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Work hard but getting poor grades

February 1, 2017


I always work hard in school but I have a d- in math an f in science and a c- in geography I'm in 6th grade and I work a hard a a do in ela and I have an A+ in the why am I having a harder time in the rest of the claess

abby - USA (27853)


The fact that you are working hard and scored high in the English Language Arts (ELA) test means that you have the potential of being a top student. However, you must be doing something wrong to get the low grades.

Are you doing your homework? Are you good in taking tests? Some students know the material but are not good in taking tests. See Be Good at Taking Tests for some hints.

Also, you might ask your teachers if they can give you some pointers on how you can do better in their classes. It is not easy to do that, but you might get some good pointers. Also, it shows the teacher that you want to get better grades.

Look at some of the other Good Grades lessons for other ways to improve.

Best wishes on getting top grades. I know you can do it!

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Reasons to Seek Good Grades

Motivations for good grades

January 20, 2017


I understand that many students are motivated in their school work to make their parents happy or prevent them from being angry but this is entirely external motivation. Nothing about this is motivation from inside the student. Nothing about this is visionary and external motivation is not necessarily a useful skill to have is it relies entirely on environmental factors. For these, I don't believe you should promote this type of motivation.

Carter - USA (27816)


Reasons to Seek Good Grades not only states that one external motivation is to please the parents, but it also gives internal motivations of satisfaction from proving yourself and being able to get into college.

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How can I do well in my exams?

November 27, 2016


how can i get good grades in my exams?

cudjoe - Ghana (27508)


Of course, you need to understand the subject you are studying. It is good to take notes in class to help you study for the exam. Also, teachers often give hints on what will be on the tests, so you should be aware of that.

Read our lessons on preparing for tests and exams, starting with Be good at Taking Tests.

Best wishes in your studies and in taking exams. I am sure you will be successful.

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Practice for Tests

University entry test practice

November 24, 2016


Sir Plz Send Me Some MCQS .... That Can Help me in different universities enter Tests ... Please Sir .. I Will Waiting For your Respected Respose..

Abbas - Pakistan (27502)


We only have the short Mini-Quiz questions. You can use Entry Test Preparation to take some Chemistry MCQS.

Best wishes in successfully entering the university.

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Wants to get an "A" in nine final exams

September 30, 2016


Hello Sir
I will be writing my final exams in 3 months from now on. I have not been hard on studies so wanted to know my chances for acing all nine subjects. The exam will be my final year from high school.
I'm learning English as a second language hope you understand the grammar.

- USA (27338)


Do not get overconfident about being able get an "A" in all nine subjects. Even if you have been getting good grades in tests and homework in all subjects, you still need to "buckle down" and be well-prepared for the finals.

Look over your previous tests, homework, and note you have taken. You could even do some practice exams with your friends.

Be well-rested for the exams, and be sure that you will do your best.

Best wishes on getting a "A" in each exam. That will be something to celebrate.

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Wants to pass the fifth grade

August 6, 2016


HI I just wanted to know how can i pass the fifth grade how do i get A in class please,

serge - USA (27194)


The fact that you want to do well in school is the first big step. Set yourself a goal of passing and even getting an A in class. Writing that down so you can look at it is a good idea.

Paying attention in class and when you do your homework is important, especially with all the distractions of smart phones and texting. Set aside a time to do your homework with no distractions.

To get good grades, it is important to Be Good At Taking Tests.

finally, you might ask your teacher for tips on getting better grades in class. Often they can help.

Best wishes on becoming a top student. I know you have what it takes to succeed.

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Reasons Students Get Poor Grades

Doing research on student failures

July 22, 2016


I real learn a lot from you. I am a student doing research principles in VET, I am given a task to identify a problem with my classroom, and the problem is "High failure rate among in computer examination trainees". Will that be a researchable topic?

Paulus - Namibia (27162)


Are you trying to find the reasons for high failure rate, possible solutions for the problem, or comparing the failure rate in various groups of students?

It is important to be specific in stating your problem and what you want to achieve in your research.

With this study, you may be able to find some common elements among those who fail.

It sounds like an interesting subject to research. Best wishes for success in your research project.

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