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ISO 9000 Feedback

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 104 comments and questions on ISO 9000 issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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Getting paid less than my student at university Required Records Pakistan
What is the reason for ISO 9000? Reasons for ISO 9000 Cambodia
Using statistical techniques in class Manual Sample Kenya
Company won't tell ingredients of medicine Compliance vs Certification USA
Constituting an Internal Quality Audit Team Rationale Approach Philippines
Wants a link added General Canada
Wants a certifcate for learning ISO 9000 General Ireland
Is certification worth it? General Pakistan
Can I download a pdf of sample manual? General USA
Agonizing about organizing my business General USA
How to apply ISO 9000 in a school Rationale Approach India
Should we continue to be ISO 9000 certified? Compliance vs Certification USA
Purpose of getting ISO 9000 certfied Reasons for ISO 9000 India
Company wants to let certification expire Internal Audits USA
Documents required for ISO 9000 registration Reasons for ISO 9000 India

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Required Records

Getting paid less than my student at university

September 1, 2010


I am a lecturer on contract bases at the Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering, and Management Sciences, Quetta. But I am not being paid the pay of the post. I fulfill the qualification and have about 40 years of teaching experience. One of my students of the same university who is now a lecturer is getting a pay much more than my pay. The university has applied for ISO certification. Isn't my case a violation of ISO spirit? What should I do to get my right?

Muhammad - Pakistan (20322)


Many colleges and universities have found that they can hire part-time or contract teachers and lecturers at a much lower rate than a full-fledged instructor or professor. It is especially humiliating to have your student getting paid much more than you for similar work.

ISO 9000 is mainly concerned with proper documentation, and although such a practice is not in the spirit of ISO 9000, it is not really mentioned. On the other hand, TQM points toward treating workers with more value.

You need to look at your position and contract. Can you be hired as a full-time lecturer? Do you have any leverage in asking for more money? Apparently, they value the student more than you.

Perhaps if you spoke with your supervisor to discuss the issue of wages to see where you stand. Sometimes if an employee does not speak up, management assumed the person is satisfied.

It is a difficult situation. Best wishes on getting paid what you are worth.

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Reasons for ISO 9000

What is the reason for ISO 9000?

August 20, 2010


I want to know the clear reasons that a company should have ISO.

sor - Cambodia (20265)


ISO 9000 lays guidelines for properly running a company, especially concerning documentation of business activities. However, many companies become registered in ISO 9000 for marketing reasons or per requirements from their customers.

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Manual Sample

Using statistical techniques in class

June 28, 2010


how can one use statistic technique in class

'jane - Kenya (19981)


If there is some manufacturing or production line where a number of items are made or process is done, you can use statistical methods defined averages and trends.

Likewise, in a classroom, you could take measurements of grades or various aspects of the students to do statistical averaging.

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Compliance vs Certification

Company won't tell ingredients of medicine

June 21, 2010


I take alternate medical treatment from an organization in India. They claim that they're ISO certified. They send the medicine but they don't give the name of the medicine. I don't think this is a good practice. If I complain to the ISO organization, will they take action ?
If not what is the use of having an ISO Organization ? Any company can advertise to be ISO certified, collect money and be fraud.


Anu - USA (19940)


One of the aspects of ISO 9000 is that the company will deliver what it promises in its documentation. If they do not promise to name the medicine and then deliver an unnamed medicine, they may be compliant to ISO 9000.

You should contact the organization and ask for the name of the medicine. If they refuse, for all you know they may be sending you sugar powder or sawdust. Not giving the name is not only a bad practice for them, but it can be very risky for the patient.

If they don't get satisfaction from this company in finding out what they are sending you, it would be good to find a different organization that may be more honest.

Contact the ISO organization probably would not do much. They could take away their certification, but that is about all they could do.

Best wishes on getting good medicine.

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Rationale Approach

Constituting an Internal Quality Audit Team

May 25, 2010


In constituting an Internal Quality Audit Team, I being the one sent by the school to attend an ISO Training for 4 days which consists of Documenting the Quality System (2 days) and Internal Quality Audit (2days. After the training, I echoed the training to the 25 key people in our school. I plan to have at least 4 members in the IQA Team. Is the Echo Training I conducted, can ve considered as their training to ISO Awareness? As I undesrtand, members of the IQA team must be treained and be aware of the ISO Orientation.

MARIA HAZEL - Philippines (19790)


Just as an important part of ISO 9000 is documentation, it is important that you take many notes, review them and rewrite them in a form that will allow you to teach others in your group.

This should allow you to make others aware of the purpose and importance of ISO 9000 and then later provide orientation on the Quality System and auditing requirements.

The idea of ISO 9000 is relatively simple you need to document what you plan to do or what your requirements are, document what you do, and then verify what is done is what was promised.

Try to get as many handouts and documents as possible in your ISO 9000 training that you can use in training your people.

Best wishes in your ISO 9000 awareness and orientation work.

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Wants a link added

February 18, 2010


Hi, I came across your website recently and would like to exchange links. My website is I am an expert in ISO 9001 quality management systems with 20 years of experience helping organizations through consulting and training. I have a resource page with online courses and self-help information that will definitely benefit your readers interested in this topic.

Art - Canada (19243)


I added a link to your site on ISO 9000 Resources at:

Best wishes in your business.

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Wants a certifcate for learning ISO 9000

February 6, 2010


I want to know more about it, and would I get a cert. after the course.

albert - Ireland (19168)


You can go through our lessons to help you understand the subject. We do not give tests or certificates.

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Is certification worth it?

November 7, 2009


suppose there is a company which is certified by ISO 9000 and an other company which is not don't you think that being a certified their product or service is more costly as compare which is not certified quality also can be improve without certified
so my question is that why should we certified when it is costly?

muhammad - Pakistan (18628)


Although ISO 9000 certification does help a company operate better, the main reason companies become certified is because their customers require it. The fact that they are certified is also used in their advertising.

The company management must weigh whether it is cost effective for them to have ISO 9000 certification or not. Some found it was not worth it, so they did not bother.

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Can I download a pdf of sample manual?

October 22, 2009


I understand I can download a pdf of sample manual. Can you tell me where / how to do this?

Maureen - USA (18557)



There is a link to open the PDF file on the page. Then simply save the file from Save on the PDF menu.

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Agonizing about organizing my business

October 10, 2009


I am very much interested to know more about organizing my bussiness ...I have heared people say organize or agonize thing I know at this time is that I am agonizing becase of the work load I have in life ...but I do not know how to organize things in a better way could you help me ?

melaku - USA (18472)


ISO 9000 concerns documenting what you promise to do in your business, as well as what you have done. It also encourages documenting procedures of how you or your workers do their tasks.

At a very simple level, you can have a policy manual, explaining how you plan to run your business. This is defining your hours of business, the tasks and duties of management and workers, and what you are selling to your customers. You also should define what to do if a customer is not satisfied or the product does not work properly.

Following the ISO 9000 quality manual gives more details in defining your business and organizing it.

Note that if you define your duties and organize your work, then your workload is be reduced dramatically. It is worth the effort. Agonizing about it is really procrastination, that can cost you a lot of money.

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Rationale Approach

How to apply ISO 9000 in a school

September 21, 2009


Give sample of a document which suit for education institution having the students of age group 11years to 17 years.

subramanian - India (18352)


ISO 9000 concerns writing documents that explain what you plan to do and then verifying that you followed your requirements. It also concerns writing out procedures of what people do in their jobs.

Applying ISO 9000 to a school means you would document what you plan to teach the students and how you will verify you have achieved those goals. This is often done as a syllabus in some schools. Also, there should be a standard way of teaching that a new teacher could read to know how you will educate the students.

ISO 9000 gives a good framework for operating a school effectively.

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Compliance vs Certification

Should we continue to be ISO 9000 certified?

June 7, 2009


We have been ISO 9000 certified since 1996. We currently are certified under the ISO 9000-2001 Standards. We are a janitorial and packaging distributor in Michigan. We do not manufacture any of our product. Our certification was due to a requirement by one of our customers back in the 1990's. This seemed to be the "buzz word" back then, however we have never received new business as a result of our certification. We have maintained our certification for PR and Marketing purposes even though we feel we have gone "beyond" ISO. No one looks at the policies and procedures for every day operations. They are "dusted off" prior to an audit. A couple years ago we implemented a Process Improvement Team made up of Team Leaders. This team is cross-functional and develops flow charts for documenting processes. This not only covers the process for one shows the whole process flow. This is used 100% compared to any of the written ISO requirements. Our question is: Due to a recent downsizing, we no long have a Quality Manager. We are facing an audit in September and wondering if it is still relevant in 2009 to be certifed.

Lori - USA (17867)


Although ISO 9000 can be very useful in organizing the operation of the business, the main reason companies became certified was as you said satisfy requirements of customers and for marketing purposes. The policies and procedures are worth keeping, especially during downsizing when people with vital information may be leaving the company. But also it sounds like your company is beyond ISO 9000 in maintaining documentation and quality practices.

If your customers are no longer requiring you to be ISO 9000 certified, and since it is no longer much of a marketing advantage, I see no reason to continue spending money maintaining your certification. If you keep up good business practices, you can still advertise that you are ISO 9000 compliant, if anyone would ask.

A big problem downsizing is that the quality area and companies is easy to cut, but it can really hurt a company in the long run if practices becomes sloppy.

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Reasons for ISO 9000

Purpose of getting ISO 9000 certfied

February 23, 2009


I would first of all like to know that
1. which type of industry requires iso certification e.g exporter , importer , manufacturer etc
2. what is the purpose of getting iso certified
3. what are the benefits
etc & etc

gurdip singh - India (17320)


Almost every industry could use ISO 9000. Usually, customer companies require ISO 9000 certification from their suppliers. But certification is also used as a marketing tool to advertise that the company produces quality goods.

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Internal Audits

Company wants to let certification expire

February 13, 2009


I am part of a very large Company. In that company we have several manufacturing plants that are ISO certified. Our upper management in the corporation are considering letting our "Corporate" ISO certificate expire and simply certify each plant independently. The plants rely on Corporate for Purchasing, Metrology, Engineering and Customer Sales.

Question: What do think about trying this? There are several of us concerned about attempting this, but, our upper management sees dropping the Corporate Certification as an opportunity to reduce costs. Please let me know what you think, any drawbacks? show stoppers etc... Thanks

Jerry - USA (17262)


Some companies jumped on the ISO 9000 bandwagon for marketing purposes, showing they were a quality company. Many others did so because customer companies or international trade required it.

If your company is not required by its customers to be ISO 9000 certified and see no value in advertising that they are certified, then there may be some logic in letting it expire.

A problem with dropping certification for Purchasing, Metrology, Engineering and Customer Sales is that often self-certification falls by the wayside. Even large companies that maintain ISO 9000 certification find ways to shortcut it and avoid fulfilling the requirements.

If I found that my supplier had a section of Manufacturing certified but did not bother with Engineering, I would be concerned. I would want assurance that the Engineering group was following Best Practices and are documenting what they do.

Streamlining the existing Corporate certification and improving its processes might be more cost effective than letting certification expire.

You can put in your two-cents to upper management, but unfortunately they probably have already made up their minds and aren't interested in any other opinions.

Hopefully, everything will work out for your company and that their decision is the correct one.

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Reasons for ISO 9000

Documents required for ISO 9000 registration

May 13, 2008


Pl kindly send me the detail information as well documents required for iso registration...

Jyotika - India (15946)


It is good to check with the ISO 9000 Registrar for documents they require. Also see: and

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