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by Ron Kurtus

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Compare three phase of marketing Phases of Marketing Nigeria
Marketing plan General Ghana
Marketing mix as applied to school Basics Nigeria
Best possible order of the 4 p's of marketing Basics India
Why bother with marketing? Business, Marketing and Sales USA
Should I bother with market research? Four-P Mix USA
Worried that someone will steal my idea Determining Viability of Your Product or Service USA
Pamphlet writing General USA

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Phases of Marketing

Compare three phase of marketing

November 19, 2014


Compare and contrast the three (3) phases of marketing.

PrestigiouzzZ - Nigeria (25565)


Each phase in marketing should be done in the order given. They are all important to get to selling the products.

To effectively pursue the goal of selling your product, you need to first define your circumstances, such as what your core business is and who your customers are. Then you must make preparations for getting your customers to buy your product. Preparations include getting an appealing product, setting a good price and providing a place for them to buy.

Finally, you go into action, trying to reach your customers, letting them know about your product and telling how good it is. Once you can get them in the showroom, you can convince them to buy.

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Marketing plan

October 31, 2011



David - Ghana (22120)


See our section on Marketing for various parts of the subject.

Also see Outline of a Marketing Plan

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Marketing mix as applied to school

March 16, 2011


QUESTION: How can marketing mix be applied to school.

Ben Okogie - Nigeria (21331)


If a school wants more students, they can use the marketing mix to attract the students.

Product = what courses are offered that appeal to students
Price = fees that are reasonable
Place = good location of school
Promotion = advertising to let students or parents know of school

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Best possible order of the 4 p's of marketing

August 9, 2010


what should be the best possible order of the 4 p's of marketing?
Which p should be first, second, third, forth and why?

shivam - India (20213)


See the "Three Phases of Marketing" at:

It shows a logical order of product, price, place and promotion. A different order would not make much sense or even be possible.

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Business, Marketing and Sales

Why bother with marketing?

March 24, 2009


Can you run a business without bothering with marketing?

- USA (17505)


Marketing is the route to getting customers and making sales. Some businesses have an initial built in audience or customer base such that they may feel that marketing is not necessary. But in order to grow and to contend with competition, marketing is essential.

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Four-P Mix

Should I bother with market research?

March 24, 2009


If my company's products are well established, do I need to bother with the Product part of the marketing mix?

- USA (17506)


All products have life cycles, according to customer tastes and trends. It is worth while to continue with market research and customer opinions to make sure your products are satisfying them and to indicate a possible meet for improvements or changes.

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Determining Viability of Your Product or Service

Worried that someone will steal my idea

March 24, 2009


I have this great idea for a product but don't want to let others know about it, because they might steal my idea.

What should I do?

- USA (17507)


You need to let others know about your product, otherwise, who can you sell it?

A way to avoid worrying about stealing your idea is to build a BETA version or prototype of your product. You can then do market research to see how much people are interested. Because you have already gone this far, it is difficult for someone to catch up to you. Also, you can start a patent process, even if you never complete it, as a way to protect your idea.

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Pamphlet writing

September 15, 2003


Would you have anything on writing copy for pamphlets, articles, newsletters, etc.?

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Julie - USA (535)


That certainly is an area that we should be adding material. Unfortunately, we have nothing on it at this time.

Best wishes in your writing.

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