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Mental Health Feedback

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 19 comments and questions on Mental Health issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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Suggested resource Resources USA
Suggested resource Resources USA
Resource Resources USA
Suggested resources Resources USA
Suggested resource General UK
Suggested mental health resource Resources USA
Addiction and mental health General USA
Suggested resources on ADHD Resources USA
Suggested Mental Health Resource General USA
Suggested mental health resources General USA
Extreme anxiety due to cancer phobia General Ireland
Genetics vs. environment in mental illness Brain USA
Have had problems and am depressed Depression Causes India
Anxious, stressed and have breathing problem General USA
Can we catch the deepest thoughts? General India

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Suggested resource

March 21, 2018


Hello Mr. Kurtus,

Good day!

First, let me introduce myself - My name is Mitch, a 1st-year psychology student from Monash University here in Australia. I apologize if I disturb you in any way. I’m just doing an article research about Addiction for our course when I stumble upon your website - Your page was really informative and helpful to me. So, thank you very much!

I saw that you are open to suggestion and I just came across this article too and you might want to incorporate it into your list under Health:
Addiction: Guide to Common Recovery Terms ( - The content of this articles will greatly help freshmen to understand addiction-related terms and phrases, common recovery programs and family programs, and treatment-specific terminologies.

Again, thank you very much and hope I was able to help in return for the help that I've got from your website.

Best Regards,

Mitchelle - USA (28480)


I'm glad the material has been useful to you. I added your suggested link to the Mental Health Resources page.

Best wishes for success in your studies. I am sure you will excel.

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Suggested resource

March 21, 2018



I hope this finds you well. I’m Justin of, an organization connecting people who are seeking treatment to the resources they need. We have a library of educational articles on addiction, recovery, and detoxification, which can benefit residents both in the US and internationally. You can check it below:

I came across your site while researching established resources and saw you had a very helpful section here: I thought our resource would be a great addition to your page.

Let me know if we can include this in your list of resources.

Thanks in advance!

Outreach Coordinator

Justin - USA (28481)


Thanks for the resource. I added a link to the site at Mental Health Resources - Addictions

Best wishes for success in your work.

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February 20, 2018



My name is Dale, I was doing some research and I came across your website's resource page. I think it is great that you have resources listed to help those in need find quality help.

I had a resource you may find worth adding to your website. If you would like the link to look over just send me an email back! Thanks again :)


Dale Vernor

dale - USA (28449)


Yes, send me your resource link and I'll check it out.

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Suggested resources

May 15, 2017



I really enjoy your site and all of the mental health resources you offer. I wanted to reach out because I thought my organization would be a great addition. My organization is called Recovery Local, and our website can be found at We post in-depth engaging content about addiction, drugs, alcohol, recovery, and harm reduction. We also help people find medical detox in their own towns, at no cost. We also do not post paid listings or advertisements. Our mission is simply to offer people a reliable and free resource to learn how to recover from addiction.

Here are some cool pages:

Interactive statistic counter
Interactive "Periodic Table of Drugs".

I hope you find these useful! We would love to offer help to your audience.

Sam - USA (28049)


Thanks for the suggested resources. I added links from Mental Health Resources. Best wishes for success in you organization.

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Suggested resource

April 1, 2017


Hi there,

while browsing through the addication Resource website, I found the resources section to the both helpful and easy to navigate. As an editor for,
a drug and addiction information resource, l've seen the benefits to spreading awareness about alcohol abuse and i am glad your website connects readers to this information.

The reason I'm contacting you today is to ask if you can add our site as a link.

Sasha - UK (27978)


That you for the suggested resource. I added a link at Mental Health Resources - Alcoholism.

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Suggested mental health resource

May 12, 2016


Good Morning

I was looking through directories that have information regarding addiction, treatment, and / or substance abuse when I came across your links page. I like that you include descriptions with each link, very thorough.

I'm emailing you because I work for as a writer and part of the outreach team. Detox to Rehab is filled with content about individual substances, the effects of their addiction, and the withdrawal symptoms. We also have information with regards to interventions, treatment, therapy, and rehab centers, as well as video blogs interviewing therapists and recovering addicts who wish to share their experiences.

It would be fantastic if you would consider including a link to Detox to Rehab in your resources list for your viewers.

Either way, have a blessed and bright day!

With regards,

Benjamin - USA (26999)


Thanks for the suggested resource. I added a link on Mental Health Resources > Addiction > Recovery.

Best wishes in your activities.

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Addiction and mental health

December 14, 2015


Greetings from The Prevention Coalition!

At TPC, our collective goal is to empower community members, parents, educators and teenagers with the facts on drug use and abuse. We are working to identify authoritative resources on every aspect of substance abuse, ranging from prevention to addiction treatment.

According to the CDC, excessive alcohol use led to approximately 88,000 deaths and 2.5 million years of potential life lost *each year* in the United States from 2006 – 2010 (1). Statistics like these make our jobs at TPC, an online information hub, that much more important.

I hope you’ll review the following addiction resources we gathered and that you’ll consider adding them to your site.

Jackie Cortez
The Prevention Coalition | helping you help yourself. |
340 S Lemon Ave #5780
Walnut, CA 91789


Jackie - USA (26625)


Thanks for the suggested resources. I added them to Mental Health Resources.

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Suggested resources on ADHD

November 29, 2015



ADHD is a topic I hold close to my heart. I am constantly on the lookout for great resources to empower those who live with ADHD. Judging by the resources you list here: (thank you for those!), I thought you might be interested in reviewing a few more. Please feel free to add all to your site that you agree will be of benefit to others.

Happy Learning Today and Always!

Sara - USA (26577)


Thanks for the suggested resources. I added them to the Mental Health Resources and Harnessing a Child's Hyperactivity pages.

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Suggested Mental Health Resource

September 22, 2015


Hello there!

Did you know that there are almost 350 million people worldwide who suffer from depression (1)? Men, women and even children can fall victim to this mental health issue. What’s worse is that depression can lead to other devastating diseases including alcoholism, obesity and insomnia (2).

Depression isn’t something we can simply ignore – some of the people that we talk to every day may very well be battling this disease! To help spread awareness, I decided to create this list of resources, which offer advice that may be beneficial in treating this disease in addition to a professional healthcare regimen. Would you be so kind as to share these with your audience (perhaps you can include them here: Those who are struggling with depression need all of the support they can get. Additionally, I would be honored to write a research based article for your site on this subject free of charge.

How Stress is Threatening Your Health

Depression and Swimming

How Diet May Help Protect Your Mental Health

Taking Charge of Dual Diagnosis: Your Resource Guide

What Parents Can Do for Children Suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder

Service Dogs for Depression and Anxiety

I am truly thankful for your support in spreading the word on this very important topic!

My family’s health and happiness is my number one concern, and that is why I have shared this information with you. If you’d rather not hear from me in my attempts to spread awareness on important health and safety topics, please send me an e-mail to let me know.

In health,
Patricia Sarmiento

Putting the Public Back in Public Health
340 S LEMON AVE #5780, WALNUT, CA 91789


Patricia - USA (26397)


Thanks for the suggested resources. I added them to Mental Health Resources.

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Suggested mental health resources

August 12, 2015



I recently learned that ADHD has a much bigger impact on our society than I ever realized. I’m not surprised that over 6 percent of children are currently being treated for the cognitive disorder (1), because many of my friends have children with ADHD. But I had no idea that there are about 5 percent of adults (2) living with this condition as well!

While ADHD often presents challenges to those living with the disorder in many facets of life, there are more resources than ever that present valuable insight and information on the condition. That’s why my team and I decided to put together a list that covers a range of topics on which people often have questions. We thought your audience (perhaps here: would also find this information useful, so please do pass it along. Additionally, I’d love to put together a research-based article for your site visitors, if you’re interested – no charge, as this is truly a labor of love!

ADHD and Relationships: Tips for Adults
This article from the National Alliance on Mental Illness offers helpful advice on how to manage your ADHD in your romantic relationship.

Treatment Options for ADHD in Children and Teens
Parents whose children are struggling with the disorder will find this printable guide to be rich with information on many of the treatment options available to your loved one.

Creating the Optimal Living Environment for a Child with ADHD
This guide contains valuable information on creating a soothing home atmosphere, a key factor in fostering the focus and wellbeing of your ADHD child.

Coping with Adult ADHD
There are many techniques you can implement into your daily routine to better manage your most troublesome symptoms.

ADHD in the Workplace: Your Legal Rights and Tips for Success
This article not only informs you of your legal rights regarding your ADHD at work, but also gives pointers on strategies to try at home and work that can help make your career aspirations a reality.

Thank you for your assistance in spreading the word on this important topic!

My intention with outreach efforts is to pass along information I believe you and your site visitors will find useful. However, if you’d like to be removed from future contact attempts, please send me an e-mail to let me know.

Best regards,

Patricia Sarmiento | | Putting the Public Back into Public Health.
340 S. Lemon Ave. #570 | Walnut, CA 91789


Patricia - USA (26269)


Thanks for the suggested resources on ADHD. I moved the file on Hyperactivity to the Mental Health section. Resource links are on Harnessing Hyperactivity and Mental Health Resources.

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Extreme anxiety due to cancer phobia

October 19, 2012


Hi,hope you can help me i suffer from extreme anxiety due to cancer phobia any help would be greatly appreciated as it occupies every second of my day checking for symptoms

Tim - Ireland (22990)


One thing to realize is that the percentage of people who get serious cancer that results in death is extremely small. If you do not smoke or become exposed to cancer-causing materials, and you live a healthy lifestyle, it is unlikely that you will contract the disease.

A medical check-up once a year should be sufficient to detect most cancers.

The problem is that you could get rid of the fear of cancer, and then change the phobia to something else. Since everyone dies, it is best to live and enjoy life right now.

Some websites with advice on cancer phobia are: I've got Cancer-Phobia and Cancer Phobia Symptoms. They may give you some ideas about the subject.

Best wishes in overcoming your phobia and in good health. I am sure you will do fine.

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Genetics vs. environment in mental illness

April 28, 2012


Perhaps I overlooked something, but I am convinced that many forms of mental illness (of which I believe are many, and on a spectrum) are genetic. I did not see your opinion on genetics vs. environment. I suffer from degrees of bi-polar, OCD, depression and paranoia. I have had panic attacks for as long as I can remember - my first recollection of a panic attack was when I was 5. I simply could not explain it but I have been in psychiatric care for many years (I am now 48) and understand it better. My father also suffered from many of these ailments. He was also an alcoholic, and his father, grandfather and six of his brothers were alcoholics. I am a recovering alcoholic. Alcoholism is very prevalent in our family. Thank you.

Kathy - USA (22620)


Although some mental or emotional problems are purely genetic, while others are completely caused by a bad environment, most are a combination of the two, in different degrees.

Having many alcoholics in your family tree usually would mean that you are likely to be genetically susceptible to alcoholism. It is the way the body processes the alcohol, so it can be very much a genetic problem. However, if there is a family culture of heavy drinking, you might tend to feel that is the right way to act.

Likewise, with the other emotional problems, seeing family members with such problems can affect children, such that they imitate their elders.

Often psychiatric doctors use medication to deal with problems like panic attacks and depression. Although I am not a psychiatrist, I believe that it might be possible that you picked up some behavior traits from seeing family members act that way. Perhaps modeling people who don't have such maladies might help you overcome them.

Best wishes on having good mental health.

PS: I'll be adding material on genetics versus environment soon.

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Depression Causes

Have had problems and am depressed

October 11, 2008


1.i got bus accident on 03-12-1993 and injured right ear and 5days unconscious.really i dont know how the accident brother about accident after6th day i.e at the conscious stage.
2.i did one personal sin at the age of 33years.i.e i took marriage with
one prostitute.the result is so many irritations,ashamed,no carrier carrier improvement .i am giving details at the age of 41 i am bachelor.i did engineering)before 25 years.and i took pnuemonoctomy surgery at the age of 36 i am waiting for carrier improvement and marriage.i am doing instructor job i.e to giving technical training to un employers from 2 years.
a)i cannot do duty actively
b)my staff cannot care about me
c)office store keeper gave a message to my id .he said i gt mentally
depressed and gave one mental clinic address.
i am waiting for your reply .please give your valuable suggestions.
please save my life.

baitapalle - India (16632)


Although you had some unfortunate experiences in the past, it is important to reflect on them as learning experiences. Do not think of them as tragedies. For example, you made a mistake in marrying the wrong person. Many people make such mistakes. Use that experience to use more judgment the next time you consider marriage. Do not dwell on your mistake or be ashamed of it.

Likewise for your accident and surgery. Be thankful and grateful that you survived them and are still alive. Count your blessings, because you are a lucky man.

Look after your health, by eating good food and getting sufficient exercise, which is important in reducing depression.

In your work, think in terms of how you can help the company and your fellow workers. Look outward instead of inward. this will make you feel better and will improve your career potential.

I hope these ideas will help you improve your life and your physical and mental health. And best wishes on finding a good wife. With the proper mental attitude, you should succeed.

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Anxious, stressed and have breathing problem

June 23, 2008


Since November, after having a nervous breakdown, and not sleeping for a month, I've had dryness in my nose, and feeling as if no mucus is being produced, sometimes have a small, white, mucusy, stringy thing come out, but no boogers. I feel when I breathe in that the air goes straight into my lungs with no resistance, sometimes lungs burn. I have to use a saline gel to get some relief, but I want to breathe like i used to. Also I smell more intensely than before. I went to Ent dr, and he said my nose was dry and the turbinates were enlarged, and I have slightly deviated septum, but that should make me feel as if I have blockage instead of too much air going in. He told me to cont. the gel, and use Veramyst, if it doesnt work. Could I have damaged the lining of my turbinates somehow, I did have extreme anxiety, no sleep, and lots of xrays, because i kept thinking i was having a heart attack, could all that have contributed to my problem? i also had a bad respiratory inf. 2 yrs ago that I never went to dr for, it took 2 months to get over and went into bronchitis, where I coughed up tannish, green phlegm, but no odor or fever. I had fluid in my ears for a few months, but no infection, as I finally went and had ears checked after suffering through 2 episodes of vertigo. I exercise, have healthy diet, but I do take 1mg ativan to sleep @ night for past 2 months and have taken it on and off since November, I dont recall dry nose being a side effect of ativan though. Thanks,

Sheryl - USA (16130)


The first issue is to relieve your anxiety and stress to be able to sleep better. That is easier said than done. Worrying about your health certainly can contribute to your stress. But also, anxiety and lack of sleep can contribute to health problems. At the very least, when you are stressed, your body has lowered resistance and done not heal as well.

Take a look at your lifestyle. Although you exercise and eat a healthy diet, are you constantly in a rush? Do you dwell on your ailments more than your should?

Instead, try to slow down. Even walk slower. Push out negative thoughts and instead picture yourself as a healthy human being. Take 5 to 15 minutes a day to meditate or simply to sit silently, doing nothing without the or music. When you feel tense, take 8 to 10 slow, deep breaths. Slow breathing does wonders for reducing stress. Get a relaxing routine for falling asleep, with no television for at least 15 minutes before you go to sleep. Try to get off the sleeping pills, because they are habit forming.

As far as your health issues go, if you've had a physical and given a clean bill of health, there is no reason to think you will have a heart attack. Often pains in that area are a direct result of stress and indigestion. Learn to tell the difference between the symptoms of a heart attack and stress-related stomach problems.

Look at your environment to see if there is something in your house or place of work that could be causing an allergic reaction. Also check if you are allergic to such things as wheat. Sometimes people start to get reactions to common foods for some reason or another.

Hopefully, these ideas will help.

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Can we catch the deepest thoughts?

March 29, 2008


myself suryakant bhosale ,supposed to be a chemical eng, would like to know whether we can catch the deeeeeeepest thought of the mind ,or the brain.

Suryakant - India (15622)


Recent studies have shown that high resolution fMRI brain scans are able to detect a person's thinking patterns and thoughts. Research is continuing in this field to get to the point of actually reading a person's mind.

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