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Explain the nature of the soul Do Humans Have a Soul Canada
Biblical interpretations of constellations General USA
Demon possession General Kenya
What happens at death? Do Humans Have a Soul USA
6-year-old son died in accident Do Humans Have a Soul USA
Online Seminary Schools General USA
Thoughts on the basis of religion General Bangladesh
Do miracles happen? General USA
Can we test to see if we have a soul? Do Humans Have a Soul England
Does Unity believe that Jesus died for our sins? Unity Principles USA
Picture of Solar Phallus Man Do Humans Have a Soul USA
Curious about this thing called 'soul' Do Humans Have a Soul Bulgaria
I wasn't trying to judge the Unity Church Unity Principles Canada
Are Unity believers Hell-bound? Unity Principles Canada
Religion and science General Philippines

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Do Humans Have a Soul

Explain the nature of the soul

September 14, 2014


I have read your article on the soul, very interesting but it does not explain the nature of the soul and its connection, (if any) with spirit.
What is the nature of the soul and what is it made of? It seems likely to me that he soul and spirit are the same. Anyway thank you for your consideration.

Chris - Canada (25351)


Ancient Greeks, such as Aristotle, separated the soul and spirit (or life-spirit). Many did not believe humans ever had a soul.

However, most modern people who believe in some religion also believe that humans have souls that exist beyond death.

The biggest problem concerning describing a soul or spirit is that it is purely theory or speculation. No one knows for sure, except through belief in a holy book, such as the Bible.

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Biblical interpretations of constellations

September 10, 2014


I was born and raised up in west Texas where you can see the stars very clearly due to the reduction of big city lights. The Bible has several scriptures telling us to look to the stars.

Gen.1:14, says "the stars shall be for signs..."! What does any sign we look at beside our roads give us? They give us information that we can understand. So, God put the stars in special patterns that we could easily recognize.

One important pattern is the Northern Cross which is close to the North Star. If you google, the Northern Cross in color, you should be able to make out the shadowy figure of a man nailed to this cross. This shape of the cross in the same shape of the ancient Hebrew hieroglyphic letter, "tav", which means, "sign".

If you write the most ancient shape in Chinese for a tree, you first draw the shape of a cross. The Bible says, "cursed is he that hangeth upon a tree". Jesus took our curse of sins upon himself being nailed to the cross or tree that formed the cross.

The ancient Karahunj stones were seen by many ancient cultures as an entry into the heavens after their death. Many of these stones have holes in them that point to Cygnus which is actually meant by God to be seen by us as the cross of Christ. This was all planned from the beginning.

Psalms 19;1-4, says, "the heavens declare the glory of God". So, the Bible has many scriptures about the importance of constellations as a proof sent to us by God as signs. Check out Isa. Chapter 40. If you want to see more on this subject then google, Aquilla Fleetwood, Night Signs. These patterns of constellations have only moved slightly since creation. Thanks

Aquilla - USA (25349)


Thank you for sharing your information on the religious interpretation of the constellations of stars in the sky.

Although many constellations were names by ancient Greeks, from your information, there are Biblical interpretations too.

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Demon possession

June 16, 2014


what is your view on issues pertainning to demon possession is it something you allow or you can be sold unknowingly???

Peter - Kenya (25059)


Some religions believe that you can be possessed by a demon. However, most religions do not accept that viewpoint.

A person who believes in demons will often imagine them around him and even make poor decisions, resulting in harm. If you refuse to believe it or you confront any frightening situation with bravery, such things as a demon taking control of you cannot exist.

If others are talking about demons, simply say, "Nonsense. I believe in reality."

I hope this answers your question.

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Do Humans Have a Soul

What happens at death?

May 28, 2014


If a soul did exist, what happens at death?

Harris - USA (24999)


After a person dies, the soul could go to heaven (or hell), it could be reincarnated and come back as another person, or it could go into some other existence. Unfortunately, we can only speculate.

See: What Happens After You Die? for more information.

At the moments near death, the soul could be making some sort of transition. See: Do Near-Death Experiences Happen?

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Do Humans Have a Soul

6-year-old son died in accident

October 17, 2013


I lost my 6 year old son in 2002 to a vehicle accident. I cannot begin to describe this experience to you in words. In some beliefs systems there is something called "Dark Night of the Soul". It is when something so bad happens in your life that, when you lose the sense of everything, you are only left with yourself. The Dark Night of the Soul becomes and entire cycle of life and re entry into the world as a survivor of an incredible tragedy.
I believe this happened to me after my son's death. The only path I could perceive was that my son still existed out there in the other realms; or what is sometimes referred to as the Higher Self; or the existence of our being in another dimensional level. I cannot prove this of course but it was an empowering experience that allowed to move forward here on earth and keep moving through this life; it was hope, strength, power, fortitude, perseverance, love, passion and a desire to keep living.
I am a musician and created a CD about this experience. I will leave you my web site address

mick - USA (24103)


It is truly sad to lose a young child. I am sure many with the same experience also suffered "dark days". Your re-entry into the world certainly is a positive move. You can also think of it as your son looking down on you from above and wanting you to be happy and live a good life and not be mournful.

I updated your link to your "Songs for Diego" page.

Best wishes with your music and for a good life.

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Online Seminary Schools

June 13, 2013



My name is Kate Hubbard and I represent I am reaching out to you today regarding a free resource that my team and I have published on our site titled: How To Find a Job In Theology. To view our article click the following link:

Our goal here at is to help spread the word of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through educating those who have been called to spread the gospel. It can be difficult at times for students of the lord to find employment. This is why our resource outlines great strategies to help the lords scholars earn their living while serving our heavenly father.

We are so excited about our mission. We truly want to spread the word about our free resource throughout the Christian community. If you would like to share our article on your page please let me know. It would be greatly appreciated.

God Bless,

Kate - USA (23773)


I linked to the article in Career Resources under career advice and to your home page in Religion Resources.

Best wishes with your school.

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Thoughts on the basis of religion

September 10, 2012


As per formula of evolution; going to the last border/boundary of everything of creation, it would be felt nothing except touch of nature power. In the finalization of matter there is nothing but energy or ray, so we can take the decision that “Everything of the present universe is the result of evolution of single energy of Power”. In this way- again we can take the decision that “Beginning of the creation a part of the power of the nature became divisible as a result of the big bang”. Nature means many instances such as; Allah, God, Dark energy, Single dimension, Super power, Black body, Big or minimal black hole, A black hole, Primordial black hole, Borders on the spiritual, Ultimate reality, Huge reserve of the natural force, Primordial whole and eternity present, Absolute zero space-time and physics. & so on.

Shahidur Rahman - Bangladesh (22893)


Thank you for your insights on the nature of the Universe and relationship to a higher power. It can be a difficult subject to comprehend.

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Do miracles happen?

May 24, 2012


Is it possible chemistry is a fake of some kind? ...that the laws of gravity, physics, chemistry, logic, etc., are able to be overcome by faith?

I never witnessed a miracle until 34, now I've seen so many. Dead on my wedding day for 3 hours, etc. Husband & I had 1/3 of our store stolen in months. By a faith action, no one could steal from us without being caught for the next 11 years in business.

When my chosen doctrine of "no Satan" was proven wrong, It was allowed that he should appear to me while working at the State Department. If anthrax was in a Petrie dish, AFTER applying faith, and the anthrax died, would the power of faith spread to all other stored germs?

I am supposed to do faith experiments, but if science laws were set up by Satan, I fear being involved with chemistry, gravity, physics, or logic.

Carolyn - USA (22677)


Chemistry, physics and other such sciences are based on observable and repeatable experiments and results.

Some miracles are debatable. If God set some laws the way that matter was supposed to behave, would He break those laws to make a miracle? On the other had, there are views that both God and Satan can influence the way people act.

Also, some things--such as an accident--happen by chance. Did it happen because God intervened, or was it because someone prayed or didn't pray?

Some people feel that their faith and prayers can affect the way things happen. If that is what happens in their experience, then they certainly will believe it.

Religion, faith, and spiritual issues can go hand-in-hand with science.

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Do Humans Have a Soul

Can we test to see if we have a soul?

May 7, 2012


If we have a spirit, then it must be doing something whilst in our body. Do you think it's possible that someone smart enough will come along and explain how the spirit works?
If the mind is the spirit, then they would have to know how the mind works also, they would have to be a genius.Nobody knows how the mind works.
I read about someone who lives with Aspergers (Autism)he claims to have had many out-body-experiences throughout his life, through these experiences and autism, he has learnt how the mind and spirit works. He's going to write a book about it called "Autism and the spirit". Is this possible, somebody who can explain the two greatest mysteries known to mankind. I understand that a number of people who live with Aspergers are geniuses.

Rudy - England (22637)


Since your spirit or soul is part of you, it may be possible to sense it or have a feeling of its existence.

There are people who have almost died who claim to have had near-death experiences, where they saw "the other side" and could tell others about it.

Also, some people have had out-of-body experiences. There is a study in a hospital where they are testing whether people having out-of-body experiences during an operation can actually see some hidden objects, as opposed to imagining they had the experience.

Still, the connection between the physical body and the spiritual is difficult to understand.

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Unity Principles

Does Unity believe that Jesus died for our sins?

May 3, 2012


What does the Unity faith teach concerning the Christian belief that Jesus died on the cross for our sins therefore releasing us from them ?

Barbara - USA (22632)


Unity takes the metaphysical view of Biblical stories.

In answer to the question, “Does Unity believe in the deity of Jesus Christ?”, the official statement of faith replies, “Yes, Unity teaches that the spirit of God lived in Jesus, just as it lives in every person. Every person has the potential to express the perfection of Christ, as Jesus did, by being more Christ-like in everyday life.” (From article on Unity School of Christianity)

In other words, they don't seem to believe that Jesus died for our sins.

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Do Humans Have a Soul

Picture of Solar Phallus Man

April 28, 2012


Sol Cohen says:
Do we have a soul is very difficult to prove. However, if you were to find a image on you car that had a standing man with two fee, two legs, two hands. a vague head and shoulders area would you take a photo of it?

Well I did and also discovered that it had a penius.

In my readings I discovered Carl Jung and his story of the Solar Phallus Man.
The well told story is that as an intern he met a patient who would stand at the window and look out at the sun. When asked why he did that he replied "when I squint my eyes I can look at the sun and see that it has a proturasion and when it moves it moves the winds on earth".

Jung discovered as was translating Greek mytholgy that this was an ancient myth. Aa the patient was not able to have know this myth he believed that this was proof of the exisence of a Universal Unconsicous. Plato and many others had assumed the posibility that we all carry in our genes the memories of our ancesors religious beliefs.

Jung worte: "The Solar Phallus Man carries on his shoudlers the burden of proof of the existence of an Universal Unconscious".

The image that I photographed contained, above his shoulders, images that may indicate that we do have a soul.

Google "Solar Phalluls Man" and click on Solar Phallus Man history to see the images that were all in the image on my car that may have been an egg thrown by vandels. When I used the new Kodak machine to print this image the ultraviolet filter made the area above it's shoulders visible

Sol - USA (22619)


The problem with an image of something seen on a car or other surface is that it could be just a random arrangement of material that looks like something mystical. People have taken pictures of cloud formations, burnt toast, and other items that looked like people or spirits.

It could be something miraculous or simple a coincidence.

Although the existence of the soul cannot be proven or disproven, you can get an idea of it by searching inward to experience your own spiritual nature.

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Do Humans Have a Soul

Curious about this thing called 'soul'

April 26, 2012


Greetings !

I enjoyed your article. I am very curious about this thing called 'soul'. Your article gave me some good information about it, but unfortunately, it is still not enough. I think scientists should make a investigation on this thing called 'soul'. I don't see any prove of its existing. It seems to me that the concept of 'soul' is the same as the concept of 'god'. As a matter of fact, the word 'soul' came from the bible, is that correct ? Correct me if i am wrong, but isn't the human consist of memories and information ? When a person dies, his perceptions also stops and therefore he cannot receive or store anymore information and therefore the information he has should disappear ? If that's the case then clearly such a thing as 'soul' cannot exist, because it cannot retain nor receive anymore information. I would like to see more scientific investigations about this. Also, any scientific evidence should be presented as a fact and not theory.

Thank you for your article !

Tisho - Bulgaria (22612)


Certainly, the idea of a person having an eternal soul that exists after the body dies is appealing. Philosophers have speculated on the concept, but there is no way to really prove it. Certainly, scientists cannot prove or disprove the existence of the soul.

In reference to the Bible, a big problem is that words change in translation from different languages. The word "soul" could also mean "life spirit", which is a different concept.

One nice concept is that we are really spirits having a human experience. Perhaps, after one body dies, that spirit and its knowledge will pass into another new body.

I guess once a person dies, he or she can find out what the truth is.

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Unity Principles

I wasn't trying to judge the Unity Church

March 27, 2012


Hi, I wasn't trying to judge the Unity Church. As a devout; born again Christian I should not judge. After reading the Unity Church info on your site again--"They ain't all bad!" They do have some merit. Thanx for your reply..I'm going to give "them" another look, as a matter of fact. Any thoughts on your behalf?

Doug - Canada (22540)


I didn't feel you were judging. Their concept of many paths to Heaven is unusual among religions. It does have merit, but although the church was originally based on Christian principles, there are a number of beliefs they have that are far from mainstream.

It is good to examine other religions with an open mind. It helps to strengthen your own ideas and faith.

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Unity Principles

Are Unity believers Hell-bound?

March 25, 2012


As a devout Christian, I do not subscribe to this "New Thought form of Christianity!"--Do you think they are Hell-Bound? [I do, as they're "Too out there for me."

Doug - Canada (22535)


Thank you for your thoughts. It is a difficult subject.

The Unity Church accepts other religions as possible paths to Heaven. They do not believe that God would condemn billions of non-Christians to Hell, especially if they have not even heard the Word of Christ through no fault of their own.

Each person can believe and be devout without judging others. It is up to God to decide who goes to Heaven.

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Religion and science

November 8, 2011



Since earth is belong to cosmos science, and every peace of matter on atmosphere are made of science including living things and non-living things, therefore we humans need to find out the worthy contribution we can make to benefit our tomorrows life. Nothing on our surrounding without science and no one pointing anything said this thing wasn’t belongs to science.

Scientist research revealed that man first foot step on earth, happen 30 millions years ago and it was because of evolution of cosmos from the big bang, while the holy bible said man belong to the creation of God which is made of mud and he gave life, he called him Adam and the second was taken from the ribs of Adam and she was called Eve.

Science and holy Bible revelation are related, science said human structure are made of minerals and the energy which came from the particles, that science found on every product of earth soil. While the holy bible said man made up of mud the reason why, human consumption was a product soil which is grown on the land of earth. Even the food of the consumable animals grown from the land, it was like of full grown tree stood strong on its timber bark, grow on wooden matter without waiting wood beneath for it to stand strong.

But science was came from the knowledge of man, without man science wouldn’t be revealed, while the scientific research found science at every 0.001 mm cube on cosmos space scientist didn’t create science even single particles nor minerals or atoms, in-fact they tried to make gold but they failed science was there since the creation of cosmos.

The world famous scientists are keeping on putting funds for scientific program and research center for continuing progress of the world technology, but because of too much technology peoples forget the importance of their soul and spirit human flesh stay materialistic, they don’t mind the reality of existence of their soul and spirit, people don’t even notice that humans are about to become a slave of technology.

The human flesh live on atmosphere and breathe by means of oxygen, while the spirit live on magnetosphere and energized by magnetic energy look like magnetic wind, which is called anti-matter by the scientist. And the soul was leave on high magnitude look like sparkling diamond at needle dot size look like atom, they don’t breathe by means of air but by means of magnetic energy. It’s the trinity of man kind with three the same voices, at the same figure but different attitude at three different angle of life.

It wasn’t that easy to believed, that some one like me writing such fact like this mystery, according to some religious preachers, human spirit leaving with their flesh and they will separate if the flesh was pass away, but believe it or not our soul and spirit are already separated from our flesh. But I’m not a scientist to prove it on naked eye of a man, but if some one out there with proper authority to any world science research center, who really interested about the fact will prove it scientifically using scientific technology at science research center.

We human flesh using scientific technology on earth as well on outer space, even the spirit and soul using too, but into different angle of human trinity imagine the pass away expert, professional, even scientist are still working for their necessity. But nowadays even the spirit and soul of living flesh are with them working together to reach their flesh.

Some of them are complaining, saying they are slave of our technology. Their being use as materials on our electronic necessity, living on miserable way of life. They live with the eldest of oldest ever lived on earth, they keep on getting old but they don’t die spiritually and solely, they are skinny and shaking their moving by means of magnetic energy, but they are belong to science, and they are science.

The question is! What was the purpose of God to phenomenal event on earth, is it nature or declaration of judgment day?

• Human flesh, soul, and spirit trinity dimension of human life.
Its as countless life form on cosmos, which we’re belong from primary solar system our sun up to seven ball circle layer solar system, but why human are so important? Because we have soul, we are the bright star on the beginning of creation our soul, we don’t have image that time. Until the human flesh first born come, whether it came from evolution or mud it ours, on our life being a man our soul received us our image and the spirit were born because of our savior. That’s how human trinity arrived.

• Time space dimension of pass-away human flesh.
According to a Holy Scripture there was Jerusalem made of gold with twelve doors for man, written on Old Testament. And twelve doors for those written on New Testament with different sign of precious Gem on each door, but according to my analysis while listening, those doors aren’t literal doors they are fast different time space on earth which was save for a reason expert called dimension. But they aren’t made of gold as scripture said, their situated on the era before death, which stay still until nowadays. We live at the same space into different angle of life force.

• Is there any possibility to souls and spirit, touching computer technology?
According to history our ancestors fortuned mostly relied on superstitious belief and omen, base on scripture man knowledge grow up to his/her capability to learn anything, but not infinite. Soul and spirit are able to think and move pass as magnetic energy, they won’t seen by naked eyes unless they want to show their images to human flesh by using clouds or fags to appear to people. But they can be viruses of computers anywhere on earth and on space. Because of their nature of life form and can be a danger of technologies, it’s because every single technology are dependent of earth magnetic core even the sophisticated military facilities which is relied on high magnitude, aren’t safe to magnetic pulse disturbance, because our soul and spirit live on magnetism of cosmos space.

• Atmosphere magnitude every where
Some of world science observatory found, a different location of earth magnitude unlike we learn from school about North Pole and South Pole saying how come the earth magnitude are changing and so many of them at different location on earth magnetic system. It’s because of integration of Seventh ball circle layer solar systems magnetic energy, from primary solar system which is our sun. Cosmos magnetic energy work to energize every life form on cosmos, thru its celestial bodies up to planetary system.

• Cosmos energy system Cosmos energy system nowadays runs into different solar system at once into celestial bodies thru planetary system at ball hexagonal axis at its trillium system using extreme magnetic energy, causing disasters to unaligned rockets spacecraft satellites and other object relaying on magnetic energy. High magnitude changes its energy system since integration of different new born solar system.

• Primary solar system up to seven ball circle layer system energy diagram
Analyzing cosmos energy distribution diagram like measuring cosmos space, from
Primary solar system our Sun thru seven ball circle layer solar systems up to endless space.
Cosmos space filled with magnetic energy, and every center of the celestial body got Magnetic core including atom and other microcosm at different region, filling up Cosmos into tiny ball magnet at trillium axis, from primary solar system up to seventh ball circle layer solar system, will lead Scientist to find out black hole formation of energy and their origin.

• Black Hole source of energy
• Turning polluted gases to positive gases on atmosphere
• Naval fleet on space
• Submarine on outer space
• Unprecedented explosion of sophisticated military facilities on cosmos
• Un-explain return of space missionaries
• Who is God the creator of all life form?
• How is wisdom works into his creation?
• How’s the process of miracle work for man?
• Are there any rules to benefit the miracle of the creator?
• How God the father distribute the process of all life form at once?
• What are possibility that pass-away flesh turn into life again with their meat and not to die again but ever last?

Edgar - Philippines (22155)


Thank you for your opinions on the relationship between science and religion.

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