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by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 225 comments and questions on Religion issues. They are listed according to date.

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Where did Jabez come from? Prayer of Jabez USA
Comparison of science and religion About Kenya
Where do I start in order to clarify my thinking? About USA
I don't believe we have a soul Do Humans Have a Soul USA
Is life a gift from God? General India
How could Satan have been an angel of God? About USA
A champion after death Life After Death Canada
How does understanding of religion affect your belief? About USA
Worried that he will die before he is 21 Life After Death USA
Arguments are predictable Does an Animal Have a Soul USA
Gays, heaven and gay marriage Gays and Heaven USA
Bible says sinners cannot go to Heaven Gays and Heaven USA
Intuitions about close relatives Do Humans Have a Soul India
Wants clarification on the existence of the soul Do Humans Have a Soul USA
Atheists can believe in an afterlife Life After Death USA

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Prayer of Jabez

Where did Jabez come from?

October 18, 2011


I would like to know where did Jabez come from? Who is his mother, I read that his father had passed away before Jabez was born. Also I did a study and it said that his mother was in so much sorrow when she had him (Jabez) that is the reason she named him Jabez (Jabez means sorrow). Who was Jabez brothers.

Paula - USA (22092)


In , there is a listing of the house of Judah, from which Jabez was supposed to be descended. Unfortunately, the material is not very clear about him.

You can read the material to see if you can find the answers to your questions.

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Comparison of science and religion

October 10, 2011


1. what's your take on religion,theory and belief in relation to science on one side and religion on the other??? you believe atheists have a base to explain themselves besides logic??

agnes - Kenya (22052)


Science usually concerns hard facts than can be verified with measurements, while religion is based on beliefs, usually handed down from parents or religious authorities. Because religious beliefs cannot be proven by experiments, some scientists are atheists and do not believe in God.

However, there are areas in science that cannot be proven. For example the Big Bang Theory of the beginning of the Universe cannot be proven. But also that theory fits within many religions as a possible start of things. See Big Bang Theory and Religion.

A true scientist seeks facts but will also accept the possibilities of the unknown and unproven. They would be considered agnostics. An atheist believes in no God, just as a religious person believes there is a God. In such a case, an atheist has a Godless religion not based on his or her beliefs.

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Where do I start in order to clarify my thinking?

July 9, 2011


I was raised Catholic and I believe in god and that we have a soul. I'm not sure what will happen after death. Where do I start in order to clarify my thinking? I was told that I have to believe that Jesus is son of God and that is the only way to get to heaven. Is it necessary to believe this or should we be satisfied with the present life God has given us?

- USA (21800)


I like to think of us being spirits that are having a human experience. Certainly, we should take advantage of the opportunity of life and make the most of it, including helping others enjoy their lives too. Having a spiritual essence indicates that their should be some sort of existence after death.

Since there are so many billions of people who are not Catholics or even Christians, I can't believe that God would prevent them from going to Heaven just because their parents taught them a different religion. The criteria of who goes to Heaven is up to God and not human interpretations.

Picking your religion of choice and keeping an open might about other possibilities should help you clarify your thoughts. Enjoy your life and believe in the best outcome.

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Do Humans Have a Soul

I don't believe we have a soul

May 15, 2011


After reading about Cain killing Abel and Cain going to the land of Nod and taking a wife, I started questioning several things in the christian bible. After sixty years of believing, I've come to a better understanding of where most, or all, of the stories in the bible came from. I cant't believe a soul can exist just floating around without some type of body. I believe when a person dies, that person is dead and that is the end of their existance. Like a tree that dies, that's it, it's dead.

Terry - USA (21587)


A big issue is that most of the stories in the Bible are not the exact truth and should not be taken literally. Bible stories were really meant to be tales where you can learn some lesson.

The idea of people having a soul or spirit that will exist after the body dies is difficult to understand. I don't think it is like a ghost that is floating around, but it might be something like your thoughts, which give off electrical waves.

No one really knows fir sure what happens after we die, so we all can choose what we believe about the subject.

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Is life a gift from God?

April 2, 2011


life is a gift of god.
if your answer is yes, then how the life is a gift of god

nizamuddin - India (21429)


Assuming God created life, then it should be thought of as a gift to enjoy. However, some religions believe that life should be suffering. Unfortunately, for those people, life is not a gift.

I would prefer to enjoy life than to suffer it.

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How could Satan have been an angel of God?

January 13, 2011


I am told for I have never read the Bible that Satan at one time was an angel of God in Heaven, I do not belong to a church but interested as to how if this is true, an angel of God in Heaven could do something terribly wrong, a sin, jealousy whatever it was in a place where it should never happen, for Heaven is a place where there is no sin??

Rudy - USA (21017)


That is a big puzzle in the Bible. The story goes that after God created the world, He said, "All is good." However, after He said that, one of the angels rebelled and went against God. That was Satan.

Now, if everything was good, how could one of His angels turn against Him? Like you said that how could it happen in Heaven where there is not sin?

One problem with the story is that it seems like the way humans would act. And I think that is the problem with taking Bible stories literally, as if it is exactly how things happened. I think that many of the Bible stories are tales that try to explain things. Other stories are lessons from which to learn.

Of course, there are many who believe the Bible is completely true, just as it is written. It depends on a person's religious belief.

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Life After Death

A champion after death

October 9, 2010


to see if you are a champion.

Monica - Canada (20514)


When you make the most of your life, you feel and act like a champion. Part of that is helping others do well in their lives. Depending on your religious views, you will then live in spiritually or in spirit among those your helped.

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How does understanding of religion affect your belief?

September 14, 2010


How does your understanding of religion affect what you believe as a Christian?

- USA (20376)


A Christian should know the Bible and the beliefs of his or her church.

It is also good to know the beliefs of other Christian religions besides your own, so that you can make a wise choice as to which is more suitable to you.

Although all Christian religions believe in Jesus Christ and the Bible, many have different views on what is really important.

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Life After Death

Worried that he will die before he is 21

August 30, 2010


i have a question what i was thought that we die and never come back until god returns im just worried that im gonna die before i turn 21 i hope not i just need some comfort email me back please and confort me thank you

jordan - USA (20313)


If you take care of yourself and don't do anything foolish, you should live well beyond 21 years. But also, you want to take advantage of this opportunity of life so that you live an enjoyable and worth while existence.

Enough people believe that there is some sort of existence after physical death that there may be something to it. Most religions believe that there is a life after death.

Live a good life and a useful life, and things will work out for the best.

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Does an Animal Have a Soul

Arguments are predictable

August 13, 2010


So many arguments from humans are very predictable !
"Anthrocentrism / Anthromorphism " .............doesn't it seem ( more then a bit ) presumptious that we ,as humsns ; are the "Ultimate Judges " of sentient life ? In an advanced ,
contemporary , spiritual reference I would say ( in a somewhat
flakey "Zen " sense ...) Bullshit !!! Pretty profound ...huh ?

Humans...primates ....vertabrates ........we're self-
destructive , and poorly programmed ...what more can
I say ? Our "current " species will be very lucky to survive
the next 30 - 50 years !!!!( if that ...........)

Dai Dao Tam' Ky Pho' Do ....

laird / starcluster / le'

laird - USA (20237)


Thank you for your opinion--or should I say your rant.

Whether animals and humans have souls is speculative and often part of a person's religious belief system.

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Gays and Heaven

Gays, heaven and gay marriage

July 26, 2010


ok so i was wondering about gays and there sin's and even i hear its wrong im not so sure .
we are all diffrent but just like black and white boy or girl skinny or fat ...
i always wondered this ... if a white woman or "goes out or marry" a black man is that sin ... becuase just becuase they are diffrent...
And another thing ... if a black fat women "goes out or marrys" a skinny white man is that a sin Nooo....
so why should "going out w, or marry" the same sex be a sin ... NOW I Truly love God... and im a christan but let me do a lay out...



Darrell - USA (20124)


There are various views on whether gays will go to heaven. In most Christian religions, believers are forgiven their sins and will go to heaven. If being gay is a sin, and the person accepts Jesus as his Savior, then he should go to heaven

There are other religions that believe that certain type of behavior will keep the person out of heaven.

As far as gay marriage goes, the main concern is about paying taxes as a married couple, health insurance, and being considered legally a spouse. It has nothing to do with religion, unless the couple wants to get married in a specific church.

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Gays and Heaven

Bible says sinners cannot go to Heaven

July 24, 2010


According to Leviticus 18:22, and Leviticus 20:13, homosexuality is a sin. There is not any ambiguity as to whether or not homosexuality is sin in the Bible. And the biblical penalty for sin is clear. Death is the only penalty for sin. Not a physical death, but a spiritual death, permanent separation from God. Thus those who practice a sinful lifestyle cannot go to heaven.

- USA (20119)


There are many references in the Bible to the various sins, including homosexuality, stealing and murder. However, in the Christian religions, Jesus was sent to save people from their sins, provided they repent. This even means on the last day. Jesus told the murderer on the cross next to him, "Today, I will see you in Heaven."

Of course, if you are not a Christian, you may not accept the role of Jesus.

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Do Humans Have a Soul

Intuitions about close relatives

July 3, 2010


from last ten years intutions of death about cloes realatives with their names comes in my mind like voice comes in my mind and after some times it becomes true .what is that ?

- India (20009)


If you have had feelings that something will happen to living close relatives that later comes true, it may be your sixth sense or precognition working. Everyone has times when they have feelings about a future event that later comes true. For more on the subject and letters from many who have experienced that, see:

If your thoughts are about close relatives who have died and you remember or dream about speaking with them, it is a different situation. Also, it can be a very real experience. In such a case, we don't know if it is their spirit communicating with us, or if it is just our imagination recalling the past.

The best thing is to enjoy the experience to bring back dear memories.

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Do Humans Have a Soul

Wants clarification on the existence of the soul

June 14, 2010


I am really interested, however still confused on this topic. There has to be proof, opinions or views that can give a better understanding. The info and view was great, but still ended how it started. I wonder if the writer feels the same way. Thanks.

brandon - USA (19904)


Religion is based on belief and faith. Some people believe that certain things are true, such as the idea that humans have a soul. Their belief is not based on any sort of proof but often on what their parents or the church taught them.

However, there are others that have a different view on the matter. Neither viewpoint seems to be able to be proven.

My personal belief is that humans have a soul or spiritual essence. Since I can't prove it, I accept that others may have different opinions.

The lack of hard evidence or being able to prove such things is what is frustrating about religion. I guess you just have to go with your heart.

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Life After Death

Atheists can believe in an afterlife

May 31, 2010


I just wanted to comment on the part where you stated an atheists belief towards the afterlife. Atheism by definition means you simply do not believe in god(s). I am an atheist, and I am undecided on the subject of an afterlife..but I am investigating it further. I do feel a bit disheartened that people often associate atheists with the idea that we do not believe in anything supernatural whatsoever. There are many "spiritual" or undecided atheists out there, and I just wanted to let you know your site's definition seemed to make a pretty big generalization.

Thank you for your time.

Alyssa - USA (19819)


Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Just as the various official religions have different belief systems, the same is true about those following atheism. Also, there are people who reject the idea of a God but yet believe in some "greater power" that has organized the universe.

Reincarnation is a possibility of an afterlife that a spiritual atheist might accept.

I plan to update the article, as well as to include other material on atheism.

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