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by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 2 comments and questions on SDI issues. They are listed according to date.

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Questions continuing space weapons research General USA
What is the relation between ISO and the Army? Three Phase Approach to TQM USA

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Questions continuing space weapons research

November 23, 2014


Two ideas regarding SDI I find of interest are:

1) “A major problem with pursuing the concept was that such an anti-missile defense in space was against existing treaties we had signed. It was possible to do research, but we could not actually test or employ the devices in space.”

2) “Since there was no longer a reason for SDI, Congress cancelled the program in the early 90s. Air Force then changed the name of the program and continued its research. The press never followed up on this and moved on to other issues.”

To continue doing SDI research, it must have become necessary to use (a) research site(s) other than “space” in which to test and employ the x-ray laser and other than space missiles/craft as targets.

With Air Force’s changing the name of the program and continuing its research without follow-up by the press, it is doubtful whether Federal regulation of research, which could have involved human and/or other living creatures as research subjects, was adhered to in research undertaken by Air Force.

Victoria - USA (25585)


The Ballistic Defense Missile System apparently has congressional, as well as NATO support. The Missile Defense Agency website is a good source for information.

As far as the press goes, they often lose interest in issues and programs and move on to other things they feel are newsworthy.

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Three Phase Approach to TQM

What is the relation between ISO and the Army?

June 15, 2006


what is the relation between ISO and army

nourdin - USA (11330)


ISO is the International Standards Organization. It sets standards that companies and organizations can follow. The Army usually sets their own standards.

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