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by Ron Kurtus

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How can I get capital to start a business? Sales Process Tanzania
What to do about clients who don't buy? General Kenya
How selling fits within the promotional mix Sales Process Namibia
Want to train sales reps Sales Process Pakistan
Wants to give speech to customer General India

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Sales Process

How can I get capital to start a business?

August 2, 2015


How can I get a capital to start doing a business?

Lameck - Tanzania (26242)


Starting a business is part of Entrepreneurship.

In order to get funding or capital to start your business, you need to write p a Business Plan, showing what you want to sell and how much interest your predict there would be in your products. It is often good to start small, just to verify people are interested.

It is also good to get some people enthusiastic about your ideas. They can be your first investors, provided they see a possibility of getting a return on their investment.

I hope these ideas help. Best wishes on starting a successful business.

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What to do about clients who don't buy?

February 13, 2014


Hi, I am a sales person and I continue to face one challenges that
keep coming up all the time.

1.How do you handle clients who stall and you keep following up and in the end they don't buy from you and you end up wasting so much time on them.

2. Some clients are super nice when you make your sales pitch and give you the impression they will buy. They tell you to come tomorrow and when you do, they politely refuse to buy. How you tell a client who won't buy but just being supernice?

maryann - Kenya (24512)


Getting a commitment from a customer is one of the biggest challenges of those in sales. When a customer or client stalls on making a purchase, it is good to ask questions for them to clarify their hesitation. For example, you could ask, "What is the main factor that is holding you back from buying?" It may be price, features, or some other things that you may be able to negotiate.

Customers prefer to buy from sales people they like. If they sense you feel they are wasting your time, they won't buy from you. Since sales depends on relationships, it is often good to mention things that are personal; and not related to the sale. You can tell about an amusing thing that happened to you or ask them some neutral question like, "How long have you been working at XYZ Company?"

Your sales pitch should be a demonstration of the benefits of your product to them. This is where asking questions to qualify their needs come in. One question to ask if they say they will come in tomorrow is, "What can I do to get you to make a decision today?"
If the person is not interested, ask if they know of anyone else who would be interested. Sometimes you can get leads from that.

I hope these ideas help. Best wishes in your sales.

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Sales Process

How selling fits within the promotional mix

April 2, 2012


explain how selling fits within the promotional mix and it can be used to support other element of the mix .example to illustrate this answer.

odete - Namibia (22553)


The 4-P Marketing mix often used consists of Product, Price, Promotion, and Place.

Promotion often consists of advertising, branding, and publicity of products or services.

A good outlook to include sales in the mix is at the Three Phases of Marketing

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Sales Process

Want to train sales reps

September 29, 2010


we are dealing with web development and software development . we want to plan proper strategies to sell our product and to train our staff in v well manner.

plz suggest some ways and tips through which we not only train our marketing staff but also increase the ratio of our sales.


Javeria Fatima
HR Manager
PMS Pvt Ltd.

javeria - Pakistan (20455)


It is a good idea to include marketing as part of your product development. In other words, your company needs to define who you hope to sell your products and services to, as well as how to reach those people. Also, you need to define who your competition is and where your company fits among them.

It appears that your company already has a good web presence and customer base. However, your sales representatives do need to be familiar with the business operations. They need to be trained in the technical aspects of what you are offering.

Much of the sales training depends on how your sales representatives will find customers and clients, as well as to sell them on your services. Going to trade shows, giving presentations to organizations and telephone marketing are several types. Each requires different sales training.

Some companies train their salesmen with a script that provides what to say, as well as possible questions from the customer. Working along with an experienced salesman is also a good way to train a new person.

It is important to build a relationship with customers, try to help them solve their problems--even if it does not mean an immediate sale--and follow up to keep in touch with the person.

I hope these ideas will be helpful in training your staff. Best wishes in your efforts.

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Wants to give speech to customer

February 23, 2005


how to give a speech in front of customer to sell a product . how i have to make happy to them u give me some idea of how to speach. thank u

imtiyaz - India (6090)


One of the best ways to sell is to consider yourself a consultant who is helping the customer buy. Too often sales people talk, talk, talk and not really find out what the customer wants.

Instead of trying to give a speech to the customer, you should try to qualify what the cusotmer wants and is concerned about. Answering his concerns and asking good questions to find out more about what he needs to buy the product will get you more sales.

Also note that people perfer to buy from those they like, so it is good to be friendly and helpful.

Best wishes in your sales career.

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