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by Ron Kurtus

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Have to write a short persusaive speech General USA
Struggling putting together 5 minute speech General Australia
Appreciation speech General USA
Needs to write informative speech on candy General USA
Wants to learn how to write speeches for her boss General UK
Wants some tips on writing and giving a speech General USA

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Have to write a short persusaive speech

September 24, 2004



I have a question. I have to write a short persusaive speech.
I have my thesis writen. My question is. How do I format my speech when I write it? Do I Use a title? Do I include my name some where on the speech?
Can you direct me to a sample speech somewhere on the internet? I just need to see what the format looks like so I can proceed to write my speech. Please help!

Jason - USA (4378)


Take a look at the speech writing aid at:

There are also references in our Public Speaking section.

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Struggling putting together 5 minute speech

August 29, 2004


I am applying to become an Officer in the AirForce and I am struggling with putting together a strong 5 minute speech, can you help me please. My day of the speech is next Tuesday the 7th September 2004

Rob - Australia (4129)


You could try using the computerized speech writer as a starter.

The most important thing is to establish a topic that will provide a positive impression. Three points with a few illustrations is good for a 5-minute speech.

One thing is to first aim your speech directly at the commanding officer, almost as if it was a personal presentation. Then you can look around to the others in the room, making eye contact.
Best wishes in your speech and in becoming an officer. I am sure you will succeed.

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Appreciation speech

June 18, 2004


I will be giving an appreciation speech (not more than six lines) to appreciate a speaker on my graduation day in front of the whole schhol.
How do i start and end?

Yetunde - USA (3583)


Try something like:

Fellow students, teachers and especially Jim. I would look to express our appreciation for all the fine things you have done for us and the school. You helped us xxx and you also gave zzzzz. Not only that, you vvvvv. For that, we are grateful. Thank you, Jim.

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Needs to write informative speech on candy

February 1, 2004



THELMA - USA (2200)


First decide what specific information concerning the cooking the candy for your speech. "About" is too vague. Is it the steps involved in cooking the candy? An overview of the ingrediants? Problems in cooking the candy?

Being more specific helps keep the speech on a focus. Then you can make a list of facts.

Also, try using the Computerized Speech Writer at:

It might help you organize the speech. Best wishes in the speech.

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Wants to learn how to write speeches for her boss

January 28, 2004


i want to learn how to write speeches for my boss- the president of my country and to improve my writing skills in writing reports,memos,summaring bulky reports and writing letters

Fatmata - UK (2158)


Writing skills require much practice. In speeches and reports, the content and message is most important. You want to convey the thoughts and ideas of your boss correctly. If English is not your native language, it is good to have someone edit your work to make sure grammar and spelling is correct.

Although you can learn writing online, it really is better to take some classes at a local college or school. That way, you can get good guidance and practice.

Best wishes in your writing.

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Wants some tips on writing and giving a speech

January 24, 2004


Hi, my name is Amber and I am a freshman at my high school. This year I a joined club called FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) and so far, I am enjoying it. Well the reason I e-mailed you is because Districts is coming up, and this year I have chose Public Speaking. I have to write a speech on FBLA Goals, that lasts up to 5:00 minutes. I love to write and I'm good at projecting my voice. I also don't have much stage fright, but I have never written a speech before. I basically was wondering, since I have been searching all day and have been unable to find, is basically just some tips. Tip on how to get me started on a speech. Tips on words to use and not to use. Tips what to do while giving a speech and tips on not what to do while giving a speech. I haven't been able to find much what I am looking for and I was wondering if you could help me out. I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

Amber - USA (2082)


Did you try the Computerized Speech Writer at:

That can help you lay out the structure of a simple speech. You want to have an introduction where you tell just a little about yourself and what you will talk about. Then in the body, you can explain the goals of the FBLA and give a few examples. Then summarize the major points.

Also take a look at Being Introduced to Speak. A good introduction can help your speech.

I wouldn't worry about what words to use. Just be yourself. Before you speak, give the audience a little time to get settled. That always helps.

Best wishes in giving your speech. I am sure you will do a great job.

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