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by Ron Kurtus

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How are the soul, body, mind and heart connected? Body mind and spirit Nepal
I am interested to learn more about Spiritual Health General Palau
Pastor from chruch calling up my wife at night Factors USA
Is thinking about sex bad for spiritual health? Factors USA
How to maintain my spiritual health in a dormitory Factors Philippines
What is your life-after-death philosophy? Factors USA
How does spiritual health differ between genders? General Australia
Consider atheists General USA

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Body mind and spirit

How are the soul, body, mind and heart connected?

December 2, 2010


How the soul,spirit,body,mind and heart is connected each others?

Bharat - Nepal (20785)


The connection is a mystery. The soul and the spirit may be the same thing, although some groups say they are separate. Others accept the spirit but not the soul.

It seems that the spirit or soul is an extension of the mind. The mind is part of the brain, which is an organ in the body. The heart is also an organ, but it has been shown that it also affects the emotions and the mind. Perhaps it even connects with the spirit or soul.

By examining yourself with introspection, you can get a sense of the relationship between these entities. It is a very subtle sensing, but it can enlighten you and help in your understanding.

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I am interested to learn more about Spiritual Health

May 18, 2010


I am interested to learn more about Spiritual Health. I have been charged to develop a Spiritual Health Program in a small Ministry of Health setting. There is a Hospital and a PUblic Health facility involved and a small community.

Julie - Palau (19743)


Spiritual health is difficult to define. To some people, it involves religious beliefs. To other people, it is peace of mind and oneness with nature.

Certainly, helping others is a route toward spiritual health. But also, a person needs to look at the spiritual nature in all things.

Right now, we do not have much material on the subject. However, we plan to increase the information and methods of attaining spiritual health, which in turn leads to good mental and physical health. They all go hand-in-hand.

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Pastor from chruch calling up my wife at night

May 4, 2010


My wife and i are having a tough time seeing eye to eye right now. i don't know who's right or wrong but all i want is for the two of us to get back to the close relationship that we had. she attends church and i don't because i think the people are not being up front with there congeration, i hope i'am not judging but that's how i feel in my gut. I want to dicuss things with her but she shut me out and say i don't want to talk about it. The paster calls her late at nite, once his wife goes to bed, which i find very strange.

Jesse - USA (19665)


Your relationship with your wife is more important than your opinion about members of her church. I'm sure it would make her happy to have you join her in attending services with her, even if you are not wild about the idea. It seems to be important to her.

Often it is better to do such things for a woman than to try to discuss the issues. Also, if the pastor has his eyes on your wife, your presence in church with her will show him that she is taken.

If the pastor still keeps calling your wife, don't talk to her about it. Instead, get an appointment with him and ask what is going on. He'd be a fool to form some relationship with your wife, because he would lose is marriage and his church.

I hope these ideas help. Best wishes in getting things back together with your wife.

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Is thinking about sex bad for spiritual health?

July 19, 2009


Is thinking about sex bad for spiritual health

Lars - USA (18039)


Some religions frown on thinking about sex, so for people of those faiths, it may be considered bad for their spiritual health. But in general, it is a normal part of life, just as thinking about food is. The important thing is that the thoughts of sex are not violent or causing harm to others.

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How to maintain my spiritual health in a dormitory

June 26, 2006


a blessed day to you.i would like to know what specific daily activities should i do as a student living in a dormitory to maintain my spiritual heealth.thanks a lot. GOD Bless us all.

ruby - Philippines (11396)


The biggest problem students have when living in a dormitory is how to cope with the noise of rude students. There may also be those with different background and habits that disagree with your ideas.

Getting irritated or angry at others can affect your spiritual health. Also listening to negative students who complain or find fault in others can drag you down.

Look to the good points in people who irritate you. Appreciate those points and perhaps pray that they will see the errors of their ways. Try to avoid those who are habitually negative. You cannot change them and they may spread toxic thoughts to you.

Finally, spend at least 5-10 minutes a day in peaceful quiet or meditation. It will help to cleanse your soul or spirit from the challenges of the day. Being peaceful and friendly makes you spiritually healthy.

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What is your life-after-death philosophy?

May 19, 2006


you state that we as human beings are naturally good. That is to say that when we are born we are perfect in everyway. other than joining another false religon, is there any way to become inperfect? and i was curious as to what your after life philosophy is. i have a lot more questions for but am eager to understand your answer to these first. please respond.

kurt - USA (11141)


I guess you could say we are born innocent, which is spiritually perfect. Purposely harming others or even doing it indirectly by being selfish and inconsiderate are ways to become spiritually unhealthy.

The idea of spiritual health is difficult, because some may think of it as simply having peace of mind, while other may consider it following the rules of their religion.

Most religions are concerned with preparing for life-after-death. Some say that you will be judged, while others say you will return again as another being. Usually, people believe what their parents taught them. But no one really knows for sure what happens, except for what they believe.

See our section on Religions for discussions on that subject and similar material.

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How does spiritual health differ between genders?

February 5, 2005


i have an assignment and i need to know how does spiritual health differ between genders

Stephanie - Australia (5864)


Women in the general population are typically more religious and spiritual than men. They often have more peace of mind and thus have greater spiritual health.

On the other hand, there are many more ministers, priests and religious leaders among men than women. But that is small compared to the church population. Also with some of the scandals in churches, some clergy have serious spiritual health problems.

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Consider atheists

January 17, 2004


Thanks for the ColdFusion section of your site. I found it well done and quite helpful.

Now, about the spiritual health section you've indicated is under construction. I hope you're careful as you put it together, as many people tend to wrap spirituallity up in the same package as religion, Being an atheist, I and many others find it in the strength and beauty of nature and many "elsewheres".

I hope you take that into consideration.

Thanks again.

Bryce - USA (1996)


Thanks for your feedback.

Spiritual health is a tough issue. First of all, there is the assumption that we have a spirit or spiritual nature some sort. Then there is the concept of that spirit being healthy or unhealthy. Many people feel spiritual health is simply peace of mind.

The big difficulty in the topic is to a separate it from any religious beliefs, and perhaps to have the ideas encompass most religions, including no religion and atheism. That is one reason there are no articles yet in that section.

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