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Artis Gilmore should be included in list All-time NBA USA
When dunking was illegal Basketball rule changes USA
How can I be a pro in handball? Handball Kill Shots Australia
Playing croquet indoors General USA
Should add Bob Kurland to list of basketball players Basketball rule changes USA
Basketball rule change Basketball rule changes USA
Did Wilt Chamberlain cause the 20 second timeout? Basketball rule changes USA
Feel than women can play handball Handball USA
Why have you not included football? Soccer Tanzania
Trouble with table tennis quiz Table Tennis Belgium
Wants bylaws for ping-pong club Table Tennis USA
I suggest some other great NBA players Top 50 NBA USA
Where is Kobe Bryant in this study? Top 50 NBA USA
Other NBA rule changes because of Wilt Basketball rule changes USA
Who was the player to the left of the foul line? Top 50 NBA USA

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All-time NBA

Artis Gilmore should be included in list

April 6, 2017


The fact that Artis Gilmore is not included in the 50 best NBA players is a crime. Ask Kareem about Artis, as I did. Ask others who played against him. Ask Hubie Brown who coached him.

Kareem said he hated when Artis came to town. "He was the only guy who could defend me, honestly. And he was the strongest man I ever played against, period."

Glenn - USA (27987)


Thanks for the suggestion. I added mention of Gilmore. But actually, since that list was made up in 1996, it really should be updated to include modern players. Perhaps even listing the top 100 players would be appropriate.

I plan to update the whole list soon

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Basketball rule changes

When dunking was illegal

December 14, 2016


So now I want to know WHY the rules were changed to make dunking legal? And who was the player to first start dunking again?

- USA (27567)


The NCAA started the "Alcindor Rule" in 1967 because they felt he would dominate the sport too much, although there had been many other big men who dunked before Alcindor. The NCAA officials finally realized that the public liked to see players dunk, and there were many college basketball players that could dunk. So the decided to get rid of the rule.

David Thompson of NC State dunked in his last college game, but it was just before the rule changed. So he was given a technical foul.

I'm not sure who was the first to dink when it was legal.

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Handball Kill Shots

How can I be a pro in handball?

January 25, 2016


this is not the handball we play at school. We play the one where you have four courts or squares . There is ace kings queens and duns. Ace gets to serve. I want to know how to become a pro at that handball. Because people are so good. And I am jealous. But anyway. Can you do this for me.

Jaymee - Australia (26720)


Yes, Australian handball is different that U.S. four-wall handball, but the principles in becoming good in the sport are the same.

You should not be jealous of players who are good in handball. Instead observe them to see what techniques they use that you can employ when you play the game.

You need to know the fundamentals of playing, good footwork and positioning, and how to use your arms properly.

Then practice, practice, practice. The more you play--especially with those slightly better than you--the better your game will be.

You might seek lessons from a pro or a good coach. That often can raise the level of your play.

JUst keep playing and improving, and you may be able to make it as a pro. Best wishes for your success in handball.

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Playing croquet indoors

December 1, 2015


I play croquet with a hard 3 5/8", 16 oz. ball on putting green type grass courts. I want to utilize existing tennis courts, but the surface is like painted concrete. I am looking for a ball with a surface that will slow its motion down on the hard surface. Any ideas?

Michael - USA (26583)


There are indoor croquet sets available, such as on Amazon. Also see at Nasco. You might also check your local sporting good store.

I hope that helps. Have fun in your game.

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Basketball rule changes

Should add Bob Kurland to list of basketball players

July 3, 2015


Dear Ron,

I think you should probably go back and look at the assignment of the goaltending rule. You have left out the person that is most often cited as the cause for the rule to be inserted in 1945. That was Bob Kurland (also the first player recognized to dunk):

Even the George Mikan Naismith citation states it was due to BOTH men, so I think there should be equal credit given on your web site.

Thanks for allowing me to share,

Greg - USA (26150)


Thanks for the input. I updated Basketball Players Who Caused Rule Changes to include material about Kurland.

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Basketball rule changes

Basketball rule change

January 20, 2014


The Information on who is reponsible for rule changes in history of basketball is incorrect. The 3 second rule was introduced to basketball in 1936 as a result of Leroy "Cowboy" Edwards who was an "All American" and "Player of the Country" for the University of Kentucky. Leroy Edwards also has been recognized as one of the top 100 players of all time in the 20th century. He later went on to play in the National Basketball League a forunner to the NBA George Miken was in grade school at the time the rule was inacted.

Dan - USA (24451)


Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I added information on Leroy Edwards to Basketball Players Who Caused Rule Changes.

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Basketball rule changes

Did Wilt Chamberlain cause the 20 second timeout?

December 19, 2013


wilt would feign an injury, usually under 2 min's left in a game to buy time, and gather himself, as he usually was on the floor all 48 min's. was the "20" time out a result of this?

- USA (24354)


Thanks for the info on Wilt Chamberlain feigning injuries. I'm not sure of the source of the 20 second timeout rule in the NBA. It is somewhat unique among the various basketball leagues. Anyway, it is an interesting thought.

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Feel than women can play handball

November 1, 2013


Hi Ron,

First of all, I'm glad you are encouraging people to play handball. It's a great sport that deserves the attention, so thanks. However, as an avid handball player myself and one who has coached a few women in the sport, I have to take issue with some of what you said about why more women don't play handball. In my opinion, it's not the physical nature of the sport that keeps women away from handball. It's lack of encouragement, the "it's-too-physical-for-women" attitude, that keeps many women away.

Women excel at any physical sport or activity they are encouraged to try, gymnastics, ballet, and didn't Diana Nyad just swim from Cuba to Florida? We don't often present handball as an undiscovered sport for women. Handball is a sport that does not discriminate, height and body type simply don't matter. What matters is that you are willing to put in the work to learn a very complex and sophisticated set of skills. Everyone sucks in the beginning, men included.

It's a sport that's perfectly balanced between offense and defense, a sport where thinking and technique count more than brute force. On top of that, it's a great workout that's fun. Handball simply doesn't market itself to women. When it does, it will grow.

Mark - USA (24157)


Handball is a great sport and fun to play. I agree that it takes some effort to learn, especially being able to hit the ball with your "off hand". Unfortunately, many who started handball, changed over to racquetball, because it is easier to learn.

I agree that encouraging women to try handball would get more of them involved. Perhaps trying to get the women racquetball players to try the sport would help.

Best wishes in getting more women into the sport.

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Why have you not included football?

September 21, 2011


Why have you not included football? Please may you explain on it

Japhet - Tanzania (22008)


I plan to include international football (soccer) and American football in the sports section soon.

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Table Tennis

Trouble with table tennis quiz

July 12, 2011


What are the answers of the quiz? Can you send me more questions and answers Thanks,

Mini-quiz to check your understanding
(Note: Your browser must be able to use JavaScript for this quiz to function properly.)
1. Could you use an over-sized paddle, similar to an over-sized tennis racquet?
[a. ] No, there is only one size allowed
[b. ] Yes, the rules don't restrict size or shape
[c. ] Only if you are playing a professional player
2. What happens if you serve the ball and the other player returns it before it hits the table on that side?
[a. ] It is your point
[b. ] He gets 2 points for a fly shot
[c. ] You change services
3. Why do some players try to put a spin on the ball?
[a. ] They can't help it, due to the awkward way they hit the ball
[b. ] To show off their skills
[c. ] To make it more difficult to return
If you got all three correct, you are on your way to becoming a champion in table tennis. If you had problems, you had better look over the material again.

Karl - Belgium (21805)


The correct answers are:
1 (b)
2 (a)
3 (c)

You should be able to see the correct answers by clicking on the buttons. If you get a wrong answer, you could click on a different button until you get the correct answer.

Right now, we have only three questions per article. But we will try to include more questions soon.

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Table Tennis

Wants bylaws for ping-pong club

June 10, 2010


We live in a gated community, and we are trying to start a new club. We call it the PV Ping Pong Club. The HOA requires a set of By-Laws to start such a club. Could you give us an example of such a set of By-Laws?

Jay - USA (19879)


The bylaws of homeowners association should state this requirement for clubs to have their own bylaws. It can't be something board members just came up with.

The reason probably is to make sure the group is organized and not doing something objectionable to that would cause liability problems to the HOA.

You can look at your HOA bylaws to get an idea of the structure of a typical bylaw, although I am sure it is in more more detail than you need.

Your bylaws would state the name of the group, what its purpose is, who is allowed to be in the group, where and when you will meet. If you have officers or someone in charge, the bylaws should state who that person is.

Some example ping-pong club bylaws are at:

I hope this helps. Best wishes with your club.

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Top 50 NBA

I suggest some other great NBA players

May 24, 2010


Although you have named alot of great basketball players and it very difficult to name them all. I think Calvin Murphy should of been considered along with Bob McAdoo for his free throw shooting percentage and ball handling. Small man amongst giants, along with Spud Webb and Tyrone Mugsy Bogues! These guys were great players, in an under six foot league they'd be considered all time greats.

- USA (19788)


That list was made in 1996 by some sportswriters. I agree that a number of great player were left out, while some others were include that probably should not be on the list.

Also, there are a number of great players since 1996 who should be on the list.

I'm planning to update the list using input from readers.

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Top 50 NBA

Where is Kobe Bryant in this study?

May 23, 2010


where is kobe bryant in this study? are his stats comparable to theses guards or to the 50 greatest of all time?

- USA (19778)


This was a list drawn up by sportswriters in 1996. It is out of date and does not include such players as Kobe Bryant. I plan to update the list soon, so that includes modern players.

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Basketball rule changes

Other NBA rule changes because of Wilt

June 22, 2009


Hello. I think there were 2 other NBA rule changes because of Wilt. He used to put his hands on either side of the rim when a teammate shot a 20 footer. Whether it touched his hands or not, if shot went in, Wilt got a fg and the shooter got an assist. Also the lane was widened a 2nd time because of him. The 1st was for Mikan. What do you say?

John - USA (17936)


Thanks for your info.

Apparently, when Wilt was in high school, he would catch another player's free throw and dunk it. Wilt got credit for two points, while the other player was marked as missing the shot. Needless to say, many other players did not like that.

I hadn't heard about putting his hands around the rim and getting credit, but it is possible. I know they had to change the goal tending rule.

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Top 50 NBA

Who was the player to the left of the foul line?

January 6, 2009


Who was the player shot to the left of the foul line during his foul shot?

bruce - USA (17065)


I'm not sure who you are referring to. I don't have any pictures of a player taking a foul shot.

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