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by Ron Kurtus

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Are acids useful? Chemistry Lesotho
Two positively charged particles Static Electricity Somslia
Graded tests not working General USA
Wants answers to tests General

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Are acids useful?

August 16, 2016


Are acids useful

Mamello - Lesotho (27215)


Acids are very useful and even necessary. See Acids for some examples.

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Static Electricity

Two positively charged particles

September 30, 2014


when a positively charge object is brought near another positively charged object will it be ???

jama - Somslia (25417)


Like electrical charges repel. Thus a positively charged particle will repel another positive particle.

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Graded tests not working

August 31, 2006


I am having trouble with the interactive graded test in Physical Science. I can access the questions and click on the radio buttons, but when I click get score it clears my answers and does not give me a score. All of the interactive graded test have a different look, making me think there is an error in the code.

In any case I like the site and my students have benefited from testing themselves on the graded test. I would be most interested to know if the problem can be fixed.

Dr. Phillips

Greg - USA (11804)


We're just in the process of updating those tests to make them all in the same format and to make sure they all work properly. I noticed that several of them just didn't work correctly. We're also adding some tests to cover more material

I'll send you a follow-up email to tell you when things are up and running. It should be fairly soon.

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Wants answers to tests

January 1, 2004


I am a resource teacher in an alternative high school program. My main objective is to get students to pass the Georgia High School Graduation Test. Our students do very poorly in science. Is it possible for me to receive the correct answers to the questions? I am not a science major, however, your questions cover many of the areas on the science test. I will certainly appreciate your immediate response. I plan to down load all of the tests. I do research the answers but I would just like to be very sure. Thanks for your response.

Frances - (1776)


We are working on updating all the of tests, as well as to complete all of them.

I'll send you the answers in a separate email.

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