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by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 31 comments and questions on eCommerce issues. They are listed according to date.

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Suggested resources Resources USA
Suggested eCommerce resource Resources USA
Will be studying e-commerce eCommerce versus Traditional Commerce Nigeria
Want to join General Kenya
Liked article on revenue models General Australia
Brief summary on e-commerce eCommerce versus Traditional Commerce Malaysia
Needs advice on starting a business General Nigeria
Selling food online General Kuwait
How can one get involved in e-commerce? General USA
Customer complaints Resources Thailand
Why choose e-commerce over traditional commerce? Basics Ghana
I want more questions Business Models India
Selling wooden crafted products at global level Naming Web Business India
How does an online business make money? Basics Uganda
Wantts tests on e-commerce Basics Sudan

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Suggested resources

December 11, 2017


Hi School for Champions,

I’m a 2nd year marketing student from University of Pittsburgh and I was tasked to collect e-commerce marketing resources for our class when I came across your page - I just wanted to say thank you for setting up this page!

We do have a library but I was thinking of sourcing other resources from other school libraries and business pages too. And your page was excellent! I bookmarked the link to "How to Start Your Own eCommerce Website
", it was really helpful.

Also, do you still update your list of resources? I found some resources that I think might be worth the add to your list, I hope you can check out these awesome materials:

1. - A guide that explains everything you need to know about starting your first e-commerce store.

2. - A collection of e-commerce guides from Shopify that tackles everything and anything about electronic commerce.

3. - A WooCommerce Tutorial that teaches you Everything you need to launch a store using Wordpress.

Those were really helpful to my task and a must have for students and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to learn more about e-commerce.

Hope this helps, I hope you have a great day!


Avery - USA (28352)


Thanks for the resources. I added the links to the eCommerce Resources and Entrepreneurship Resources pages.

Best wishes for success in your marketing classes.

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Suggested eCommerce resource

February 29, 2016



I thought you might be interested in seeing our Guide to Selling Online that we’ve just published -

Our guide might make a nice addition to your site as we’ve compared every possible eCommerce option so that your readers can make the right decision based on impartial information.

Deborah - USA (26819)


Thanks for the suggested resource. I added the link to the eCommerce Resources page.

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eCommerce versus Traditional Commerce

Will be studying e-commerce

March 6, 2015


Am Aliyu Bello Hussein student at International university of East Africa kampala, Uganda dept. Of Information Technology and among courses am doing this semester there's E-commerce !

Aliyu - Nigeria (25811)


We will soon be adding more lessons to our e-commerce session. I hope they will help you.

Best wishes for success in your studies.

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Want to join

October 29, 2014


I want in

John - Kenya (25483)


You can view the lessons for free. There is no joining, but we do ask that you help others succeed while you are also succeeding.

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Liked article on revenue models

July 15, 2014


Hi there,

I was on the hunt for some ecommerce business model articles to cite in a blog post I am writing about dropshipping.

I really like the article that you wrote about Revenue models.

I actually just put together an infographic on what ecommerce businesses are worth and how to value them.

Thought it might be down your alley about what ecommerce businesses are worth today.

Wondering if you'd like to check it out? :)

Paul - Australia (25114)


I'm glad you liked the article on revenue models. It would be interesting to see the results of your research.

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eCommerce versus Traditional Commerce

Brief summary on e-commerce

December 12, 2013


Hi. I need a brief summary about this topic 'e-commerce versus traditional business'

tarshanan - Malaysia (24316)


Although both traditional commerce and e-commerce concern the buying and selling of goods and services, e-commerce performs a different way for marketing and purchasing.

Traditional commerce usually consists of an interaction between salesperson and buyer in a place of business. E-commerce is usually done completely online and is impersonal.

There are advantages and disadvantages for both the seller and buyer in online commerce.

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Needs advice on starting a business

September 16, 2013


Please i need tips and advice for starting these type of business here in Nigeria.

James - Nigeria (24019)


What sort of business do you want to start? Is it an online business or some sort of store? Are you planning on providing a service or selling some products?

These are things you need to define before even attempting or planning on starting a business.

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Selling food online

April 13, 2013


Hi, Good day.

I want to sell food stuffs via online. Pls give some critical tips to facilitate this in our local market. People use smartphones here being a affluent society.

Thanks in advance.

MuBARAK - Kuwait (23616)


You need to set up a website where you list the foods available and their prices, as well as any delivery charge. One example that delivers food in Kuwait is IEatOnline.

Customers can phone you, send text messages, or email requests. They should also be able to pay via their smartphone.

The big thing is advertising. You need to let people in your local area know your website address, as well as your telephone number. Advertise your service and web address, and hopefully you will soon start to get customers.

Best wishes for success in your business.

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How can one get involved in e-commerce?

January 24, 2013


Pls, how can one get involved in this ecommerce business?

- USA (23147)


Any time you buy or sell over the Internet, you are involved in e-commerce. You probably want to sell things through websites, as your own e-commerce business.

Some people use eBay to sell goods. Others create a website and offer goods to customers. Payment can be done through PayPal or similar payment companies.

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Customer complaints

July 3, 2012


customer to complained cas hier service wellcom

preeyaporn - Thailand (22753)


See Dealing with Customer Complaints for information about that subject.

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Why choose e-commerce over traditional commerce?

March 5, 2012


Describing the elements of e-commerce, why would you choose it over traditional commerce in setting up a business?

Sibawei - Ghana (22484)


If you have a business where customers can order over the Internet or you can deal with suppliers online, e-commerce is the best bet. However, many businesses combine both traditional commerce and e-commerce to take full advantage of each.

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Business Models

I want more questions

January 28, 2012


how i get more question?

sawunat - India (22389)


Thank you for your interest. We will be expanding this area and the questions in the near future.

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Naming Web Business

Selling wooden crafted products at global level

January 23, 2010


Respected Sir,

i am going to start an e-commerce portal to sell wooden handy crafted products in global level.
i am confused in fixing a good name for the business.
i read your article and got some very good ideas.

please suggest me some good names.

sandeep - India (19102)


Typically, global customers will use a search engine, such as Google, to find products they want. They seldom search for a specific business, unless it is well-known.

Your business name could be "Handy Wooden Crafted Products" or something descriptive like that. A website name could be "" or "". Those are memorable names.

What is more important is that you have a web page for each of your major products, with the title of the page the name of the product.

Consider what your customers ask for when they want to buy from you. Do you have some common names for your products that people would use in a search? For example, if you were selling "mahogany serving plates", that expression must be the title of a page in your site.

I hope these ideas help. Best wishes in your new enterprise.

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How does an online business make money?

December 1, 2009


How do online business make money?

Damalie - Uganda (18763)


The business should have products available for sale that can be readily mailed or shipped to buyers in different areas. When a person comes to the business website and sees a product that he would like to buy, he can click on a link that will allow him to purchase the product via credit card. Once the credit card transaction is authorized, the business will ship the product to the buyer.

Many businesses use a credit card service that authorizes the payment and transfers it to the business bank account. Some businesses do this themselves through special software. If you businesses allow cash payments to be mailed to them, if the person does not have a credit card.

Instead of shipping the product themselves, some businesses hire a service to do the packaging and shipping for them.

The advantage of an online business is that much of it can be automatic and done 24 hours a day.

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Wantts tests on e-commerce

May 1, 2008


Please would you providing me with some Quiz(s) that related to e-commerce (types, applications, ....)

Babiker - Sudan (15843)


We will be having extensive tests and quizzes on the subject in the near future.

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