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by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 31 comments and questions on eCommerce issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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Advantages and disadvantages to the seller Basics Trinidad
Comparing web business with store business Measure Business USA
Positive aspects of shopping online Basics USA
How can a country in Africa benefit from e-commerce? Resources Sierra Leone
Wants permission to use material in class Basics Egypt
How a customer can ensure a delivery? Basics India
How is website used in e-commerce? Basics USA
How important is TQM in eCommerce? Selling on Web philippines
Wants classes in e-commerce in India General India
Perspectives of a B2B eCommerce General USA
Wants info on using TQM in e-commerce Quality Jordan
Research in Sri Lanka General Sri Lanka
Tools and framework General India
Credit card process Basics
In-house standards Quality

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Advantages and disadvantages to the seller

March 27, 2008


Could you elaborate on the advantages and disadvantages to the seller

Charmaine - Trinidad (15605)


A major advantage to the e-commerce seller is that business can be done 24 hours a day with no personal contact necessary. The major disadvantage is that the product must be shipped and that some customers may not have valid credit cards.

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Measure Business

Comparing web business with store business

January 27, 2008


How would i go about measuring the performance of my internet business against the performance of my storefront business?

Margie - USA (15221)


The main measurement is amount of income you get from each business. But note that each business helps the other. People may go to your website to check what you have to offer and then see that you have a local store. So they go into your store to make a purchase. Likewise, people may see your web address on your business card or advertisements for your storefront business and prefer to go to the website to make a purchase.

A good way to check the effectiveness of your website as a advertiser for your store is to offer a "special" online and then see how many ask for this special when they come into your store.

Be sure you let people know about your web address and include your business address on your website, so that they help each other.

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Positive aspects of shopping online

October 26, 2007


Please write for me which positive aspects I would get from purchasing online.

Mehrak - USA (14653)


Sometimes prices are lower when you purchase online. For example, buying a book from is less expensive than buying from a book store, even if you include the shipping expenses.

Another factor is that sometimes items are not available in your community, and the only way to get them is to buy online or to go to a city where they sell the products.

Shopping from the comfort of home is another advantage. Some people even order their groceries online.

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How can a country in Africa benefit from e-commerce?

February 13, 2007


how can a country benifit from e-commerce.In your discussion include the relative advantages and disadvantages of global e-commerce especially in Africa.

Andrew - Sierra Leone (13142)


The biggest problem in Africa in using e-commerce concerns the lack of computers and Internet connections. But that is changing.

Countries in Africa can benefit from e-commerce and that the trading of raw materials and large quantities of goods between businesses can be done immediately and at a distance, thus eliminating the need for people to travel to solidify business deals.

Assuming people have Internet connections and computers, individuals in outlying areas can purchase goods easily. The major problem is the delivery of those goods.

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Wants permission to use material in class

February 19, 2006


Your notes about E-commerce basics was great, so i would like to have your permission to use your notes as an introductory material for an Ecommerce course and teach it to my students.

thank you very much and good luck.

Amr - Egypt (10151)


You have permission to use the notes, but please let them know about our site as a resource. We will be adding more to our e-commerce section soon.

Best wishes with your class.

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How a customer can ensure a delivery?

December 19, 2005


Hello Sir,

i am student. while searching matter o e-coomerce i have gone through your web page. It provides basics o e-commerce in simple language and taking good points, so it is very good or beginners.
i want to know that while ordering goods and services how a customer can ensure or delivery?

krati - India (9425)


One of the best examples of e-commerce in ensuring delivery to customers is Once books or products have been purchased, the customer receives and email stating the order has been placed. Then, when the good have been shipped, the customer gets another email, stating that and indicating when they should arrive. usually ships through United Parcel Service (UPS) and they provide a tracking number that allows the customer to keep track of the material during shipping. Other top shipping companies provide the same service.

This gives the customer great confidence in getting what is ordered.

On the other hand, small independent e-commerce businesses often do not inform the customer and may ship by some less expensive manner. Sometimes they do not even ship for weeks, because of carelessness. Customers become wary of such vendors.

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How is website used in e-commerce?

June 24, 2005


can you please elaborate more the components of e-commerce and how the web site, web host, web server related to it?

- USA (7350)


The website acts like store that is always open and where customers can get product information and make purchases at any time. Often special software is required on the website for purchases to be made. The web host offers such services, which are placed on the host's server.

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Selling on Web

How important is TQM in eCommerce?

April 30, 2005


1. What are some TQM principles that are applied in ecommerce?
2. How important is TQM in eccmmerce?

aldwin - philippines (6828)


Satisfying the customer with quality goods is just as important in eCommerce as it is in regular business. The big reason is that you want the customers to buy from you again and again.

eCommerce companies that don't follow TQM and deliver poor products or the wrong products may soon go out of business, once the word gets around. There are websites that tell which eCommerce companies are unreliable.

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Wants classes in e-commerce in India

June 25, 2004


Respected sir/madame,

I am a fresh graduate hotel professional and i have read the hotel technogy international magazine which has a details about the e-commerce solutions regarding the hotel industry. So i want to know about the e-commerce course details and if possible i would like to study the e-commerce course. So i kindly request you to give me correct guidelines regarding e-commerce.And i want you to suggest me the courses and the colleges suitable for me.(my first priority for indian colleges).And the course and fee structure also.

thank you.

Yours faithfully,

ramesh - India (3626)


The best thing to do is to visit newby colleges to see what courses they have to offer in e-commerce.

One school that offers a diploma in e-commerce is at I am sure there are many others.

Best wishes in your schooling.

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Perspectives of a B2B eCommerce

May 12, 2004


Dear Sir or Madam:

My name is Jackie and I'm a business student, my question is what are the legal, ethical and regulatory perspectives of a B2B?

Jackie - USA (3288)


Business to business sales has been in existence for eons. Doing it on the Internet can often cut out the middle-man, such that companies can easily deal directly with each other, saving time and money. State vary in regulation of this type of business. The only reason such busines dealing would be regulated, is that "middle-men" groups had lobbied for protection of their turf.

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Wants info on using TQM in e-commerce

March 25, 2004


with all my respects ,
i would likt to know more about this subject "using TQM in E-Commerce"
i'm asking you to give me previous studies of this subject ....

i'm looking forward for your reply as soon as possible
and thank you

memo - Jordan (2821)


People involved in e-commerce must realize that the major concepts of Total Quality (TQM) applies in that field, just like it does in standard business practices. There are many studies on using TQM in business, but very little mentioned in e-commerce. This may be because most papers on TQM were written before e-commerce became popular.

The most important item is customer satisfaction, in that the e-commerce experience must provide the person or company buying online with quality product plus extra service. The purchasing experience must be enjoyable and not confusing.

Keep good records and getting feedback from the customers is important in trying to improve your processes to make them more effecient.

Within in the company, you want to reduce waste in making or getting your products.

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Research in Sri Lanka

December 15, 2003


i am doing a research about ecommerce practice in sri lanka. can u please send some articals relevent to it.

chinthani - Sri Lanka (1612)


You can check our articles at

It this time, those are the only articles available.

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Tools and framework

October 16, 2003


sir i am doing
i am looking for the topics: tools of e-commerce and framework of e-commerce.
please provide the help in searching these topics.

Aditya - India (841)


The type of tools that would be unsed in e-commerce would be Internet software programs that would help in the various activities a company or business would have online. One major one would be to verfiy credit cards and obtain payments. Another major tool wold be to list a catalog of parts or products.

Typically, these tools are customer made for the individual company.Credit card software is available as part of a contract with such a company.

It would be difficult to search for the "framework of e-commerce", because that is somewhat of a vague term. What is probably wanted is the various functions and parts of e-commerce.

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Credit card process

October 4, 2003


I am a student ,I have visited your site for the information of "BASICS OF E-COMMERCE", you have given a good learning material for beginners. as I an beginner so I have get much gainform your page.
thanks for this information.
but I have some questions in my mind.and I hope that you will pay some attention to solve my misunderstandings and problems.

my this problem is related to the problem of customer that he/she be convince to the seller::::::::::::::
how the buyer be the sure that whom he /she is giving his/her credit card information ,is that party right or fraud ,i mean to say that there should be some autherised right given by some government that ok this web-site has an autherised right to sell consumer items.

my second problem is from sellor's side
how seller be convince that whatever credit card information the customer is giving that is right
i mean to say that is there is any information link between the seller and the banks in that city where the seller is providing his facilty?
and how the seller keep this link between banks and him/her ,is seller pay for it to the banks
as the seller is taking the banks information form bank ?

and my next problem is that when a cutomer gives his/her credit card information to the seller can
not the seller misuse this infrmation to much money from customer's account ?

indresh - (741)


There are many e-commerce websites that are run by dishonest people. Someone purchasing from a well-known company can usually be safe in giving credit card information. In the case of buying form a small company or say a seller on eBay, it is good to make sure the person is using a qualified credit card handling company. The most common company used is PayPal, and people purchasing from businesses using PayPal to process the credit card information are usually assured it is a valid transaction. PayPay or similar firms check the credientials of the sellers to make sure they are valid.

When a person gives a credit card number, name and shipping address, the card is electronically checked to make sure all three are correct. Sometimes a thief may get a card number and try to ship material to some other location. Typically, the company will not ship to an address that is not on registered with the credit card company.

The intemediate company such as PayPal that processes the credit card number makes the exchange and sends the bill to the credit card company, who then sends the bill to the card holder. If there is some discrepancy, the card hold can refuse to pay. Then the credit card company refused to pay PayPal, and they refuse to pay the seller.

It is complicated, but seems to work pretty well.

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In-house standards

September 9, 2003


1.Why are large organiations insisting on their own inhouse standards when doing ecommerce?

2.What are the advantages nd disvantges to their customers?
3.What are the main advantages and disadvantges to such organisations?

Aoko - (443)


Not all large organization use in-house standards. Those that use such standards probably do so for corporate consistency. Part of this relates to following the ISO 9000 standards, which benefit both the company and customers.


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