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by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 36 comments and questions on eLearning issues. They are listed according to date.

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Looking for resources Definition Malawi
Wants the benefit of e-learning General USA
What software should I use? Development Steps Pakistan
Wants a fancy alert JavaScript Alert UK
Costs in selecting authoring tool Authoring South Africa
Authorware and accessibility Authoring Tools USA
It's a circus out there ROI USA
Wants permission General USA
Looking for specific code JavaScript Alert USA
Needs help JavaScript for WBT
Wants to have spectrum of elearning tools Authoring Tools
Online teaching General USA
Chinese online education provider General China
Looking for resources When to Use eLearning Malaysia
Score test in PowerPoint Authoring Tools

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Looking for resources

August 30, 2004


Iam part of a team of students at the university of malawi, chancellor college who are developing an elearning (online course delivery) system for the chancellor college as part of our final year (BSc, Computer Science) degree project. Due to lack of literiture, it has been very difficult to come with clear specifications for the solution. Do you know of any online resources which might provide us with some free sample solutions/case studies on web based training?

Malumbo - Malawi (4132)


Try the following links:

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Wants the benefit of e-learning

August 24, 2004


I am a MBA candidte, I have been writting "the benefit of e-learning" topic for my dissertation. During the process i have encountered the shortage of document to support my topic? what can I do?

Chhun - USA (4087)


Return-on-Investment in eLearning shows how a company can benefit by a financial return from e-learning.
Also see for some other benefits.

I hope that helps. Best wishes in your studies.

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Development Steps

What software should I use?

August 21, 2004


Dear sir,

i have read "Designing eLearning, CBT or WBT" its really helpful for me, i want to know which software i use to make this CBT or WBT Projects.


Faiza - Pakistan (4052)


Although there are some very expensive programs available, many developers are using web-based programs for their eLearning. For some training Microsoft PowerPoint can be effective, but it is weak in testing. Macromedia Dreamweaver with the Coursebuilder extension is good for web-based eLearning. You can also use Flash movies for animations. Also, Macromedia RoboDemo is the easiest to use for training, plus it has good testing capabilities. A more expensive solution is Authorware, but in general you can use less expensive programs.

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JavaScript Alert

Wants a fancy alert

July 6, 2004


Your script is very helpful and easy to use, BUT I have a couple of questions

1.I think it is possible to have several separate lines of text show up in the Alert Button - is this right? what is the code to dod this?

2. Can the text be made BOLD in the Alert button message/"value"?

If the latter cannot be done - is there another of producing an "alert" buton like the Microsoft one but with choice of one's own font/etc? I see such "buttons" in programs - are they popup windows designed to look exactly like the alert button - they dont have any bars of any sort, unlike popups which seem to always have at least the title bar - I am only a very green beginner and may be way out

Thanks in anticipation - AZB

AZB - UK (3700)


Yes, you can do a lot more than I have listed. Check out JavaScript Kit at to find what you want to do. You may have to do some digging, but you should be able to find it there.

Best wishes with your coding.

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Costs in selecting authoring tool

June 30, 2004


Building a cost module for the implementation of Authoring tool,
What cost components do I need to take into account?
Is it only the software package? or are there any hidden costs I should be aware of when approaching vendors?

- South Africa (3656)


If your organization is planning on developing eLearning, CBT or WBT, there are a number of factors in selecting an authoring tool. Certainly the cost of the s/w is a factor. How easy is it to use? Are there training costs involved or the cost of learning the program? Also, which tool is the most efficient for the developer to use? One tool may take longer than the other to come to the same result.

An important thing to look at is whether the software company will be in business in a few years. Many have sold authoring tools and later stopped supporting them. You don't want to get stuck with something obsolete. Look at what other companies are using before making a decision.

I hope these ideas help.

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Authoring Tools

Authorware and accessibility

June 14, 2004


Can you design an lesson in Authorware 5.0 and add accessibility to this, then put it into a web page, Can it be added to a website and can it be made accessible.

Martina - USA (3553)


I'm not sure about the accessibility features in Authorware 5.0. Probably the best thing is to check the Macromedia site at to find information on the capabilities of Authorware. They also have an Authorware forum where you can get specific information about using the product answered.

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It's a circus out there

May 21, 2004


Where can I get a copy of the "It's a circus out there CBT ROI" by Rex Allend CBT Solutions Magazine 1997

Jim - USA (3364)


Unfortunately, the magazine no longer exists and Allen does not offer any copies.

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Wants permission

May 10, 2004


To whom it may concern,
My name is Emma Bennett; I am a student at Collins College obtaining a Batchers degree in visual communications. I am currently learning a computer program called Director and as a requirement, I must submit a dynamic interactive multimedia CD that will serve the class requirements and as a portfolio piece.
For this project that is required I have chosen Astronomy as my subject. This CD will be design to help elementary school age children learn Astronomy through interaction, quizzes, and games.
I am writing this e-mail in hopes that you would be able to give me some sort of written permission to use information found on your website. My Instructor has made this a requirement before I continue with this assignment. I am also required to add a credits page in this project, giving credit where credit is due. I do not plan to solicit or sell this information. This information will be used in this project that will be in my portfolio for future employers to view.
Your attention to this request is greatly appreciated.

Emma - USA (3270)


You have permission to use the material in this site for educational purposes. To get some ideas on how Director is used, check out:

Best wishes in your project and in getting your degree.

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JavaScript Alert

Looking for specific code

March 12, 2004


I am looking for a script that will allow the user to make multipile selections, press a submit button, and then receive all the feedback either in 1 alert box or by changing the page.

Matthew - USA (2684)


Webmonkey is a source at

Also try

Good luck in finding your code.

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JavaScript for WBT

Needs help

February 24, 2004



We are a group of students at King Saud University. We are doing our Final project. Our project is about Web-based training (WBT). We are facing a lot of difficulties & we want someone to help us. We can say that we want a supervisor & we have no inhibition to pay for u. So, can u help us?????

Thank you,,

King Saud University students - (2499)


Specifically, what are you trying to do with your project? Let me know what difficulties you are having, and I will try to help or refer you in the right direction.

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Authoring Tools

Wants to have spectrum of elearning tools

February 10, 2004



I would like to know what the 'universe' of elearning options are: For example, everything from simple PowerPoint to synchronous instructor'led video classes and more importantly, everything in-between. (We're trying to create elearning for our 650 employees, and I need to know the full range of options, costs, etc.

Anything you can provide me (even a link to more info) is highly appreciated.


Budd - (2321)


The big thing is to determine how effective your e-learning is. And much of that is determined by what your goals are and the type of training needed.

The ideal way to do it is to start small and simple and let your training evolve into what you really need. Starting with a short PowerPoint online presentation is a good way to see how many of your workers will actually use it. That also allows them to get used to learning online.

Note that video gets very expensive and is really not cost-effective for 650 learners. The eHelp arm of Macromedia has some nice packages that go a step beyond PowerPoint and are not too expensive. Check RoboPresenter seems a good package.

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Online teaching

January 23, 2004


I love your site! I have just enrolled in the first offering for a professional certification in Online Teaching from UCSD. I was hoping that I might be able to interview an instructor/developer by email. My goal is to gain a teaching position at our new digital charter school opening in the fall and to use some online lessons in addition to live video feed to students with audio feed to me.
If you are interested, please let me know!
Thanks for your time, Maureen Cicchinelli

Maureen - USA (2079)


Is the new digital charter school using one of the for-profit online programs, such as through K12 Inc. or Sylvan. Or are they developing their own online classes?

We've looked into interfacing with some standard charter schools. The virtual or online charter schools seem to be tied into these for-profit companies.

If you have some questions or want to discuss things concerning doing online teaching, feel free to write.

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Chinese online education provider

November 4, 2003


Dear Sir or Madam:

I am writing to introduce you to PRCEDU, Chinas largest online education full service provider. Founded in 1998 by Citicorp and International Data Group, PRCEDU is Chinas first and largest online education full service provider with over 70,000 students directly under our network of Universities. Another 20 plus Universities with over 400,000 students use our LMS and/or Courseware. I would like to get in touch with you because we would like to cooperate with School for Champions and offer your courses or products in China. As you may have known, the Chinese government through Ministry of Education is behind this effort to push distant learning into popularity starting with high school and college students. PRCEDU has is under guidance to seek potential partners and content providers for from various sectors such as English Training, Post Graduate Programs, Graphic Arts and MBAs.

You can find out more about us at or

PRCEDU is founded by several leading institutional investors such as Citicorp and IDG. We are partners in E-learning with companies such as Intel, eCornell and English First.

Should you be interest in marketing or introducing your products in China, please contact us.

Best Regards,

WANG - China (1074)


The School for Champions is a nonprofit educational website that provides free lessons to supplement courses that students are already taking. It also encourages positive attitudes in their work and activities. We already have many students from China using our material.

One of the missions of the School for Champions is that students will give back for their lessons by helping others in their country learn and advance.

Our material would certainly be a useful resource to your students. We are translated into several languages, but unfortunately Chinese is not one of them. Translation would make the material more useful to your students.

Although we would be glad to offer our material through your company, we are also a nonprofit organization and do not charge for our material. Thus we are not "selling" anything. You are welcome to include the School for Champions as a resource or to offer our material for free.

If this is something that fits within your framework, please let me know.


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When to Use eLearning

Looking for resources

October 21, 2003


I am a student currently studying in malaysia and i accessed your website which has given me the interest to gain more knowledge on CBT. I am also thinking to do a project on CBT so if you don't mind please forward me some websites or some information that i can read and be useful for my project.

Thanking you in advance for your coperation.

Shabbir - Malaysia (922)


Check our listing of resources at

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Authoring Tools

Score test in PowerPoint

August 13, 2003


Please help. How do you score a test in powerpoint??

Frank - (209)


There may be some advanced tools to do that, but unfortunately, I don't have the answer.

If you find out, let me know.

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