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Success Stories

by Ron Kurtus

People using the School for Champions material are encouraged to help others for the good it does, as well as to feel like a champion. It is a great reward to know that your help is influencing others' lives in a positive way.

If the School for Champions has helped you, or you have an achievement that you are proud about, send an email and we'll post your success story.

A total of 30 Success Stories have been credited to the School for Champions website.

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Our school is tops USA
Answered all questions correctly USA
Did well in exams Tanzania
Awarded A+ in Science Fair project USA
Successful writer Nigeria
You guys are really great USA
Used material to win Future City competition USA
School won contest USA
Helped me at my new job USA
Writer has succeeded USA

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Our school is tops

May 31, 2005


Can you please enter Sedway Middle School in this list, because it is really a good school it's one of the best schools in Las Vegas if you ask me. We have a really good studentbody and the teachers take their time to explain the directions. Sedway doesn't get as much credit as they deserve. I've only gone to this School for this year and it's my last year in middle school and I'd appreicate it if you would put a special shout out to my 8th grade teachers Mr.Hunter, Mrs.Bollinger, Mr.Zalmonov, Mr.Becker, and Mr.Graydon. This would realy mean alot to me Please write me back with your answer.

Tokuko - USA (7138)


We added Sedway Middle School as a champion school and stated it has top teachers. Sorry we can't list their names.

Hope you get top grades in school. I know you will be a champion yourself.


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Answered all questions correctly

March 9, 2005


Hi my name is Mishara Davis I am a six grade student at Cartersville Middle school. I am in the physical science book, and we are studing electromagnetic waves. Also we are doing a project on radio waves, and I was looking at your cool information. Oh and the three question test: I anwsered all of them correctly.

Mishara - USA (6276)


Congradulations on answering all three correctly. Keep up the good work, and I am sure your will be a Physical Science champion.

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Did well in exams

February 16, 2005


I would like to inform you that i have started using your website for the preparation for my high school exams. Recently i did two tests from your website. In the first test, Observations In Astronomy, i achieved 100% and in the second test, The Universe, i achieved 90%.

Nazia - Tanzania (5982)


Congratulations on doing so well. I hope the material will help you even more on your high school exams. But note that your teacher may not ask the same questions, so make sure you study what is also covered in class.

But I know you are on your way to becoming a champion.

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Awarded A+ in Science Fair project

November 23, 2004


With the help of your website, I finished (and was awarded with an A+) my Science Fair project with "flying colors". I was one of the only ones to get a good grade.

Mary - USA (5149)


Congratulations!! If you want to send a copy of your report, we will post it in the site.

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Successful writer

October 28, 2004


I am a writer who choose writing as a career. I have some of my write up on the Internet. I published every month free and sell my articles to some writers.
Thank you.

Olabode - Nigeria (4825)


Congratulations. That is a good success story. Continue the good work to become a champion writer.

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You guys are really great

June 30, 2004


Dear School for Champions,

You guys are really great. I am proud to say that i am learning so many things from you that weren't that important to me before. Just for the sake of your curiosity, I found out about your site when, I got my last report card for 10th grade. My grades werent bad but on a couple of the subjects, i seemed to have scored very low. I got so mad, that I went to Yahoo! Search TM, and I typed in these exact words "HOW TO GET BETTER GRADES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". The first link that came up was your site. I decided to check it out and, vioala! It was the first few sentences that caught my attention. I started reading and i found out it made so much sense to me now. Thank you School For Champions!!!

Ashwin - USA (3662)


I'm glad you found the site and it proved useful to you. Now you are on your way to become a champion in school. Hope you get an A in every subject!

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Used material to win Future City competition

June 25, 2004


Washington DC's R.H. Terrell Junior High School won first place in the 2004 Regional Future City Competition. Team members Shawanne Bender, Zataunia Heard, and Danielle Nelson qualified for the 2004 National Finals in Washington during National Engineers Week

Assisted by SECME teacher Lucius Stephenson, engineering mentor Tolulope A. Odunlami, and teacher Virginia Kirkpatrick, the Terrell team wrote essays and designed and built a colorful three-dimensional scale model of their futuristic city. SECME is a nonprofit organization that helps minority students advance in science and engineering.

The students named their city "Plassien" (the Greek word for plastics) for its material of construction. Located off the coast of Florida and set in the year 3028, Plassien was designed to make quality of life better for a population of 166,000 senior citizens.

Stephenson saluted R.H. Terrell Principal Dr. Francis Nicol and Asst Principal Jo Anne Bonney for their support throughout the competition and leadership in implementing an enriched academic program that is benefiting all of the school's students. He also referred to the School for Champions as a resource used in their science studies.

Besides an all-expense six-day stay at the National Finals in Washington and national recognition from President Bush, the Terrell team was featured in two Washington Times articles and a Voice of America radio interview broadcast world-wide.

Science teachers and students interested in this competition can get more information at

- USA (3906)


Congratulations on your success i the future city competition. I am glad our material was helpful to you.

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School won contest

June 11, 2004


R.H.Terrell Jr.High School is the 1st D.C.Public School to win the Regional Future City Science & Engineering Competitions with a multicultural team of students & a diverse team of students under Lucius Stephenson,the teacher sponsor. see The teams won in 2,001&2004. All students have intentions of pursuing careers in the Sciences, Engineering, Computers & Technology. Please try to document these facts. You may also look at Thanks.

Lucius - USA (3534)


Congratulations. I will post your achievement and let you know where.

Did your students use any of the School for Champions Physical Science material as a resource for their project?

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Helped me at my new job

June 1, 2004


Thank you so much for this article on dates in ColdFusion programming! It helped me at my new job! :)

Stephanie - USA (3441)


I'm glad to hear it helped. Hope you get a raise or promotion!

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Writer has succeeded

May 24, 2004


I would like to send a complement to a writer/poet I found by internet search, who is apparently not published, but who I think should be. I'm writing to you because he/she sent you an inquiry, so I think you may be able to pass this on to him/her.

His/her name is Nyambura Kiari and the piece I found is titled "The Queen of Creation". I thought it a wonderful poem. This complement is all I have to give him/her, and I hope it offers encouragement.

Thank you.

Larry - USA (3379)


Thanks for your feedback. I am glad to hear that Nyambura has been published. I forwarded your letter, and I'm sure he/she will appreciate it. (I too don't know which to use.)

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