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Success Stories

by Ron Kurtus

People using the School for Champions material are encouraged to help others for the good it does, as well as to feel like a champion. It is a great reward to know that your help is influencing others' lives in a positive way.

If the School for Champions has helped you, or you have an achievement that you are proud about, send an email and we'll post your success story.

A total of 30 Success Stories have been credited to the School for Champions website.

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Improving our lives through your philosophy USA
Got my life back on track France
Moved from zero to hero Lesotho
Became the best student in 7th grade Tajikistan
Got an A+ on both presentations USA
Ranked 3rd in India in Mathematics India
I received an A on my project! USA
I'm a champion Turkey
My grades went from D to A from your strategies Saudi Arabia
Got an A in my book report USA

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Improving our lives through your philosophy

Dear Ron,
Me (alec montalbano) and my friend (tyler garman) really love your website. The success we have seen for championing your philosophy has made us truly strong men. It increased our ability to love our wives and children. Truly great stuff. We have been meeting every week to discuss Chopra's seven laws and your summaries on spiritual health, vitality, and general champion philosophy. I can not understate the impact these teaching on our lives. We have dropped unhealthy habits and have been much happier people. Being a champion is so much better than being a non-champion. We are so fond of you, tyler suggested to his wife that they should name their son Ron. I think they might go for it!

Thank you for all you do, and especially for keeping these servers up and running to host your awesome web content,


Alec - USA (27061)


I am glad the website has been useful to you. You and your friend Tyler certainly seem like champions and something special. I can see that you have what it takes to succeed in life and whatever you try to do.

Best wishes, and keep me informed about your progress and achievements.

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Got my life back on track

Dear Mr. Kurtus,

It is an honor to write to you. In the year 2000, 2001, I was going through rather tough times. I was 20 years old.

I could have just talked to my family about my problems, they would have supported me, but at that time, I had kept them for myself.

Through your website, I managed to get back on track. At at that moment, I swore myself I would give 10.000F (now about 1500€) to your website.

The moment where I will actually be able to make that donation is nearing. I just wanted to say Thank You.

Your website, at that moment, shaped my life and repaired my sadness.

Please let me know if where I could send those 1.500€? (I will be able to send them in a year or two, but as you notice, I never forget)

All the best,

C. - France (24857)


I'm glad to hear that the School for Champions material helped you get back on track and helped to improve your life.

Thank you for making the kind offer of sending money. But what would be even better would be to follow our philosophy of giving back by championing a worthy cause or being a champion to someone else in need. Perhaps you could find someone or some organization in your community that could use help of a donation. That would be gratifying to me, too.

Best wishes on a successful life. Let me know how things turn out.

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Moved from zero to hero

i would like to thank you school-for-champions because of good marks you gave me on my physical science exams. i have A pass on this subject only because of your web. Truly speaking! i didn't know anything related to physical science but now, because of you, i moved from ZERO to HERO!!! Really, lot's of thanks are deserved by you, THANK YOOOUU! keep it up guys!!!

Kemelo - Lesotho (24549)


I'm glad to hear that the material helped you do well and succeed in your exams. It shows that you are a true champion!

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Became the best student in 7th grade

The esteemed Ron Kurtus, I, Mino, the pupil of Dushanbe International School, from Tajikistan, would love to express my gratefulness to you. From now on you my hero.

Indeed, you really helped me with my physics, chemistry and studying. When I went to this school, it was this year, I hardly managed to understand everything in English and THANKS TO YOU, now I am the best pupil from 7 graders. It took only 2 quarters for me to catch up with others.

I OWE EVERYTHING TO YOU. With your help I became a champion. Honestly, you must be proud of yourself and the work you've done, as even this country like Tajikistan, that a very little amount of people know, uses your kind site to gain knowledge.

Be always healthy, happy and a kind-hearted as you are now.
With best wishes
Your far-living student.

Mino - Tajikistan (23134)


I am glad to find out that you are now the best pupil of the 7th graders. That is quite an accomplishment to catch up an lead the way.

I am proud of you and know you will continue to be a champion in your studies and other activities.

Thank you for letting me know about your success and for your best wishes.

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Got an A+ on both presentations


Thanks! I just got through my oral presentation today and my oral presentation yesterday. It all went good (thanks to you!) and I got an A+ for both.

Thanks again,

DaShaye - USA (22741)


Congratulations! I'm glad to hear that you are a real champion!

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Ranked 3rd in India in Mathematics


I was not so good at maths...
But when I read your articles, I was encouraged to do something.....
And I worked harder and harder, and I finally succeeded.
I was ranked 3rd in whole India in Mathematics!!!!!
That happened in class 4.
Now I'm in class 5.
still working hard.....

Priyam - India (22097)


Congratulations! That is quite an achievement to rank 3rd in India in Mathematics. I am quite sure that everyone is proud of you.

Also, I am glad that our material has been helpful to you.

Continue your hard work and continue doing well. You are one of our best Champions!

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I received an A on my project!


I received an A on my project!

Mark Twain was a good subject because he was very interesting and I found out a lot about him that I didn't know!

Thank you so much for your information!

Julia - USA (17825)


Congratulations on getting an A on your project!!

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I'm a champion


I'm a champion.

emine - Turkey (17441)


Congratulations! That is the positive attitude to have. Best wishes to your success.

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My grades went from D to A from your strategies


After reading you site my grade soared from D to an A and a few A minuses.
Thanks for the successful strategies.

Raiyan - Saudi Arabia (16636)


Congratulations! It showed that you have the potential of being a true champion in what you do. Keep up the good work!

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Got an A in my book report


I think this is a really good way to do a book report. My teachers recomended it to me and i used it, and it turned out great! I got an A. You should keep finding ways to help young 5th graders like me by making these kind of formats!!
Thanks! It is a great format!

Grace - USA (14513)


I'm glad to hear that our report generator helped you get an A on your book report. Congratulations! Keep up the good work!

We'll be adding some similar helpers in the future.

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