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Praise and Thanks

People using the School for Champions material often send letters of praise or appreciation for the lessons and course material. It is a great reward to know that the lessons are doing good and influencing people's lives in a positive way.

We've received 928 "Thank You" letters.

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Good resource Physical Science USA
We wanted to say thanks! Animal Health USA
Good information Using Calculator USA
Great stuff Writing USA
Thanks for this opportunity Speaking Nigeria
A giant thank you Book Cover in 3D USA
Helped me understand a difficult problem Friction on Inclined Surface USA
Very good content Force Affects Motion India
Real clean web site Web Design USA
Thank you for this website Physics Germany
Thank you for your website Physics USA
Awesome articles General USA
Easy to understand Polar Molecules Uganda
Awesome!!!!!! Levers USA
Very helpful material General Bangladesh

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Good resource

Physical Science

September 8, 2017

Hi Ron,

I was checking out your physical science resource page. I really like the Science Master resource! it's perfect timing with the book I'm reading on memory "Moonwalking With Einstein."


Drew - USA (28220)

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We wanted to say thanks!

Animal Health

August 28, 2017

Good Afternoon :)

I'm Katie Vogel, a full time mom and tutor during the summer. I'm reaching out to you because my daughter Peyton is a girl scout and is trying heard to earn her volunteer badge this summer. She's been volunteering at a local animal shelter and helping with some of the pamphlets and adoption events. A lot of it is informational, so she had to do her research. She found your page, . She really enjoyed it - thank you so much for that!

In return, she wanted to share with you this article . It's all about dental health for you pets. This was perfect for us since we didn't know too much about it! She was thinking it would make a great addition to your page, what do you think?

Whether you add it or not - we wanted to say thanks! We learned a lot of great things after reading the resources on your page. If you do decide to add it, please let me know. Peyton would be so excited and would show her fellow scouts too!


Katie - USA (28201)

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Good information

Using Calculator

August 20, 2017

I never knew how to use a calculator other than the basic + - * % =. I wanted to learn and came across your page. The way you explain/teach is so easy to understand and doesn't present with a bunch of hogwash like other things I came across when online. I am going to also explore the other topics you have available. So, I'd just like to say thank you.

pamella - USA (28193)

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Great stuff


August 15, 2017

Hello Ron,

I stumbled upon your site and found the infographic you shared: "16 Boring Words & What to Use Instead".

Great stuff! I also really liked it. Thank you for sharing.

Donna - USA (28184)

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Thanks for this opportunity


August 10, 2017

Thanks for this opportunity

AGWOKO - Nigeria (28169)

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A giant thank you

Book Cover in 3D

July 28, 2017

Just a giant thank you for simplifying how to create a 3-D book cover. I taught myself graphic design so I'm very glad to have found your website.

Kira - USA (28150)

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Helped me understand a difficult problem

Friction on Inclined Surface

June 18, 2017

Thank you very much for this webpage. It helped me understand a difficult problem on my physics homework. I really appreciate you taking the time to make such a detailed and clear page.

Cheyenne - USA (28098)

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Very good content

Force Affects Motion

March 31, 2017

very good content

Anjali - India (27976)

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Real clean web site

Web Design

March 4, 2017

Real clean web site, appreciate it for this post.

TS - USA (27926)

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Thank you for this website


March 1, 2017

Hi, I only want to say thank you for this website and for keeping it up. It is nice to read some physics that is in the way your website describes the subject.

Shanon - Germany (27916)

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Thank you for your website


February 22, 2017


I just want to thank you for your website. I'm 68 years old and have mild cognitive impairment. I've always loved science but because of the way my life went, I couldn't get to study it.

However, I have kept up with memorizing subjects throughout my life. Therefore, that part of my mind still works!

I fell in love with particle physics while take astronomy and cosmology in a free library class.

I plan to stick with it until I die!

Thank you again.<

Deborah - USA (27899)

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Awesome articles


January 31, 2017

Wow, awesome articles. Much thanks again.

- USA (27846)

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Easy to understand

Polar Molecules

January 9, 2017

your article on polar vs nonpolar substances is more easily understandable than other sources I came across.

thank you.

raman - Uganda (27795)

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November 30, 2016


Shambhavii - USA (27514)

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Very helpful material


November 21, 2016

Thanks for your work.We are very helpful from this site

Anika - Bangladesh (27492)

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