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Succeed in Understanding Sports

by Ron Kurtus (updated 22 January 2022)

Sports and athletic activities are important to you. Not only are they fun, but good physical activity can help to improve your health. Participating in sporting events is also a good social and even business activity.

It is also interesting to know about the history of sports. It is the stuff of many discussions.

The mission of these free online lessons is to give you a start at improving your knowledge about sports and athletic endeavors.

Sports Contents

General sports

Concentrating on a High Velocity Ball

Muhammad Ali and Bret Favre Used Similar Technique


Winning in Basketball (Strategies to Win Competitions section)

Basketball history

Basketball Players Who Caused Rule Changes

Top 50 NBA Players

All-Time NBA Players


Golf Clubface Angles


Four-Wall Handball

Handball Kill Shots

Table tennis

Table Tennis / Ping-Pong

Service Strategies in Table Tennis


Case Study of Gamesmanship: Riggs vs King Tennis Match (Strategies to Win Competitions section)


Sports Resources

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Strategies to Win Competitions

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