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Marketing Yourself as an Independent Technical Writer

by Ron Kurtus (revised 3 May 2003)

Some technical writers go into business for themselves as freelancers or independent contractors. A number of those become successful enough to form a writing company and hire a staff of other writers. In either case, the technical writer who is self-employed must continually perform marketing to maintain a steady income.

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Attitude toward business

You should look at yourself as a viable business, even if you are just getting started in working independently. Give your business a name. Get business cards and even stationery. You can buy blank business card sheets at an office supply store and print your own cards. Likewise, you can make your letterhead from your home computer. Just make it look like you are serious about being in business for yourself.

Never call yourself a freelancer. That implies you are writing as a hobby. If you work alone, say you are a "one-person business" or say, "I have a writing business."

If you are getting jobs through a consulting firm or job shop, where you become a temporary employee of the firm, say you are subcontracting. The attitude of being in business for yourself is essential.

Marketing is important

Marketing is a most important part of being a business. It should not be thought of as some chore to perform.

Continue to do marketing, even with clients you worked for before. Send out your brochure, a newsletter or give them a call every so often. Don't take clients for granted.

Above all, ask clients for referrals. If they liked your work, they will either pass your name on to others or give you a lead. They should know you are looking for more work.

Marketing methods

Do some research and find organizations for which you are interested in working. Don't make cold calls. Rather try to get contacts before calling on a potential client.

Have a portfolio and give presentations. Call up potential clients and say, "May I meet with you to show you my portfolio?" When meeting with a potential client, tell the stories behind the publications in your portfolio, explaining the challenges you faced and how you resolved them.

Be enthusiastic about your work. Tell the person, "We'd love to work with you." Your enthusiasm can be contagious and will also imply you do good work. Leave samples behind when you are done with a presentation or meeting with a client.


Have an attitude that you are a viable business. Enjoy marketing and let others be aware you are looking for business. Be prepared when you go in for an interview.

Improve your business by helping clients improve theirs

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