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Succeed with Graded Tests

by Ron Kurtus

The primary purpose of a test or exam is to verify that you know, understand, and remember the material you have studied. It also can help to make you aware of areas in a subject that require further studies. Taking a test—even years later—can also help to refresh your memory about the subject.

The tests in this section are multiple choice of between 10 and 30 questions. Upon completion of a test, you can then see the correct answers and get your score. You can also print out the results.

The purpose of this material is to provide you with tests in various subjects within the School for Champions website. It is also useful for teachers of those subjects to help educate their students. If you have any questions, send me an email.

Graded Tests Contents


Resources on Taking Tests


Algebra - Part 1 - 20 questions

Algebra - Part 2 - 20 questions

Algebra - Part 3 - 15 questions


Astronomy - 30 questions


Chemistry - Part 1 - 30 questions

Chemistry - Part 2 - 30 questions


Matter - 25 questions

Sliding Friction - 20 questions

Rolling Friction - 15 questions

Sound Waves - 30 questions

Visible Light - 20 questions

Static Electricity - 25 questions

Electricity - 25 questions

Magnetism - 25 questions

(More coming soon)

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