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Succeed by Being Valuable

by Ron Kurtus (updated 22 January 2022)

Being valuable or important to others is one of the 5 Powers of a Champion.™ It means that you provide others with what they want or need. It results in gaining rewards, becoming desired or in demand, and being highly regarded and confident. But achieving that goal can be a challenge due to outside forces and your own destructive attitudes.

Offering something of value or interest is essential in having good relationships, social interactions and business dealings. It also enhances your personal motivation. You benefit by gaining the rewards you seek, being regarded and feeling good about yourself.

The purpose of these lessons is to encourage you to overcome the challenges and to give you a start at be valuable or helpful to others. It is also useful for those studying business and interpersonal relations.

Being Valuable Contents


Fair Exchange of Value - the foundation of business, work and relationships

People Want to be Special

Making an Impression of Being Valuable

Make Yourself Valuable in Your Job



Motivating Others to Act


Getting People to Listen to You

Being Valued versus Being Feared

Platinum Rule Provides Value to Others


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