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Making an Impression of Being Valuable

by Ron Kurtus (26 January 2002)

When you are trying to provide another person with a valuable product, service or information, the person will first evaluate whether he feels you can deliver what is promised. This evaluation is done through the impression you project.

Although the first impression is the most important, every time you interact, you make an impression that builds to form your reputation.

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What is evaluated?

Whenever you interact with another person, that person makes evaluations concerning your intelligence, character, social standing and such. These evaluations or judgments are derived from subtle clues, taken from what he or she sees and hears from you.

Likewise, you do the same thing about the other person. You may observe the way the person dresses, how he carries himself, how he acts, how he sounds, and implications from what he says, and you pass judgment from those items.

This determines the impression each makes on the other.


There is the visual impression and how a person sounds.

Visual impression

When you come into contact with another person, you see him or her first and make some quick evaluations on how the person acts and dresses.

How someone acts

The way or person acts is probably the most important determining factor in the impression he makes. A person may give the impression of being self-assured, confident, important, or knowledgeable. Or the person can appear nervous, unsure and not having much to offer.

How someone looks

The way a person dresses gives in indication of the person's wealth, social standing, vanity, cleanliness and taste. The physical appearance of a person can indicate if he is intelligent, healthy, or desirable. It seems that good-looking people make a better impression that homely people.

How person sounds

Likewise, the sound of a person's voice can determine how much attention you pay to him. Part of the voice is also determined by how it is projected, such as being confident or unsure.

Importance of first impression

An impression is made quickly with intuition. To try to convince a person that the impression was incorrect takes logic. It is still difficult to overcome the "gut feeling" the person may have from the first impression.

When you first meet a person, the amount of confidence shows up immediately. If you are unsure, your voice can tell. Even if you later show confidence and a sure voice, the person may think it is just an act.

The "act" must be performed the first time you meet the person.


You must not only sell the other person that what you have to offer is valuable, but you must also create an impression that you can deliver that item. Once you create the positive impression, you are considered a valuable and even important person.

Be prepared to give a good impression

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