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People Want to be Special

by Ron Kurtus (updated 13 March 2023)

Most people want to be someone special or important. When they are made to feel important, they get a glow about them. To be able to make someone feel special is valuable to the person and will in return make you a valuable person to him or her.

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Special situations

There are numerous situations when a person feels special or important.

When a person wins a competition, he or she feels special.

Getting an award at work or from an organization makes the recipient feel important.

Receiving a "Thank You" note makes a person feel appreciated and special.

Getting praise from the boss can make a worker feel special.

Being recognized for an achievement--even if it is just acknowledgement from your peers--makes a person feel important.

Getting a promotion at work results in a special feeling.

Being put in charge of a project at work make a person feel important.

Think of the time when you have felt special or important.

Being valuable

Obviously, it is nice to be on the receiving side, such that you feel important or special. But being the on the giving side has its benefits too.

A person who shows appreciation, who gives praise, or who makes another person feel special is providing a valuable service and can be considered a valuable person to the recipient. Being thought of as valuable is a reward in itself.

Seeking ways to make another person feel important or special takes an effort, but it can be well worthwhile. It is something you should do in your effort to be a valuable person.


Since people want to be someone special or important, it is a good idea for you to help them get that feeling. In return, they will consider you a valuable friend, boss, or associate.

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